ChiTown Movies to Premiere ‘Dreaming Grand Avenue’ Starring Jackson Rathbone and Andrea Londo

Courtesy of Newcity's Chicago Film Project


For those that aren’t exactly comfortable going to actual theaters yet, ChiTown Movies is providing an alternative for those who want to see the world premiere of Jackson Rathbone (Twilight, The Hammer) and Andrea Londo’s (Narcos) new film, Dreaming Grand Avenue.

On Wednesday, September 23, ChiTown Movies will be hosting the socially distanced premiere event that will not only include a viewing of the film, but also a live Q&A with members of the cast along with writer/director Hugh Schulze.

Dreaming Grand Avenue follows Maggie (Londo) and Jimmy (Rathbone) who

… have never met, but they keep showing up in each other’s dreams. As they navigate memories, traumas, hopes and desires in sleep and the waking world, they’ll discover the truth of their linked destiny with the help of a dream detective, a sleep scientist and the poet Walt Whitman himself.

Alongside Rathbone and Londo, Dreaming Grand Avenue also stars Tony Fitzpatrick (Patriot, Chi-Raq) as Jack Yancy, Wendy Robie (Twin Peaks) as Andromeda, and Tony Castillo (Walker, Texas Ranger) as Ernesto.

Tickets to the premiere are $33 and can be purchased here.


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