Review: Spooky Romance ‘Until We Meet Again’ Delivers a Moving Love Story

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Until We Meet Again takes on the familiar story of human-meets-supernatural-being and an unlikely, romantic bond forms between the two. Starring Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars) as young singer-songwriter Lisa Wagner and Jackson Rathbone (Twilight series) as Eddie, Lisa moves into a stunning old house in the Hollywood Hills only to discover its haunted by the ghost of a long-dead pianist.

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Toying with some comedy, the movie features some great one-liners from both Lisa and Eddie as well as tying in Lisa’s very practical approach to discovering her new home is hosting an intruder. I loved this movie for the fact that Lisa does all the right things we normally scream at the main characters. Call the cops! Make reports! Have someone there with you! She does it all and yet is made out to be “paranoid” by the detective who leaves her to deal with this intruder alone. Of course, it’s revealed Eddie is a ghost and his tragic story slowly unfolds over the course of the movie.

A shout-out is also owed to the director and lighting department for casting the home in shadows and darkness for much of Lisa and Eddie’s interactions. While it’s set in sunny Hollywood, the symbolism of Eddie’s bleak existence in contrast to the bright outside world where Lisa lives is all too clear.

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Lisa, naturally, can’t help but feel for him. He’s been trapped alone in this house for 40 years. Eddie too is moved by Lisa who is the very first resident he’s ever revealed himself to. It’s also revealed Eddie is hounded by Soul Collectors who insist he move on though he repeatedly tells them he’s just not ready.

Though portraying a ghost, Rathbone’s excellent portrayal of the shy and somewhat awkward yet deeply caring Eddie will endear viewers to him immediately. Parrish’s beautiful musical performances as Lisa lend a haunting and forlorn element to the movie. Music is what first bonds the couple and it’s a testament to the transcendence of music. No matter how different two souls are, music can bring them together in unexpected ways.

“Alone in your head. It’s painful, but then I would hear the music and all that loneliness just fades away.” – Eddie

Despite their best efforts, even knowing it’s likely doomed, the pair can’t help but fall as they learn about each other. Until We Meet Again is a story of forbidden love in the best way and infuses every moment with a sense of longing. There are also a few unexpected (and moving) twists that make Until We Meet Again an excellent choice for a late-night stream or weekend watch!

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Until We Meet Again releases today, February 15, on digital platforms, just in time for post-Valentine’s enjoyment.

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