Fans Share Stories About What ‘Wayward’ Means to Them

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With the news of The CW deciding not to pick up the Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters, fans were outraged. There’s a petition that was started right after the announcement, which has over 27,000 signatures already. You can sign that here.

There were many fans on social media, commenting on articles, sending emails, etc. hoping that their voices would be heard. We gave fans a chance to write in, and tell their story of what Wayward and Wayward Sisters meant to them, and why the show needed to be picked up. You can read stories from our readers below.


From Lauren:
“I want wayward saved because it represented so many beautiful people I got to know in this fandom and it gave them the fierce women-fronted show everyone so badly needs. It showed power, strength and vulnerability and it has SO much potential to be the show/representation that this wonderful fandom and beyond deserves. Wayward means friendship, love, pride in who you are and being strong, no matter what that strength is. We want this show and I can guarantee we will fight for it!”

From Kaitlin:
“Wayward is more than a tv show; it’s a movement. It’s about showing girls that they are capable of fighting their way through anything. It’s showing us that strength doesn’t mean only muscles, it means taking matters into your own hands, but asking for help when you need it. It’s about giving us characters that we can connect with both personality wise and through their struggles. It’s a show about courage and love and family and finding yourself in a world where that’s the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do. Wayward is about finding peace within yourself and lifting yourself up despite what opinions you have about yourself. we deserve to have these values on screen, and we deserve to see these characters portrayed. but most importantly the brilliant actresses deserve to expand their characters and make this show for us because they care. Wayward deserves better. #SaveWayward”

From Lauren:
“Supernatural and it’s storylines have been so important to me personally, in terms of people I can relate to and finding ways to improve my mental health. As a young woman, I deeply admire the strong female characters. Its important and empowering for me to see these incredible, tough women who have their own stories shared, that for once, DON’T circle around their romantic relationships, and where they don’t rely on men to save them. The concept of Wayward Sisters is beautiful to me. A show based on a group of badass, complex women, kicking ass and being real, human heroes; I can’t think of any other show that quite fits that bill. These woman aren’t perfect, never claim to be, and it just makes them all the more relatable. Women of ALL ages and backgrounds need these ladies to represent and inspire us! WS already has a fan base, and will be sure to gain more. For the show to be left, it feels like the thought of strong female characters leading a successful show without being focused on sex or relationships is a threat to masculinity. It isn’t. TV is already male dominated, and it’s high time the ladies got their say.
I truly hope someone, somewhere wants to pick up Wayward Sisters, and make women worldwide feel important and recognized.”

From Sarah:
“I want Wayward saved because it is more than word, it is more than a TV show. It is a powerful movement. In a world where stronger female representation and role models are needed, this movement appeared and was given life by the many people involved in Supernatural. Wayward encourages us to be fierce and strong. To use our voices and fight for what we believe in. These badass characters live in each us. We will not go quietly. We will not give up. Keep creating. Keep fighting. Keep being inspirational. Above everything, keep being Wayward AF! We love you all.”

From Madeline:
“I’ve just heard the news about CW making the very wrong decision about not taking Wayward Sisters forward.
I live in the UK and we’re at the very start of series 13 of Supernatural so we’ve got a few episodes to go yet until the Wayward Sisters episode! I’ve been really excited about seeing what the episode has in store and watching the birth of something incredible formed from the TV show that I love. Don’t get me wrong, I still am but it’s now not going to be the same, as it’ll be what could have, and should have been. It would be incredible to see some of my favourite characters and actresses doing something in their own right.CW will obviously have their reasons but I don’t see a reason. Those beautiful, strong and fierce female characters hold a beacon and they deserve to have a show in their own right. Going beyond the show, having an all female lead cast is very special indeed and it will be ground breaking to have such a thing, given all what’s been coming out as having been going on in the industry.
Wayward Sisters more than deserves to be given a chance.”

From Heidi:
“When the CW announced that they were not picking up the show they made a grave mistake. A BIG mistake and it needs to get fixed. In this messy world, what better show for young women than Wayward Sisters? Where family isn’t always blood, but it’s ones who protect and love you! Where you can be bold and courageous and not have to be scared to speak up! To act! This show has amazing potential and a HUGE following/support network. SAVE the show and correct this mistake!”

From Lacey:
“We need strong powerful women on tv who can save people from monsters one moment, have a badass job in a man’s world the next, be a role model for the younger generation, all while being able to have softer moments for without toxic masculinity screwing it up.
These actresses and characters are inspiring. They deserve to be recognized for their hard work and their characters deserve to see more than just a brief moment in the sun. The fans deserve more than just the same story line about two attractive white males. We’ve invested years and emotions into more than just the two main actors and it’s obvious we want more, and more diversity. There’s an automatic devoted fandom attached to wayward sisters and if the network doesn’t decide to pick it up, they’re fools.”

From Shannon:
“This show isn’t just about Supernatural fans wanting more SPN content. Yes, 99.9999% are from the Supernatural family, and we met and fell in love with these women on that show. Supernatural introduced us to likable, relatable people with all of the Waywards. Donna: proving that you can hit rock bottom but still be loving, caring and all-around nice. You can come back from the brink of human hurt, and fight to be who you want to be. Jody: proving that losing everything in one fell swoop is not the end of you. It’s the beginning of your reincarnation of who YOU need yourself to be to continue living. Alex: showing us that who you were taught to be, is not who you need to be. You can fight for yourself and win. Claire: no matter what life throws at you, or takes away, you can still go out there and be the protector others need!

This is a show about kick ass women, who are worth a damn for their passion, sense of family, and fight to save the world. About women who are valid, wanted and needed – not because of their looks, or ability to please a man. Like so many other shows, before them. I am proud to be a wayward daughter!”

From Melanie:
“It’s hard to put into words what Wayward means to me, it’s just that powerful a movement. When I joined the #SPNFamily, #WaywardAF was already a thing. I thing I had yet to discover, but boy when I did, was I amazed.

I was amazed at how us fans empowered, supported, and encouraged each other, especially as women. The first time I was ever told I was #WaywardAF was when I shared a selfie of myself. That made me feel so amazing and strong!

And then it was announced that there’d be a backdoor pilot for Wayward Sisters. And now, even as a somewhat new member of the fandom, I thought, “Finally! A show for us!”

That pilot was everything I could have hoped for! A song in the beginning, my personal #Wayward song! Realistic characters who aren’t perfect and have flaws! Characters who empower, support, and encourage just like we the fans do! And a cliffhanger that made me want to see so much more!

I was proud to be loud about it before it aired, during it aired, and after it aired. And I will certainly be loud about it to save it. We NEED Wayward Sisters. We need more shows like this on the air, with characters we can relate and look up to. And there is an army of support, a large fan base, behind this show to make it a successful one!”

From Bridgit:
“Wayward Sisters is important on so many levels. As a young writer it stands as a reminder of what we are working towards in the way of representation. It also stands as a reminder to women that we don’t have to be in the supporting roles in stories and that we need to be in the lead roles of our own series.”

From Jac’y:
“I want to scream and rant from the rooftops over the injustice of CW’s decision! You nailed it when you talked about every woman who ever ducked her head while walking by the cool kids, who turned away from the mirror with a tear, every girl everywhere all the time, They were our models. Onscreen and off. Beautiful, healthy, strong, supportive, fierce, wild, creative, passionate, creatures who taught us to be #waywardAF”

From Georgia:
“Wayward Sisters (and of course Supernatural) isn’t just a TV show to a lot of people, its an inspiration, a reason to carry on. We get to see six strong female characters of including different ethnicities and ages (which is something not often seen on TV), come together and prove that women are strong. These women have become role models for many people, including myself. They help people build their confidence, help bring people together, and most of the Supernatural fandom and cast were backing this project. We will not give up, we will fight for this.”

From Nikki:
“Family. For a woman who has lost a lot in the last three years Supernatural and Wayward Sisters have given me a family to be a part of. I found a home that was loving and accepting of me for who I am and never once wanted to change me. In my experience, people will stab you in the back to walk over you and get what they want. Not in this family, from the stars of the show down to the crew and over to the fans. They all opened their arms and welcomed all the misfits and wayward people of the world.

I love Supernatural. I love Sam and Dean. Their world has been my escape for the last three years. I could lose myself in them saving people, hunting things and the family business. It started with them in Baby driving state to state by themselves saving the world. Like all businesses they need to expand to reach more people to help save them. Sam, Dean and the Wayward Sisters may be fictional but the family they have created is real. The love they have created is real. The people they have saved are real and I am a testament of that.

Wayward Sisters, has shown me to let my walls down and learn to trust someone. I have learned to smile in the face of fear and that my voice matters. They have shown me to keep my head held high in moments I feel weak. Most of all, the Wayward Sisters have taught me that no matter what the world may tell me what to do or how to be, their opinions mean jack with a side of squat! Take me or leave me, I am WaywardAF!

The show not being picked up means that they are going to be more girls, more women, more people out there who will never be able to experience what Wayward Sisters has to give. They will not be able to go out saving REAL people, hunting REAL demons and continuing the FAMILY Business. Even in this moment where the SPNFamily and all the Wayward People out there are angry and mourning there is one thing they count on from us. We will not be defeated, we will not go away quietly and we will raise a lot of hell. We are WaywardAF!”

From Sarah:
“Wayward Sisters not only had characters I had fallen in love with, but the reasoning behind the show is why I am infuriated that the CW did not pick this it up. Wayward Sisters has given me strength, courage and a voice that I didn’t previously have, I shouldn’t say given actually, its AWOKEN the fighter in me and now I’m going to fight for this show. This show is one of few that would be incredibly diverse and continue to show women and girls that we are represented and not just as side characters or throw away plot devices. It would prove that women are strong, fierce and WaywardAF all on our own.”

From Jay:
“I don’t know where to begin to tell you how much Wayward Sisters means to me, but I want to try so here goes!

Strong women with complex, layered characters, not defined by men or shaped by them but with their own stories. What a fucking gift to television that would be and the perfect reflection of the current shift in society. I can’t think of a better group of women (nor characters) to bring that to life. Wayward Sisters has everything – grit, diversity, passion, actually likeable characters and portrays the very best of women. Raising each other up, despite their differences and coming together to fight for what’s right – exactly the encouragement and message that women everywhere need to see reflected right now. Defeating the dark, the evil, the wrong in the world not just by physically kicking it’s ass but with spirit, with heart.

As a woman working in the film industry, as a fan of the characters and of the Supernatural verse, as a woman and as as a human being – Wayward Sisters was what I needed to see. I know I am not alone in that.”

From Amanda:
“Wayward Sisters means so much to me. There hasn’t been a group of badass women kicking butt on tv since Charmed and Buffy ended. I looked forward to these new and familiar faces showing up and rocking my world. And to leave us on a cliff hanger like that….unbelievable. They had women from all walks of life and all colors represented. It was showing us that women can be as awesome as the Winchesters but the CW throwing that away essentially told us that that isn’t true. Its a shot to the heart.”

From Samara:
“It is such a rare occurrence that I find a piece of media that I relate to so strongly, but it was love at first sight with me and Wayward Sisters. I’ve never before seen a group of women on TV that I wanted to live alongside so badly. I started writing Wayward Sisters episodes in my mind, imagining how these characters would grow together, fight together, and just be together in a way that wasn’t dictated by the male gaze. This show felt like it would be my shelter from the storm of current events. It would have been a place to hear stories of women who are strong, flawed, caring, complicated, and human. As sad, angry, and baffled as I am by the decision to not pick up Wayward Sisters, I also know how powerful fandom can be. We are a force to be reckoned with. We will, like true wayward daughters, emerge from the wreckage stronger and more united than ever.”

From Kit:
“Wayward Sisters is a diverse, representative show featuring a beloved cast of characters. I can see myself in them and their struggles. After all these years of being ignored in popular media or sidelined by white straight male protagonists, Wayward is what we need. It’s what we deserve. It’s 2018 and The CW needs to get with the program.”

From Kit:
“I started watching Supernatural two years ago. I was knee dip in binging Supernatural just as the OG Wayward AF campaign first launched in 2016. I remember thinking “I wish I could be as strong as these women.” And then I started to fully embrace the fandom. I started following these amazing women. They are so relatable and inspiring.

Wayward Sisters isn’t just a spinoff. It’s a way of life. It’s a show full of women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds coming together and confronting their demons. This is why Wayward should be saved. And this is what the show means to me. I started this show afraid to speak out. Afraid to say what I feel because I’m afraid of being judged, and even though I still am timid, I am growing out of it because of this… Wayward… Movement. It has given me a voice. It’s given all of us a voice. After Supernatural ends, Wayward Sisters is the perfect spinoff to continue it’s legacy.”

From Larissa:
“I need Wayward Sisters. Those ladies chose to be in this life, unlike the Winchesters who were groomed for it. These women are CHOOSING to save others at risk to themselves. They get hurt, they get back up. They refuse to quit. They’re themselves, full of awesome badassery. I want to see strong, independent, badass women who keep on when others would give up, and they run toward the trouble others ignore.”

From Gabrielle:
“To me, wayward sisters were a family. They were strong female characters and they fought for what they believed in. They are an inspiration to us all! They protect each other and have some of the best on screen friendships. Seeing it getting picked up would have been so amazing. All I feel is heartbreak over the CW making this decision. Hopefully through the power of the wayward family, we could maybe get the show picked up! We won’t stop fighting for their stories to be told.”

From Karyl:
“I know I’m not alone in my pain over the CW’s mistaken decision to not pick up Wayward Sisters. In fact, knowing that my pain is shared is the only thing lessening it. For me, Wayward Sisters is more than a show. We live in a society that increasingly devalues and demeans its women, and one sorely lacking in representation. While I love Supernatural, it is very much a masculine show, with male leads and storylines that revolve around their masculinity, and sometimes that’s hard to identify with. As a queer woman who has survived abuse and trauma, Wayward Sisters provides a way for me to see myself. In addition, I’ve spent the last decade working with kids in the foster care system, and to see young women who have lost their families find a home and a purpose with Jody and Donna gives me something to hold up to the kids with whom I work, to say “look! Your story is valid, it exists, anf its important.” Claire’s character comes closest to reflecting the reality they live, and it’s a reality that gets very little representation.

Wayward Sisters is more than a show. It’s a movement. #waywardaf #waywardforever”

From Stacy:
“I’m replying to CW FOR CHOOSING to not pick up WAYWARD SISTERS which we all rallied for and pleaded for. This show means so much to the SPN family because it’s a branch off the characters Jodi Mills and Donna that we have grown to adore. Also it offers an opportunity for more strong positive female role models in the CW Family. Women can kick butt just as good as the guys. Don’t the fans deserve this show? This is a colossal mistake by the network and we want to be heard.”

From Lea:
“The first episode of Supernatural I ever watched was Season 11 Episode 12. The name, ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’.
If I’m completely honest, I didn’t see the point of a show about two guys hunting the supernatural.
A friend of mine wasn’t feeling great, I was staying with her to keep an eye on her. She turned on the TV and started to watch the show. I sat next to her and to this day I can still remember what I felt seeing a group of strong women saving the day. I remember what I felt during and after.
That day was a tough one for me. It was exactly a year after someone I called my brother, died. Seeing a relationship, something like the one I had, was incredible. It brought back all the best memories. It made me feel connected again. The title as well.

I didn’t continue to watch the show, in fact I didn’t watch it until mid April. The only episodes I watched were ones with Jody, Claire, Alex, and Donna, after I got to know her in one of the episodes with Jody.

Now, a little over two years later, We’ve had our pilot. We’ve had our girls on screen all together. We’ve had Claire calling Jody her Mother. Alex not denying Jody being her mother. We have Donna and Patience. We have a group of remarkable strong women. We have something that we need to see.

There have been times where I’ve given up. I lost all hope. Then I go back to that episode that started it all. And I make it. I may not be fixed entirely but I make it. It gives me my hope back. I had a brother. My birth family hasn’t been the best.

I have 2 people I call my mothers who aren’t blood. I have their husbands, my fathers. And I have their kids, my siblings. And I have my two best friends, they are like brothers to me.

I owe my chosen family, to the #Wayward women.

Today, the 7th of May, 2018. Marks 1 year since I have had my chosen family. February 3rd marks 3 years since my brother died. But I was surrounded by people who loved me and I owe them to #Wayward too. #Wayward is needed because it inspires everyone to stand up. It incites hope. And at the end of the day, it saves lives.

#Wayward is already a powerful movement. It’s affected many lives, including my own.”

From Sydney:
“I remember first finding out that a Wayward Sisters backdoor pilot was happening. I was overfilled with joy because as much as I love Supernatural, I’m tired of seeing strong female characters killed for no good reason. Wayward Sisters was the opportunity to have a show about powerful and diverse women supporting each other. I want it saved because I want to see what happens with Kaia and Claire. I want Wayward saved because I want to see more of Jody’s immense love for these girls who have become her family. I want Wayward because I want to see more of Donna being the amazing hunter and woman she is. I want Wayward because I want to see Patience’s growth as a hunter. I want Wayward because I’m tired of seeing the characters I see myself in brutally ripped away from me because “diversity isn’t realistic”. The CW’s decision to pass on Wayward Sisters was one that we won’t take lightly and we will continue to push for this show for however long it may take.”

From Gina:
“As an artist and a writer, I have ups and downs of creative output. Working in a non-creative field for my income leaves little time and energy for creative pursuits, but when properly inspired, I MAKE time. The Wayward movement, and the Wayward characters, and the Wayward actors and creators, inspire me, and I make time.

From poetry, to fanfiction, to fanart, to role playing, Wayward has become a part of me, and I strive daily to embody the spirit of Wayward. It’s about authenticity, confidence, agency, and a willingness to be seen as whole and imperfect beings. Self acceptance and self love to the degree that Wayward has come to represent is frankly only paid lip service, if given any focus at all, in nearly every area of our our entertainment industry.

Wayward was an idea about characters, beloved characters in our beloved Supernatural world, it was about stories, but it evolved into a movement about empowerment and inclusion. The stories created the movement, and the movement informed the stories, and we all felt wonderful about ourselves because we thought of it, we asked for it, we inspired it, we supported it and we waited ever so patiently for it.

I for one am not going to take “No” as our final answer. We are audacious, we want it all. Put your money where your mouth is CW, and we will reward you for it, because we want what is already ours.

I am attaching a blog post that includes an example of my fanart and fanpoetry for Wayward. Know that I am only one fan of many in the SPNFamily, so if you can see my work, and read it, and not understand that we are committed to this, and passionate, and fed by it, and ready to go all-in supporting it, then, well, that would explain the problem, wouldn’t it? But I think you must be beginning to understand, after the reaction to the failed pickup, what I am trying to impart to you.

Please give us our show.”

Thank you to everyone who shared your stories. We know there’s a ton more, so make sure to keep sharing them on Social Media and use the hashtags #WaywardSisters and #SaveWayward!

Write in the comments below about what Wayward and Wayward Sisters means to you!

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