Gabriel’s 5 Biggest Moments in Season 13 of ‘Supernatural’

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Richard Speight, Jr. as Gabriel in Season 13 of Supernatural – Courtesy of Warner Bros./The CW


This article contains multiple spoilers about the character Gabriel (Richard Speight, Jr.) and of Supernatural Season 13. 

After Gabriel’s final confrontation with Lucifer that resulted in his death all the way back in season five, the fate of the trickster-archangel seemed solidified. A sizeable section of the fandom was convinced that Gabriel somehow managed to fake his death and was still living in the Supernatural universe somewhere, waiting to be reintroduced into the show’s continuity.

Yet, years passed, and while fans were graced with Gabriel’s “return” in Season 9’s “Meta Fiction” and Richard Speight, Jr. joined the crew behind-the-scenes in directing some phenomenal episodes for the show, the canonical return of Gabriel did not appear to be within reach.

That all changed this season when it was revealed that Gabriel had indeed faked his death at the hands of Lucifer, but had spent several years in captivity and drained of his celestial powers. While Season 13 ultimately ends with Gabriel being fatally stabbed by one of his brothers, this season really explores Gabriel’s character in a way the fandom has not seen since the fifth season.

Let’s take a look at Gabriel’s five biggest moments in Supernatural Season 13.

  1. “Devil’s Bargain” – Episode 13
Richard Speight, Jr. as Gabriel in Season 13 of Supernatural – Courtesy of Warner Bros./The CW

After Arthur Ketch reports to the Prince of Hell, Asmodeus, of his failure to kill Lucifer, Asmodeus agrees with the consensus that Lucifer would not be an easy target to kill. He reveals to Ketch that he is in possession of an archangel blade, a weapon that would surely kill Lucifer; however, only archangels can wield an archangel blade.

Asmodeus answers this predicament by leading Ketch to a cell, and unveils Gabriel as the occupant, battered and bruised and with his mouth sewn shut, but alive.

Why is this significant?

Many rejoiced at this small yet impactful moment within the Supernatural community. From the hashtag #GabrieLives on social media (supported by Richard Speight, Jr. himself!) to a multitude of metas created online, and stemming from a fandom in which many characters come back to life at one point or another, many were in disbelief and in denial that Gabriel was truly dead. A beloved fan favorite, his return brought joy to a large part of the Supernatural family!

Aside from reintroducing Gabriel’s character back into the storyline, the interesting detail of depicting Gabriel with his mouth sewn shut ties his character back to his dual-personality, Loki. In Norse mythology, Loki is portrayed in a story with his mouth sewn shut. This detail is the first to highlight the importance of Loki’s character not only within Gabriel, but also within this season.

  1. “Bring ’em Back Alive” – Episode 18
Richard Speight, Jr. as Gabriel (left) and Misha Collins as Castiel (right) in Season 13 of Supernatural – Courtesy of Warner Bros./The CW

Having spent nearly two full episodes withdrawn into his mind and cowering in fear, Gabriel finally emerged out of his catatonic state following an intervention by Sam. In an attempt to power Gabriel back up, Sam and Castiel gave Gabriel the last of their archangel grace. He had only been present for a short while before the bunker was infiltrated by Asmodeus and his goons, who overpowered Sam and Castiel and forcefully retrieved Gabriel. In the hands of his captor once again and still powerless, Gabriel was overwhelmed with fear.

However, Gabriel’s powers flare up at the nick of time, and he immediately overpowers the demons holding him. Asmodeus attempts to restrain him using his own powers – which had been amplified by Gabriel’s stolen grace – yet Gabriel easily evades it and only smirks as he incinerates his former abuser.

ASMODEUS: Gabriel! What are you doin’, son? You know too well what I can do to you. I broke you!

ASMODEUS: You’re too weak!

GABRIEL: Not anymore. Oh, by the way, I always hated that dumbass suit.

Why is this significant?

This is Gabriel fighting back against his abuser, against someone who had held him hostage, stolen his source of power for his own gain, and had tortured him for years. Gabriel facing Asmodeus with his head held high, his archangel wings flaring out in the shadows behind him, is such a powerful moment in many ways.

This is also the first time we get to see a glimpse of Gabriel’s true capabilities as an archangel, one of Heaven’s fiercest weapons. In seasons prior, his demeanor – and as a result, his powers manifested in his tricks – was presented in a playful manner, though at times he hinted at a much powerful being than what was being proven.

In this scene, Gabriel brings forth that potential that had been hinted at and has no mercy. We get to see him destroy his abuser in an unapologetic manner, and grin while doing so.

  1. “Unfinished Business” – Episode 20
Jensen Ackles as Dean (left), Richard Speight, Jr. as Gabriel (center) and Jared Padalecki as Sam (right) in Season 13 of Supernatural – Courtesy of Warner Bros./The CW

This entire episode was a wonderful exploration of Gabriel’s character and of his story, particularly following his faked death after “Hammer of the Gods.” We learn that after he flees from the bunker at the end of “Bring ‘em Back Alive,” Gabriel begins hunting down those responsible for selling him to Asmodeus: Loki – the real Loki – and his three children. In an enraged monologue delivered to Sam and Dean, Gabriel unleashes the depths of how his time with Asmodeus has affected him.

GABRIEL: Every day, Asmodeus tortured me. Every… day! He fed off my grace for years! He used me, he debased me until I was… What I went through… you don’t forgive. Everyone who had a hand in it will die. Get me?

Why is this significant?

This scene demonstrates the human side of Gabriel. In Supernatural canon, angels are not meant to feel or relate to any emotions present in humanity. This of course changes, particularly with the character growth of Castiel throughout the seasons; however, Gabriel is especially empathetic to human emotions, and it is here where he falls into the need for revenge.

This gives us a clearer insight into what Gabriel went through and how horrendously it has affected him. From the fury in his voice to the tiny lip wobble as he struggles to regain his composure, Gabriel draws us into his pain almost effortlessly.

  1. “Exodus” – Episode 22
Richard Speight, Jr. as Gabriel(left), Alexander Calvert as Jack (center) and Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer (right) in Season 13 of Supernatural – Courtesy of Warner Bros./The CW

Gabriel and Lucifer clearly were not on the best of terms – “killing” your younger brother might do that to a relationship. In this scene, Lucifer argues with Gabriel about his ability to be a good and genuine father to Jack. This conversation segues into a confrontation of Lucifer’s character and of humanity, which is reminiscent of what these two argued about back in “Hammer of the Gods.”

GABRIEL: Dude, it’s me. I’ve known you since the stars were made. You can’t change. You’re incapable of empathy or love. You live to be worshipped or feared. Or both.

LUCIFER: Okay. I–I see that you’ve — you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. Fine.

GABRIEL: Oh, is this the part where you tell me that, uh, Dad made up all those so-called lies about you? Got it.

LUCIFER Yeah! Yeah, Pop locked me up, okay?

GABRIEL: Don’t you get it? Humans were innocent and beautiful. But you…you couldn’t stand that the old man loved them more than He loved you. So you tempted them and corrupted them just to prove how flawed they were.

Why is this significant?

This scene reiterates everything that Gabriel once stood for about humanity, and it reveals that he still advocates for it. Back in “Hammer of the Gods,” he claimed that he was not on Lucifer’s side or Michael’s, but that he was on “theirs” – the side of people. It demonstrates just how deeply his love for humans runs, and how he was the angel – aside from Castiel – that followed his father’s wishes.

  1. “Exodus” – Episode 22
Richard Speight, Jr. as Gabriel, Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer, Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam in Season 13 of Supernatural – Courtesy of Warner Bros./The CW

As the Winchesters, the angels, and the survivors of the Alternate world were making their way through the rift, the group’s escape is impeded by the arrival of Michael. Lucifer attempts to fight him off first, but is overpowered. Michael looks up and is surprised by the sight of Gabriel. Gabriel turns to the Winchesters and claims he is going to hold Michael off, giving them a chance to escape.

GABRIEL: Go. I can buy some time.

SAM: Gabriel, don’t.

GABRIEL: All I did on Earth was run. I’m not running any more.

Moments later in the fight with Michael, Gabriel is stabbed through the chest with an archangel blade, and is killed.

Why is this significant?

Once more, we see Gabriel standing up for what he believes in. He acknowledges that he ran from his problems rather than facing them, and he refuses to do the same here. It is here that he once again places his trust in the Winchesters, and fights Michael to give them a chance at escape. This ends with Gabriel stabbed and killed by his older brother (alternate though he may be).

The impact that Gabriel’s death left on the fandom, especially after a short time of having him back, was devastating.

We have more Top 5 Biggest Moments coming your way, so stayed tuned! Are there any more big Gabriel moments in Season 13 that weren’t mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below!

Supernatural returns with its fourteenth season premiere on Thursday, Oct. 11, at 8p.m.

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