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Jason Manns and Richard Speight, Jr. Launch Kickstarter for Rich’s Debut Album!

Fans have been teased for a while about an album in the

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Pre-Order Tyler Hilton’s New Album “City on Fire”

Tyler Hilton is coming out with a new record, and you can

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Our Readers Vote: Top 5 Bands/Artists of 2018

Since we're at the end of 2018, we had a poll where

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Your Favorite Actor Might Also Be Your Favorite Musician

Often it is not recognized that celebrities create in more than one

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‘The Sandwich’ Debuts New Band Name

Meet Left on Laurel, formerly known as The Sandwich. This rock group

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Gil McKinney Launches Kickstarter for Christmas Album!

Get ready to grab a cup of hot chocolate to watch the

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Update on Briana Buckmaster’s Debut Album!

Last year, Briana Buckmaster (Sheriff Donna, Supernatural) successfully ran and completed a

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“The Station Breaks” Announces Concert in Georgia on June 25!

The Station Breaks has announced a concert in Decatur, GA on June

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Interview: Jason Manns about ‘Covers With Friends’, The Station Breaks and What’s Next! [EXCLUSIVE]

We recently got the chance to interview Jason Manns! He's a fantastic

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Daisy Ridley and Anne Hathaway Sing and Join Barbra Streisand “At the Ballet”!

Barbra Streisand released a video today showing Daisy Ridley and Anne Hathaway

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