‘Walker’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 7 “Hold Me Now”


Things get intense as the hunt for the Jackal continues and Detective Luna returns to aid the team. Let’s dive into tonight’s episode of Walker!

The Beginning

The episode opens with Cordi waking up, the journal Larry left him on his bedside. He texts Geri, things seem good there. Augie heads off to meet up with Stella and then BootCamp readiness, and Cordell tells Augie the curfew still stands. Augie says that he talked to Stella, and when Geri gets back they’d love to do a make-up dinner, and Augie and Cordi both apologize to each other for the last episode’s argument.


Luna meets up with Cassie at Ranger HQ, and “ca-caws” at her, telling her he just started season 4 of Hawk’s Shadow. Cassie acts a bit standoffish with him, and Luna thinks it’s because she’s up for the Lieutenant position. However, Cassie explains that there’s a double standard when it comes to women and dating in the workplace, and Luna agrees.

The Jackal Case

Cordi, Trey, Cassie, and Luna all go over a new list of suspects and try to narrow them down based on offenders. They end up seeing someone who looks suspicious, Dave Sloane.

A flashback occurs with Cordi, Larry, and Luna, as they’re investigating one of the Jackal’s victims, and how the Jackal likes having control over people.

The four of them arrive at Dave’s place, and Dave allows them in. They question him and he says he has an alibi, which is his sponsor — who happens to be Austin PD. He denies having anything to do with the Jackal’s murders.

Back at HQ, Luna and Cassie checked out the sponsor and he vouched for Dave. Cordi tells them he needs to solve it, and he doesn’t want to take a break. Cordi ignores Cassie and Luna’s advice.

That night, Cordi is home and going over the case. Abeline comes in and tells Cordi she made dinner, but he says he’ll join them next time. Abeline acknowledges that he’s been working only on the case lately, but he tells her not to worry about him.

Later, after they leave, Luna takes Cassie to a karaoke bar. A man, Squisher, comes to greet Luna, who seems to be known here. Cassie gets up and sings and kills it, and Luna writes on a coaster, “I can’t even look at you,” because he likes her so much. Luna tells Cassie how the bar has helped him and ends up telling her how he was engaged, but she cheated on him, and Cassie asks how anyone could cheat on him. Luna then gets up and starts singing. As he’s singing, we see Cassie put the coaster in her bag. It then transitions to Cassie’s place, where Cassie and Luna are kissing and end up sleeping together.

The next day, Larry tells the rest of the members to take the day off after the meeting and to head to Augie’s boot camp graduation. Cordi brings up one more person, Gary Boyle, who was a Zookeeper and something is off about him. Cassie and Luna realize he’s not going to let it go, so they go with him to scope it out.

They arrive at the zoo and notice the eerie feeling. They decide to split up; Cordi goes alone, while Luna goes with Cassie. They look around, and Cassie and Luna find a door with an extension cord. They open it to find a door on the floor, which they open and find a bunch of supplies. They tell Cordi they found signs of activity.

Meanwhile, Cordi finds bootprints outside in the dirt. He tells them likewise. Cassie and Luna investigate further and find all sorts of supplies and a refrigerator with Digoxin and fruit — as well as a journal with the Jackal’s writing. As Cordi is headed towards them, he sees someone and yells that he needs backup. As he’s chasing the suspect, he’s hit on the head and knocked out. Cassie and Luna call for him, but we see Cordi out on the ground.

Later, he’s icing his head in the back of an ambulance as Larry talks to him. Larry tells him how they’re closer after finding his lair, and they found some pictures that they think could be potential victims. Larry goes to talk to Cassie and tells her good work. He also connects her with Luna and tells her that he’s good people and that it’s none of his business what’s happening between them, but he seems to give his approval. Cassie heads over to Luna and holds his hand.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

August’s Boot Camp

At the ranch, Liam continues to work out as the family has set up a small home gym in the living room. Bonham and Liam talk and Liam tells him about Ben and Abeline working on the event business together, which surprises Bonham because he thinks they are retiring. Bonham also asks Liam about attending Augie’s boot camp program graduation.

At Stella’s dorm, Augie and Stella are reviewing the security footage from the hallway of her dorm the night that the message was left on her window. They see a person, but can’t make out any details. Her phone buzzes and Witt texts her, saying he thinks she’s onto him and he needs the necklace. Augie again tries to tell Stella to tell Cordi, but she is still against it.

Stella arrives at the Walker ranch, asking to find Cordi so that he can teach her some self-defense. Bonham offers to teach her instead. As they train, Abeline walks in and watches them. Bonham goes to talk to her, and she says this isn’t what she pictured for retirement, and he brings up the event business.

At Augie’s boot camp program, he’s seen training on the obstacle course. There’s another kid, Ralph, who is last and ends with a failing time. Trey says it’s never too late to help your fellow cadet improve.

At the graduation, Liam, Stella, Abeline, and Bonham are there to cheer on Augie. Augie is doing well, about to break the course record but he sees Ralph struggling. He goes back to Ralph and coaches him through the course. Trey receives a text and goes over to the Walker family minus Augie, and tells them that Cordi was hurt in the line of duty today. Trey then goes to Augie and tells him that he was a true sign of a leader today, and Augie seems a little weary about starting basic training next year.

Cordell’s Confronted By Liam

After everything, Liam is waiting for Cordi at the ranch. He first asks how he is, but then talks to Cordi about missing Augie’s event. He’s concerned about Cordi, and that he hasn’t listened to Liam, and that he feels like he’s slipping away again and it feels like this all over again, with him watching over the kids. Liam tells him he’s ignoring his family. Cordi blows it off and tells Liam to look after himself.

After, Cordi goes back to his research and has gloves and a rope with him, and ties it around his hands.

Walker airs Wednesday nights on The CW. You can catch up with it the next day on The CW app.

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