Save Wayward Sisters: This Is How You Can Help

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As most of you have probably heard by now, we learned yesterday that the CW Network made the harrowing decision not to send the proposed Supernatural spin-off, Wayward Sisters, to series.

The Wayward fandom is a passionate one though, and fans everywhere have collectively decided that we are not going to take this decision sitting down. We are going to use our voices and fight for what we believe in, and we believe in Wayward Sisters with everything we’ve got.

So if you’re sitting there wondering what you can do to help, this post has the answers.

First of all, we have to stress that we need to be as respectful as we can possibly be in our communications with the network. We know that emotions are running wild and your adrenaline is pumping, because ours are too, but please try to remember you catch more flies with honey than vinegar 😉

1. Sign the Save Wayward Sisters petitionYou know what speaks volumes? Numbers. Clear cut numbers that the network can glance at and see support. It has barely been 24 hours and already this petition has reached 20,000 names. If you haven’t already signed it, please do, and then share the heck out of it so everybody else can sign it too!

2. Tweet the CW Network. Again, make sure you’re respectful. Tell them you want Wayward Sisters, and use the hashtag #WaywardSisters in your post. They think we’re going to forget about this and that the uproar will calm down after a few days, so this is our chance to show them they’re wrong and we are in this for the long-haul by continuing to talk about this for as long as we need to!

3. Fill out the feedback form on the CW WebsiteClick on, “Submit A Request,” and fill out the form. The CW is keeping track of the information sent here, and they’ve already gotten so many messages that there’s an automatic response going out to people who mention Wayward. Let’s keep it going! Don’t know what to say? A fan has said you are free to use her words, which you can copy and paste from the thread she posted here.

4. Leave comments on media posts about other pick ups from the CW. You know all those posts on EW, Deadline, Hypable, etc. Go and leave comments. Make sure that everywhere Wayward Sisters is mentioned we leave behind a flood of positive comments asking for them to reconsider picking up Wayward Sisters. One of our writers created this document with a link to every article they could find. Use it!

5. Call The CW at (818) 977-2500. Believe me, I know. Using our phones to actually call people is a weird concept these days, but desperate times call for desperate measures! Remember, there is an actual human being on the other end of these phone calls who is not worthy of our ire, so be polite, be respectful, and let them know how badly we want more Wayward.

6. Snail Mail. Again, I know it’s kind of out there to write an actual letter, put a stamp on it and mail it, but it could make a difference! I honestly kind of love the idea of the CW getting more mail than they ever have before and it’s all in the name of Wayward.

Mailing address:

The CW Television Network
3300 W. Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505

For those of you have wrinkled your nose up at the idea of actually leaving the house to find a mail box – don’t worry – we have a way around that too. This Twitter post has a way for you to send a post card digitally. The fans really thought of everything!

7. Trending Party during the Supernatural Finale. Now read carefully because it’s important that we get this right. We don’t want to hurt Supernatural, because without Supernatural there would be no Wayward! So our plan is to use both hashtags #Supernatural and #WaywardSisters during the finale on Thursday. We want to see both hashtags trending on Thursday!

Once you’ve made your way through the list, the only thing left to do is to send your stories about what Wayward means to you and why you want The CW to reconsider and send it to series to us at Nerds and Beyond! Use the email address, and don’t forget to include your full name and your Twitter handle! We are only accepting submissions until midnight tonight, so if you have a story to tell, please let us help you share it! If there’s anything on this list you think we should add, please let us know and we will continue to update it as we become aware of more ways to help!

Just one final reminder to be clear, be respectful, and please for the love of Chuck, BE LOUD! We are not going to go down without a fight, and the time to fight is now. Let’s show everybody how wayward we can be.

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