‘Ghosts’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 12 “The Family Business”

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This week’s episode of Ghosts on CBS had some romance, some heartbreak, and some ridiculous hamster names. Let’s get into it.

The Christmas Dalliance

Trevor and Hetty open the episode discussing their little “Christmas dalliance.” Hetty says it can never happen again. Trevor tells her that he also thought it was a huge mistake.

Hetty pretends she’s interested in doing it one last time to trick Trevor into admitting he’s a liar who very much wants more “dalliance.” It works. He tries to lie about it, but, per Hetty, that lie would be a lot easier to sell with some pants on.

The Ulster County Jam Fest

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The Ulster County Jam Fest is happening this weekend, where they celebrate local jams and jam bands. Things are busy in Woodstone Mansion.

Also, Freddie’s a computer whiz! He made it, so the website stops accepting reservations when they’re at capacity and installed security cameras to keep an eye on the front desk.

Sam starts complimenting Freddie and asking about his personal life, much to Hetty’s distaste.

The Interrupted Kiss


Cut to Freddie’s car, where we see Sass and Jessica talking about French fries (flirting. They’re flirting). They kiss! Too bad they’re interrupted by Freddie getting in the car. He starts belting out a song he doesn’t know the words to, so Sass and Jessica decide to pick up where they left off tomorrow.

The Brita Filter

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Freddie complains to Sam that his girlfriend hasn’t been refilling their Brita. Sam wants to help but is interrupted by Hetty, who tells her that nothing good can come from getting involved in Freddie’s personal life. She forbids Sam from doing so, and the show of dominance does a lot for Trevor’s attraction to her.

When Freddie comes back, he asks Sam for advice. She gives it to him right in front of Hetty. Bold move, Sam.

The Road


Alberta, Flower, and Thor talk to Sass about Jess. He tells them that they kissed and insists it’s not a big deal. Alberta and Flower say otherwise. He relents and says that it is a big deal. He gushes about how cool she is since she’s a car ghost who gets to travel.

Alberta says she remembers her time on the road. She was able to date so many men at once, and they never knew about each other. Instantly, Sass realizes: what if Jessica is seeing other ghosts on the road?

Sass asks Jessica about Freddie’s place, and she tells him about the other ghost there, Roger. Apparently, he’s a leather-head football player who’s absolutely ripped, funny, sensitive, and smart. Heck, the guy even modeled. Sass instantly spirals.

The Valentine’s Day Reservation

Freddie shows up late to work, looking like, in Isaac’s words, “Hamilton after a night at the warehouse.” Apparently, the Brita situation escalated into a fight, and his girlfriend broke up with him.

Someone calls to make a reservation for Valentine’s Day, and Freddie cries on the phone, saying that sometimes everything seems fine in relationships, and the next thing you know, your girlfriend dumps you and takes the Brita. Yikes.

Sam offers to let Freddie go home, and Jay offers him a glass of water. Water just makes it worse, though. If they just drank tap, none of this would’ve happened.

Hetty has a big I-told-you-so moment. She says Sam needs to stop treating Freddie with basic human decency and tell him to quit whining and get back to work.

The Dirty Little Boy

Hetty tells Trevor she needs him. At first, he thinks she’s come crawling back. In actuality, she needs him to do something on Samantha’s computer. She’s going to intervene and create a scenario so crazy that Sam has to become the boss she needs to be. Trevor, obviously, makes everything dirty and is sure Hetty still wants him sexually. It’s a slightly fair assumption. She does call him a “dirty little boy.”

The RAV4

Since Freddie and his girlfriend broke up, he was kicked out and now lives with his mom. Sass is happy that Jessica can’t see Roger anymore, but apparently, there’s another ghost that lives at Freddie’s Mom’s house. His name is Chad, and he’s a firefighter with washboard abs.

Sass says, “Oh, come on!” in a way that is justified and relatable. Jessica asks if he’s jealous and tells him that she and Freddie have been listening to podcasts on toxic relationships. He’s starting to show signs. She doesn’t like it and makes him leave the RAV4.

The Magic Fingers

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Chaos ensues when it comes out that multiple guests are booked to stay in the Maple Suite. This was all Hetty and Trevor’s doing (courtesy of Trevor’s magic fingers).

Sam gets angry trying to explain the situation to the guests, and Freddie gets defensive, saying it’s not his fault. The argument escalates until Freddie quits.

The Forced Hand

Sass walks in to yell at Sam and Jay for firing Freddie. Sam says she’s sorry, but Freddie made a really big mistake. Sass storms off.

Jay realizes that the maximum capacity for the BnB was changed at 9:38 the previous night. Freddie wasn’t there that late.

The maximum number of rooms was changed from four to 69. That’s a dead giveaway. It was Trevor. His instant response is, “Hetty made me do it.” Hetty tells Sam she had to create a situation that would force her hand.

The Paranoia

Pete goes to tell Sam that Pete and Jay are going to try and hire Freddie back. Sass says it doesn’t matter; his jealousy has already ruined things with Jessica.

Pete says there’s no way to know for certain that someone is cheating on you. It’s important to trust. Otherwise, paranoia dictates you. Sass says that actually makes sense.

The Second Chance

Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

Sam is furious. Hetty sabotaged her business. They just had to beg Freddie to come back, and the place was jammed with angry jam fans. Regardless of Hetty’s intentions, she went too far.

Hetty tells Sam that she watched generations of Woodstones make mistakes in the mansion, but she can guide Sam and give her advice. Sam says she missed out on some good advice growing up.

Hetty points out that this is a good second chance for both of them, then. Sam likes that. She agrees to listen to Hetty’s advice, and Hetty agrees to let Sam make her own mistakes.

The Jealousy Talk

Sass opens up to Jessica, telling her that he’s new to all this dating stuff. He got jealous, but that’s his problem, not hers. She tells him that she’s not hooking up with other ghosts. She goes to touch him, but the barrier outside the car bumps her back. Ghost problems.

The Laptop Keys

Freddie tells Sam and Jay that it’s weird. He checked the security footage. No one even approached the laptop at 9:38. Sam and Jay brush the comment off and leave, but Freddie sees the laptop keys clicking themselves on the security footage. Wow.

Who knows where that will lead next week? We’ll find out when Ghosts airs next Thursday, January 19 at 8:30 ET/PT on CBS.

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