The Best Jody Mills Moments on ‘Supernatural’

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Supernatural has given us some amazing recurring characters over the years, but one who stands out is Jody Mills. Played perfectly by Kim Rhodes, Jody is a no-nonsense yet caring character the fandom has come to love. She’s not just one of our favorite characters. She’s essential to Supernatural. Without her actions, we wouldn’t have the Wayward Sisters. Jody has taught all of us how to forgive and to build family with those you love and chose yourself, not just those you’re born to. She’s the definition of “family don’t end with blood.” We thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and relive some of Jody’s best moments over the years as submitted by our staff.

“Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” (Season 12, Episode 6)

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Before Mary was killed by the Yellow-Eyed Demon, she saved a little boy named Asa Fox from a werewolf. Years later, this little boy became a hunter and is ultimately killed. Several hunters gather for his wake including the Winchesters and Jody who had a relationship with Asa. It is is first believed that Asa was killed by a demon Jael, but the demon was framed by another hunter Bucky. It is a difficult episode for Jody. She lost another person she cared about, someone she was hoping to have a future with, and she is possessed by a demon and is nearly killed by Mary while under the influence of the demon. During the episode, she confronts Dean who didn’t tell her that his mom was alive and tells him how she would give anything to have her husband and son back, but that, at the same time, she would be scared to have changed too much. Jody shows she understands why Dean is afraid to lose his mom again. In this episode, we also see how badass Jody is since she survives being possessed by a demon. At the end of the episode, she shares a Mom talk with Mary about how they are good men. “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” also shows us how far Jody has come from her first appearance on the show from a sheriff not knowing about the supernatural to someone having building relationships in the world of hunters outside her friendship with Sam and Dean and being respected as a full-fledged hunter.

“Who We Are” (Season 12, Episode 22)

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Season 12 gets a lot of hate, but this is one of my all-time favorite episodes of the show. We get a “Jerk, bitch” moment, Dean finally gets to use the grenade launcher, and of course, our favorite Sioux Falls sheriff Jody Mills is a key instrument in storming the British Men of Letters compound.  In the wake of the American hunters facing extinction at the hands of the British Men of Letters, Sam leads a mission to storm the Brits’ compound in an effort to save their lives before it’s too late. Jody is one of the most instrumental characters in this raid, not only being one of the few hunters to survive the dangerous endeavor but being the one to fire the final shot that kills the creepy and uppity Dr. Hess. After being trapped when the hunters take out the rest of the compound, Hess’ attempt at bargaining her life with information about Lucifer’s whereabouts with the younger Winchester doesn’t go over so well, leading Hess to draw a gun on him in her fit of panicked rage. Jody’s never-ending badassery saves the day (and Sam’s life) with an unerring shot at Dr. Hess, effectively putting an end to the reign of terror the Brits had inflicted with their arrival, as she was the highest individual in the chain of command. Like I said, what’s not to love?

“Wayward Sisters” (Season 13, Episode 10)

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We all know how much love we have for “Wayward Sisters.” It’s an episode we all still cling so dearly to. To me, this was the episode Jody Mills truly shined. We all know how her story began on Supernatural, tragically losing her son and husband. Gradually sharing her home with the wayward girls who came into her life, this episode made it incredibly clear how she sees Alex and Claire like her own daughters. The entire episode she fights to protect Claire, who is predicted to be in danger. She even admits to Donna that she can’t lose another child. It all culminates towards the end, when Claire discovers the rift to The Bad Place, the place Sam and Dean are stranded. It’s a moment Jody know she has to let Claire go, trust that she’ll stay safe. Just three words, “I know” and “Go,” and so much emotion expressed in them. You can see it all in that moment, and it sets up for Claire’s emotional return from The Bad Place. I will forever be in awe of Kim Rhodes for her portrayal of Jody in this episode, and how far her character has come from that very first appearance.

“Alex Annie Alexis Ann” (Season 9, Episode 19)

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As Jody has a mother-daughter relationship with Claire, she also has one with Alex. In the episode “Alex Annie Alexis Ann,” Jody protects Alex from Sam and Dean as well as the rest of Alex’s vampire “family,” recognizing that Alex needs a home. The aspect of Jody that shined in this episode is her capacity to forgive and love. Alex was not an innocent bystander in her family’s murders, but Jody could see that the trauma Alex endured was the reason behind her initial coldness and refusal of Jody’s help. When Sam and Dean want to get rid of Alex alongside the others, Jody is the one to stand up for her. Jody protects Alex even when her own life is threatened, as Alex’s vampire “mother” Celia tries to turn Alex by having her kill Jody. When Alex refuses and overpowers her “mother” to save Jody, Jody is the one to kill Celia, telling Alex not to look. Later, she takes Alex in as Alex detoxes from the vampire cure, telling her she will have a home with her if she wants one. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the whole series and says a lot about Jody as a person.

“Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” (Season 5, Episode 15)

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Our first introduction to Jody is certainly a memorable one. When the dead start rising in Sioux Falls, Sam and Dean go to check it out since Bobby hasn’t returned their calls. Sheriff Jody Mills immediately senses that Sam and Dean aren’t the FBI agents they’re pretending to be, a suspicion she confirms when she calls their “supervisor’s” number only to hear Bobby’s voice. She recognizes him immediately, noting he has “an ass-full of drunk and disorderlies and mail fraud.” But it turns out she and Bobby have a bit of an alliance going, wanting to hide the presence of zombies in the town for the same reason: both of them have someone they lost return to life. Jody’s son Owen and Bobby’s wife Karen have both returned, seemingly their old selves. But tragedy strikes as the undead begin to turn evil, with Owen killing Jody’s husband Sean as she watches. Even though she’s just witnessed a horrible scene and lost her whole family, Jody teams up with the Winchesters to fight the rest of the zombies. Jody and Sam defend the citizens of the town at the police station, with Jody proving she can keep up with the hunters. As they successfully hold off the zombies, we see that Jody is devastated. It’s a heartbreaking performance from Kim Rhodes and sets up Jody as a character to remember.

What other Jody moments do you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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