‘Walker’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 6 “We All Fall Down”


On tonight’s episode of Walker, we see the return of a beloved character (albeit, in a flashback), things coming to a head with Captain James and more.

Let’s dive into tonight’s episode, season 4, episode 6 of Walker.

Hoyt Returns

The episode opens up with a flashback, showing Hoyt and how he stole the necklace five years earlier. His friend, Mehar, was in the getaway car (Stella!) and they drove away swiftly.

In present day, Stella and Augie are together and Augie asks if their Dad is onto them; Stella says she doesn’t think so. They talk about finding Mehar and seeing what he knows about the necklace. Stella brings up that Augie has his jacket.

They come down the stairs to Cordi and Geri making breakfast, and Cordi wants to spend the day with them since they’ve been so distant during spring break. However, they want to find Mehar so they make up an excuse to leave and promise they’ll be back by 6 for dinner; Cordi is visibly upset.

At the Walker ranch, Liam is working out as Ben supervises him. Cordi arrives and talks to them, asking their opinion on the kids acting weird during the break. Cordi wonders if it’s about him and Geri, and says he wants to talk to the kids about Geri moving in. Cordi says everything sounds right, and Liam asks Cordi if it’s for the right reasons, and not because he’s going to have an empty nest soon.

Back at the house, Cordi enters with groceries to find Geri setting the table. He pulls Geri aside and asks her to move in, and she accepts.

Later, Ben and Liam are lying in bed and Ben says he’s been thinking; he wants to quit his job and do the event business full time with Abeline, plus be around more with Liam.


At Ranger HQ, Trey and Cassie are getting ready to set up a meeting with the Jackal support group, a group comprised of family members of the victims. They also talk about how the position of Lieutenant opened, and they’re speculating about who is going to take it. Larry walks in late seemingly off, but he brushes it off to Trey and Cassie.

At the support group meeting, Larry relays the latest info to the group. As they take a break, Cassie catches Larry to try to talk about the Lieutenant position, but he tells her she’s out of line asking about it now. Once in his office, Trey enters to update about the case. He also asks about the Lieutenant position and states that he’s interested.

Later, Larry walks into the gym and tells Trey and Cassie that the competition for Lieutenant is on.

Finding Mehar

Stella takes Geri’s phone and finds Mehar’s number, texting him to meet up as Geri. Augie raises concerns, but Stella gets mad at him and says she wants all of it to stop.

They arrive at the Side Step, and Stella talks to the waitress to set up a plan. Mehar arrives and sees the car, and they talk to him. Mehar notices Augie is wearing his jacket, and he sits inside to talk to them. They ask him about the necklace, but he says Hoyt screwed him out of the job. The waitress comes and talks about a natural history museum at UCAS with Stella, and Mehar overhears. He gets up to leave and swipes Stella’s wallet to get into the museum exhibit — taking the bait that Stella left.

At the exhibit, they enter and find Mehar scoping out an item. Stella gets a phone call from Cordi but ignores it. They set their plan into motion, and Stella tells a security guard that “that’s the guy” who stole her wallet; the man she is pointing to, though, is Augie, not Mehar. Augie takes off as the security guard runs after him, and Stella tells Mehar she bought him time to get the item, so she wants his help with the necklace. At Stella’s dorm, Mehar tells her and Augie (who came back out of breath from fending off security), that he doesn’t know where the necklace is. Mehar tells them that after the robbery, they stopped at a bar and met up with an old friend of Hoyt’s — Duke.

A flashback shows Hoyt and Mehar entering a bar, where Cordi is, undercover as Duke. Cordi asks Hoyt to take letters that he wrote to his kids in case he doesn’t make it back. Hoyt says he’ll keep them safe. We then see Hoyt driving Stella down a dirt path as he makes his way to a small graveyard; there he sees Emily’s headstone and talks to her while holding the necklace. Geri arrives, and Hoyt tells her that Cordi isn’t doing well. She asks how long Hoyt is there, and it’s just temporary. He tries to have her hold onto the necklace, but she denies it. She says for him to call her only when he comes back and plans on staying.

Cordi and the Kids

At the Walker ranch, Geri and Cordi are making dinner, and Cordi is upset that he asked the kids for one thing; to make it to dinner. There’s a knock on the door, and Larry is there with a brown bag in his hand and he’s soaked; he tells them he took a cab.

He has his notes from the Jackal case on the coffee table, and he tells Cordi that he’s been drinking and that Kelly found it. She kicked him out, in front of DJ. Larry knows he needs help, and asks Cordi to take over and lead the case.

Stella and Augie come home, and Geri mentions Larry is settled and trying to sleep in the next room. However, Cordi is angry at the kids and says he has tried to give them space, but it’s only made things worse. Cordi says that they disrespected Geri, too, and lets it slip that he was going to talk to them about Geri moving in. Cordi says from now on he wants Stella and Augie home more often so he knows what’s going on. Geri then gets upset that Cordi didn’t tell them about her moving in, but he says he hasn’t had a chance to because they haven’t been around.

The next day, Geri gets ready to leave for Oklahoma City and she talks to Cordi. She doesn’t think now is a good time to move in because she thinks he’s doing it because of an empty nest. She reassures him everything is fine, but for them to take a beat.

After she leaves, Cordi sees Larry’s journal on the Jackal and sits down to dig in to read it.

Walker airs Wednesday nights on the CW. The episode is available to stream the next day for free on The CW app.

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