Louden Swain Series: Fans Share Favorite Album

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Welcome to the fourth part in our Louden Swain series! If you missed them, you can read part 1part 2, and part 3. We’ll be posting a series of articles celebrating the band and leading up to the release of their new acoustic album, Splitting the Seams, which will release on October 26.

We asked for input from fans of the band, and had them answer questions. We had a huge turnout, with many fans wanting to share their favorites and their stories. For this installment, fans share their favorite album from the band, and why they love that album so much.

“Sky Alive”

Lindsey (@lindseyiam): “My favourite album would have to be ‘Sky Alive’! I’ve asked myself this question many times before, and for a while I really wasn’t able to come up with an answer. However, one day it just clicked. I realized that ‘Sky Alive’ is unconsciously always my first ‘go-to’ when I put on Louden Swain. I think it’s probably because of how well the entire album meshes together, along with the fun variety of songs on it.” 

Charlotte (@Charlot74714899): “I love the ‘Sky Alive’ album because of all the new sounds that are far different from other albums, tracks like Hot Times for instance, with a slightly more reggae feel.”

Em (@invisible_heir): “‘Sky Alive’. It was the very first Swain album I ever bought, before I even knew who they were, and it’s what made me a fan of their music.”

Niki (@darlingniki): “‘Sky Alive’….this is mostly by default because I listened to it first!”

Holly (@AccioAwesome): “‘A Brand New Hurt’ has so many amazing songs on it, but ‘Sky Alive’ was the first album release I was already a fan for, and knowing how close we came to not having any more music from the band after Rob’s stroke, holds a very special place in my heart.”

Sarah (@WyldeFandom): “My go-to Louden Swain album is ‘Sky Alive’, the first album they released after Rob’s stroke.  The emotions and energy that come through Rob’s voice and lyrics, you can feel it in the core of your very soul.”

Michelle (@lydrewsmom): “‘Sky Alive’. Three years ago I was binging Supernatural and Chuck Shurley caught my attention like no other character ever has. I wanted to know more about this Rob Benedict. I knew I’d recognized him but there was something about this performance that made me take more notice. As I read about him I learned he played in a band. The first song I found was
‘Cool If I Come Over’. I didn’t even listen to the lyrics at first. The sound of Rob’s voice and the instruments were all I focused on. The first album I purchased was ‘Sky Alive’, it will always be my favorite.”

“No Time Like The Present”

Amanda (@BandagedLetdown): “My favorite Louden Swain album is ‘No Time Like The Present’ because of its wide variety of song types, from the country-sounding ‘Night Light’, to the bass heavy ‘Juliet’, to the upbeat, make you want to get up and dance ‘Present Time’.”

Jennifer (@macd1982): “This changes for me quite frequently actually. Right now, my favourite album is probably ‘No Time Like The Present’ because I have a lot of happy memories attached to it.”

Elise (@broadwayswain): “I really like ‘No Time Like the Present’. No song is ever the same in its story. For example, you start with a song about the present then move onto locks then taxi cabs etc etc etc. It’s also got really unique chord progressions, especially in ‘Roll Me Over’ and ‘Over Before It Began’. I once played through a medley of it on the piano around the same time it was released and Billy and Stephen liked it. NTLTP is also my workout playlists. I time workouts with it. For example, I know my 30 minutes on the treadmill is almost finished when ‘This Is How’ is on.”

Lori (@SPNZookeeper): “I genuinely love every single album but, as of right now I’d say my favourite album is ‘No Time Like The Present’. It’s got such a different variety of songs, from ‘Night Light’, to ‘Juliet’ to ‘Amazing’! There’s so many different styles and it’s such a great album to jam along to!”

Jenna (@sushiswain): “My favorite Swain album is probably ‘No Time Like The Present’. I love each of the albums in their own way, but NTLTP feels like a culmination of a decade playing as a complete band (with Billy’s addition after ‘Suit & Tie’). Each song is perfectly crafted, with beautiful lyrics and amazing instrumental work. At least 3 songs just from this album are in my top 10 favorite Swain songs of all time (‘Amazing’, ‘Leg Up’, ‘This is How’). Being able to attend the album release party in January 2017 and hear each song performed live permanently solidified that love.”

Emma (@simplyreflected): “My favourite album is ‘No Time Like The Present’ because of all the fantastic songs on it and the album cover looks so amazing. The guys just keep getting better and better with each album. I can’t wait to hear their acoustic album.”

Trish (@SwainerGirl): “I definitely love every album but I think the top one would have to be ‘No Time Like The Present’. I don’t hate any songs on any album but I think it’s the one album where I just absolutely love every single song and never feel like skipping any.”

Kim (@KimSaysSmile): “‘No Time Like the Present’ is my favorite album. All of the albums are great, but this one is truly… AMAZING.  I enjoy every song and feel a connection to so many lyrics.”

Elizabeth (@bethanlem): “Truly, all of ‘No Time Like The Present’ is amazing and, as much as a parent can have a favourite child, NTLTP is probably my fav album.”

Shannon (@reelnerdy): “Hard decision but I think I would say “No time like  the present” is my favorite album.”

Chris (@Chris_afec): “This also kinda changes depending on what I’m listening to at the time! But, currently, at least, it’s ‘No Time Like The Present’. Pretty much every track on that album is a song that I’d shout ‘Oh my god, I LOVE THIS SONG’ when it appears on shuffle.”

Jess (@JessHawden): “Favourite album has to be ‘No Time Like the Present’ I really enjoyed the promotion around the release of the album and Music Mondays was a lot of fun. The excitement of knowing I had a new song to look forward to after a busy work day made the day easier to get through.”

Sarah (@SharksandSwain): “Right now it’s ‘No Time Like The Present’. I don’t really have a particular reason other than I just really love to jam out to those songs lately.”

Brandy (@horrorlovingirl): “It’s ‘No Time Like The Present’. I know that ‘Sky Alive’ was released after Rob’s stroke, but for me personally, ‘No Time Like The Present’ was when I knew that Rob had truly found his voice, literally and possibly figuratively. There was a shift, and so much of what we have been given feels like it is coming from a very raw and honest place.”

Scout (@scoutstiel): “This is tough because it changes quite a bit, but ‘No Time Like The Present’ has pretty consistently a personal favorite since it came out. I think it has some of the strongest bass lines, and at least one blatantly raunchy song (which could arguably still be about murder) so I’m all on board for that.”

Muriel (@housecatsswain): “‘No Time Like The Present’. It’s the first album I bought and it is close to my heart. First time I heard Rob live (it was an convention in Paris and the rest of the band was not there), he sang a few songs of that album and I was hooked.  ‘Leg Up’, ‘Amazing’ and ‘This Is How’ are my favorites from that album.”

Mary (@pare6386): “‘No Time Like The Present’. I like the way the album flows. I am very picky when it comes to music and I feel like almost every album I buy there is one song on it I do not like or I play them in different order but, that is not the case with this album. I think it was assembled well and I enjoy listening to every song on it, I listen to it repeatedly at work, in my car, etc. I don’t think I could ever be tired of it.”

Tiffany (@TiffIsWayward): “‘No Time Like The Present’, hands down. The whole album is well-produced and there’s a maturity to their sound that isn’t heard in their previous albums. Also, I love the majority of the songs on that record.”

“A Brand New Hurt”

Natasha (@NatashaCole): “My favorite album is ‘A Brand New Hurt’ just because I love ‘Ready Steady’, ‘Downtown Letdown’, ‘Wasted Afternoon’, ‘Mrs. Vance’.. I could go on and on.”

Erika (@soliloquywriter): “‘A Brand New Hurt’ is my favorite album solely because it was the first Louden Swain album that I downloaded in its entirety, and is the album that subsequently I have listened to the most. My favorite songs are definitely spread across the entire Swain discography, but when people ask what album they should start their collection with, I would again go back to ‘Brand New Hurt’ and recommend it above the others because ‘Medicated’, ‘Downtown Letdown’, ‘Pop Tart Heart’ and ‘Silverspoon’ are among the must have, must know songs for all new fans of Swain, with ‘Eskimo’ running a close second.”

Kari (@kariface27): “My favorite album is ‘A Brand New Hurt’. It has all the best songs!”

Aileen (@fandomfreak221b): “Definitely ‘A Brand New Hurt’ because most of my favorite songs are on it.”

Emily (@fiveafterseven): “‘A Brand New Hurt’ has this flow that just feels really special. It feels GOOD to listen through. I think it’s just really strong as whole, a nice balance of styles, and it’s a cool bridge between the older and newer albums.”

Sara (@altsunthinkable): “‘A Brand New Hurt’. I love listening to it beginning to end. I love the journey the songs take you on as you listen to each track in order. My favourite Louden Swain songs are pretty evenly distributed across their albums but as a collection of songs to listen to in order, I feel like ‘A Brand New Hurt’ is the best as a whole album.”

Katie (@mattcohen4fake): “My favorite album is ‘A Brand New Hurt’. There’s not one song that I don’t bop to. ‘Better’? A bop. ‘Downtown Letdown’? Makes me cry, but still a bop. ‘MRS. VANCE’? DID YOU MEAN: THE BOPPIEST OF BOPS. You got the happy and sad songs, the love and longing songs, the empowering songs, the dream about eating your strawberry Poptart like heart song, you got it ALL and then some. Also the album cover is my favorite only because when you get it signed, Borja draws a little hat on the little dude.”

Stacy (@LoveandSwain): “My favorite album currently is ‘A Brand New Hurt’. I can listen to that album continuously from start to finish. It’s just a really solid album.”

Brittany (@tasteofmyhominy): “‘A Brand New Hurt’. It was one of the first Louden Swain albums I downloaded and I was only going to download “a few” but the more I listened the samples the more I realized I needed the whole thing ASAP! It’s the album that I feel has helped me grow as a person and inspired me the most.”

Judy (@JayeEmm): “‘A Brand New Hurt’. Just one of those albums where when when each song starts I think ‘I LOVE this song!'”

April (@AprilVian): “‘A Brand New Hurt’, I love every song on that album.”

Karyl (@karylannegeary): “‘A Brand New Hurt’ probably wins out, just because it has my favorite songs and it’s the one that gets me through.”

Vera (@raths_kitten): “I bought ‘A Brand New Hurt’ after I saw the band play at a con in March 2010. And I listened to it up and down until December, when they had a Christmas sale and I got the All Swain bundle. It will forever be my fave, because I fell in love with the band through it and I wasn’t kidding when I said I listened to it up and down for months. No other album has ever immersed me so fully. I love all the songs.”

Angélique (@Angie_Voyage): “‘A Brand New Hurt’, most of my favorite songs are on it.”

Julieta (@poptartheartt): “My favourite Album is ‘A Brand New Hurt’ because all of my favourite songs are in there and it’s deep and beautiful.”

Tiffany (@TiffanyShope1): “‘A Brand New Hurt’. There is not a skippable song on the album. ‘Downtown Letdown’, ‘Medicated’, ‘Better’, ‘Kind Of Guy’, ‘All I Need’, etc. it’s one amazing song after another.”

Finn (@againsthewave_): “It’s a tie between ‘Suit and Tie’ and ‘A Brand New Hurt’. I love the overall feel of these albums the best.”

“Suit and Tie”

Sandra (@poptartswain): “I’m gonna say ‘Suit and Tie’ for now. I love every single song on that album.”

Maranda (@maranda_martin): “Okay, hands down, ‘Suit and Tie’ is the greatest Louden Swain album ever and I will fight anyone that says otherwise. It has this gritty/angsty feel that shows both in the lyrics and vocals/music. In my opinion, that was such a turning point for the band. Louden Swain was forever changed after that album. They are who they are today because of ‘Suit And Tie’. It’s got some really fun, hard core songs like ‘Operator’ and ‘Suit and Tie’. It’s got some really beautifully written, raw songs like ‘Real Life’, and ‘St. Louis’. It’s got fun stuff like ‘Suit and Tie’ and ‘Blind’. It’s got everything I could ask for in an album. I wish they’d play more of these songs live.”

Beth (@comet9443): “‘Suit and Tie’. I just really enjoy the beat of the album. It makes doing stuff around the house or going to bed or whatever I’m doing easier.”

Finn (@againsthewave_): “It’s a tie between ‘Suit and Tie’ and ‘A Brand New Hurt’. I love the overall feel of these albums the best.”


Paige (@lightinmychest): “‘Eskimo’. It was the first album I bought and it reminds me of why I fell in love with their music.”

Katie (@katmgc): “I’m gonna have to say ‘Eskimo’. It was the first album I bought because that’s the one ‘She Waits’ was on, it’s the first one I listened to, and those are the first Swain songs I learned.”
Emma (@EmmaV421): “‘Eskimo’ because it is the first Louden Swain CD I bought and it has a majority of my top ten favorite songs.”
Lynette (@LynetteParki): “I love and own them all but I think my absolute favorite is ‘Eskimo’. It is the first Louden Swain album I owned and there isn’t a single song on there that I don’t love. I was bought it as a Christmas present and played it on repeat for days. It’s always the album I recommend for someone who has never listened to Swain before. There’s a song for everyone on there.”
Amanda (@AmandaC0124): “I have to pick ‘Eskimo’. I love them all but i have a special connection to that one as it was the first album i purchased after seeing them for the first time in 2015 in Vancouver and I listened to that album shamelessly on repeat on my drive home to Calgary because i simply didn’t want my first convention to end.”


Sam (@honeybeemish): “I have favorites from each album that make me love it, but I have to choose, ‘Overachiever’. It’s one of their older albums but I love every single song on it. I feel like ‘Blank Card,’ ‘No Hero’ and ‘Boy In Need’ are under-appreciated songs.”

Veronica (@veronica_bum): “‘Overachiever, I enjoy the more ‘angry’ and punk rock vibe songs off the album.”


Gisselle (@lopezado8696): “‘Saturday Night Special’. This album was the first album that I bought from Louden Swain, and I actually purchased it in-person during its weekend release at SPNMINN 2017! I loved getting it signed by all the band, and when I was driving back to the South Chicago suburbs from Minneapolis, I just blasted this album the entire car ride home. It was bittersweet to listen to at the time, but I love immersing myself in the sounds and atmosphere of one of my favorite events of Supernatural conventions!”

Laurie (@LauriePriemen): “My favorite album is definitely the ‘Saturday Night Special’ album. I just feel like the live versions give the songs such an extra dimension of emotion, they always manage to touch my soul instantly.”

Rachael (@NessaNight): “I love ‘Saturday Night Special’ because it has so many guest performers on it and I love the whole SPN cast.”

Kelli (@klairermusic1): “At the moment my favorite is the SNS Live album. It has many of the songs I love, plus I enjoy hearing cast members join in with the guys.”

Thank you to Dean and Finn for helping with the album covers! Stay tuned for part 5!

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