‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 3 to Premiere in 2024


It’s been a month since the conclusion of Vikings: Valhalla, but you’ll have to wait a while longer for the premiere of the final voyage. Netflix has confirmed the last season will air in 2024.

Originally ordered for 24 episodes, the series chronicles the adventures of some of the most prolific Vikings that ever lived. Sam Corlett leads as Leif Eriksson, Frida Gustavsson as Freydis Eriksdotter, and Leo Suter as Prince Harald Sigurdsson.

Tensions are high between the Vikings and the English as the Vikings refused to agree to follow the new Christian belief system, which causes discourse among their own groups. When season 2 rolls around, the Vikings are now at war with the Berserkers, led by Jarl Kåre and Olaf Haraldsson. In the thick of hunt, the heroes are on the run and they’re forced to test their ambitions and courage in worlds beyond Kattegat.

The season 2 finale set up what is sure to be a testy last season. Olaf and his fleet may have been slain at the hands of Freydis, but will Jomsborg finally know peace again?

Freydis returned King Svein to his mother, declaring peace with Queen Ælfgifu who agrees. But with King Canute and Forkbeard still looming, it’ll be interesting to see if the truce gets accepted or not. Meanwhile, Harald, who found out Freydis was pregnant with his child, builds a connection with Elena while on their voyage to Constantinople. He soon finds she’s already wed as she covers herself in royal garments and declares her love for Emperor Romanos, becoming the new Empress. But she isn’t so sure that he can’t have her, too.

And Leif has just had to say goodbye to yet another woman he’s fallen in love with, Mariam, who has fallen ill with a sickness that even her skills can’t contain. She dies shortly before they make it to Constantinople to seek treatment.

The brief announcement released today doesn’t reveal a whole ton, but Freydis appears with a young child (her son aged up, perhaps?) and Harald is in Roman armor. Constantinople was the capital of the Roman Empire and later the Eastern Roman Empire, Latin Empire, and Ottoman Empire.

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