‘The Wayward Podcast’ Is Coming Live to Creation Entertainment Conventions

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During their panel on Friday of the Creation Tour: Las Vegas 2023, Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster made an exciting announcement. Live recordings of The Wayward Podcast will take place at Creation Conventions beginning in March.

In the clip posted by Creation Entertainment on Twitter, the wonderful duo was finally allowed to announce that they will be making The Wayward Podcast a part of Creation events.

This was met with thunderous applause as the girls continued, saying that live episodes of The Wayward Podcast will be recorded on Friday nights of conventions prior to Karaoke. This will start at the Atlanta Creation Convention, which takes place March 3-5, 2023.

Buckmaster joked that they’re not sure if it will be good, but Rhodes is a realist. She knows “it’s gonna be brilliant.” Rhodes went on to say that she spends most of her life in podcast land. “That’s where my stories are appropriate because they’re quick, painful, and then we can make a joke about them afterwards.”

This will be a paid event but is not listed on Creation’s website yet. These will be the first live Wayward Podcast episodes since the first event in January 2020, pictured above.

The Wayward Podcast was launched in 2018. In each episode, Buckmaster and Rhodes combine their emotional truths with hilarity, discussing topics related but not limited to wellness, emotional growth, and just generally being a woman and person. We look forward to hearing what these ladies have to say in front of a live audience this coming year.

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