ICYMI: Best Posts From ‘Supernatural’ This Week


Supernatural has a huge social media following, and thankfully, the cast and crew feeds us well with a ton of online content. With so much going on, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on any of our favorite posts from March 19th to March 25th. Here’s some of our favorite posts:

On Monday, March 19th, Jensen Ackles was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and treated us to this post:


Jensen’s wife Danneel also shared this adorable behind the scenes pic:


On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, Jason Manns announced the birth of his son, and Misha Collins wished him well with this Tweet:


Also on Tuesday, Jared, Jensen, Misha, and Alex all took part in PaleyFest and shared a whole bunch of posts with us!

Danneel walked the red carpet with Jensen, and posted this photo of their “glam squad”:


Jensen shared this one from the red carpet that night:


Jared Padalecki took this selfie before he and his wife Genevieve Padalecki left for the red carpet:


Misha Collins one-upped them both and not only took a video right in the middle of all of the chaos, but uploaded it to share with us here:


Alexander Calvert didn’t share any pictures, but instead posted on Twitter to give his thanks to the fans:


The next day, Wednesday, March 21st, was World Poetry Day, and Misha Collins read a poem he wrote and shared the video while he was on set:


On Thursday, Briana Buckmaster woke up to a hashtag on Twitter celebrating her debut in the play The Humans:


Rob Benedict also had his bus tour in Seattle on Thursday, and shared a group selfie here:


And since Richard Speight, Jr. couldn’t attend due to work, he responded with this:


Late Friday night, Misha, Rich, and Ruth Connell made the drive from set in Vancouver to the Seattle convention together and shared these photos with us:



Lisa Berry, who has played Billie, and more recently, Death in Supernatural, made her first appearance at a Creation Supernatural convention this weekend.


And she blew everybody away with her performance Saturday night:


David Haydn-Jones also attended the convention this weekend and shared some love for the fans:



Billy Moran from Louden Swain shared a picture of him killing it on stage:


And Kim Rhodes was amused by this picture taken of her:


Saturday, March 24th was the #MarchForOurLives to advocate for better gun control laws, and plenty of our cast and crew were out showing their support.

Misha Collins showed up and shared a few photos, including this one:


Adam Fergus showed up as well and ran into a familiar face:


Danneel Ackles marched in Austin:


And one of the producers for Supernatural, Jim Michaels, marched in Vancouver along with Stephen Amell and Emily Bett:


Matt Cohen showed a lot courage by posting this very moving video to show his support for the march here:


And back at the convention, he also did what he could to raise funds for Random Acts:


One of our favorite online exchanges this week, though, was when Jared Padalecki‘s Twitter account suspiciously posted this:

Followed by this:


Jensen Ackles got in on the fun by adding to it here:


And then it all made sense when Jared got his phone back and explained with this Tweet:


There were a lot of posts on social media this week, but one thing that can be said to wrap it all up is that the cast and crew definitely support one another and have a lot of fun while doing it – both online and offline! Make sure to check back next week to make sure you didn’t miss any posts from this upcoming week!

Tricia is a full-time receptionist and mom of two who still manages to find a whole lot of time to waste on the Internet. She posts frequently on Twitter sharing hilarious things her children say, posting way too many selfies, and bragging and/or complaining about her husband (depending on the day). Tricia’s passionate about pretty much everything she loves, and is often found yelling in caps about all things Supernatural, Louden Swain, Harry Potter, and fan fiction.

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