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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Concert Coming In 2020

Continuing the success of their previous "Star Wars In Concert" series, the

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‘Hadestown’ to Release Original Broadway Cast Album

Fans of this season's new Broadway smash Hadestown have been waiting with bated

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Jonas Brothers Release Official ‘Happiness Begins’ Track List

The Jonas Brothers are back with a new album called Happiness Begins.

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Hayden Lee Launches Kickstarter for New Album

Hayden Lee has announced the Kickstarter Campaign to help fund his fourth

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‘Supernatural’ in Paris: Rob Benedict, Briana Buckmaster, Richard Speight, Jr. and More Perform at Concert

Last weekend, the French Supernatural convention called DarkLight Con, took place in

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Interview: Sedona Talks Music, Performing, and More [EXCLUSIVE]

Sedona is a singer, songwriter, and student. She has now released two

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Lisa Berry Announced for Rockwood Music Festival

On Friday March 22nd, Supernatural's Lisa Berry was announced as the latest

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Interview: Paul Carella Talks Music, Performances, Working with Jason Manns and More! [EXCLUSIVE]

Paul Carella, the Scottish-based singer-songwriter is known for his own interpretation of

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“Don’t Give Up On Me” Official Video Released

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouEezpuPc3A?controls=0 Andy Grammer has released the official music video for his song

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Left on Laurel Announce Stageit Shows

The band Left on Laurel will be preforming two acoustic Stageit shows

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