‘Vikings: Valhalla’: Season 2 Ending Explained

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Spoilers ahead for season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla.

Season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla brought forth more bloodshed, grief, and loss than ever before.

In typical Barbaric Viking fashion, many characters are slain, including Freydis impaling Olaf after his attempt to outsmart her and take over Jomsborg. Before he dies, he claims he will be known as a martyr, and that people will tell his story long after she is gone. However, she lit the sea on fire, taking out his entire fleet so — who would be left to tell it? With the help of Jorundr, who also met his unfortunate demise with an ax to the lower stomach, he went out heroically, helping Jomsburg take its power back.

Harald, Leif, Birkir, Elena, and the rest of the crew must bid Mariam farewell after she falls ill to a sickness beyond her skill set as a physician. They attempt to help her make it to Constantinople to seek treatment, but they are unable to make it in time, giving her a proper send-off.

Throughout the season, Harald and Elena had undeniable amounts of tension, further proven when the two shared a kiss before reaching Constantinople. Clearly smitten by the idea of her, Harald feels a sense of betrayal once he finds her in royal garments declaring love for Emperor Romanos, becoming the new Emperess. When he attempts to confront her about it, she says nothing is “out of reach” for him. But is that a risk worth taking?

Back in Kattegat, Freydis returns King Svein to his mother and declares peace with Queen Ælfgifu. The Queen agrees “mother to mother,” but it’s hard to imagine the other forces at play — namely King Canute and Forkbeard — are going to take the idea of a truce lightly.


Godwin, meanwhile, has “forgiven” Queen Emma for killing his lover, Aelfwynn, after torturing information out of her about Godwin’s relations with her half-brother. He begins to explore a relationship with Princess Gytha, one that ends in marriage. At their wedding, the Queen hands a box to Gytha — a gift that she must never take off. As it turns out, it’s the ring of John Fletcher “The Bear.” It serves as a reminder to Godwin for the rest of his life that the deaths of those important to him are all because of him; their blood is on his hands. And Emma won’t let him forget it so easily.

Season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla is now streaming on Netflix.

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