Saturday, November 26, 2022

Mike Shinoda Produces Third Track “Voltage” by Cam Archer Live on Twitch!

MUSICMike Shinoda Produces Third Track “Voltage” by Cam Archer Live on Twitch!

Starting off the second week of production sessions, Mike Shinoda and his Twitch A&R team, nicknamed the #AnRMY, have chosen the third track to produce, “Voltage” by emcee Cam Archer.

Archer’s rapper skills were previously featured on Shinoda’s Twitch channel, when Shinoda watched his Linkin Park rap, which was filled with references to the band. The parody track was composed of one verse which included every song title from Linkin Park’s debut album, Hybrid Theory.

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After Shinoda announced his idea to produce artists’ music live on Twitch, Archer decided to add on to his song, creating a second verse which incorporated every song title from Linkin Park’s second album, Meteora. Archer also titled his song “Voltage,” in reference to how he used the instrumentals of “H! Vltg3” as a backing track. “H! Vltg3” is one of the songs from Linkin Park’s first remix album, Reanimation, and is a remix of the band’s song, “High Voltage” from Hybrid Theory.  Using this version of Archer’s track on his Twitch stream, fans can watch as Shinoda experiments with various pieces of equipment in his home studio to create new instrumental tracks that fit best with Archer’s vocals.

In addition to his Linkin Park rap, Cam Archer has also released multiple albums of original music, some of which are collaborations with various different artists, such as Jay Kasai, Amani, and Christine Ariya. These works, including his most recent album titled EL Guapo 2, are currently available to stream on Spotify here.

Even if you missed it live, you can still watch Cam Archer’s “Voltage” be produced by Shinoda in the video below! Make sure to also check out the rest of Cam Archer’s original music, and stay tuned to Mike Shinoda’s Twitch channel for the next production session on Thursday, January 21 at 10 a.m. PT, which will feature a track titled “The Way Down” by Wax//Wane!

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