Mike Shinoda Produces Seventh Track “Not Your Game” by Megan Lenius Live on Twitch!

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Mike Shinoda via Twitch

Ending the week strong, Mike Shinoda produced a third track live on Twitch, a song titled “Not Your Game” by artist Megan Lenius. It was the last — though far from the least — track of the week, which was quite packed as Shinoda attempted to produce three songs instead of his usual two. He was able to get to them all, a feat even he was questioning earlier this week if he’d be able to accomplish, even if he wasn’t quite able to finish Lenius’ track by the end of the stream.

Kicking off Friday’s production session, Shinoda began by playing the track sent to him by Lenius in its unproduced form, which included guitar and vocal tracks, along with backup vocals. While listening to the song, Shinoda pulled a few different elements he thought might fit well into the song. However, he commented that he really wanted to explore this track first, especially as there were many different things he heard going on in it.

“I feel like there was a few different directions…I’m hearing a little almost Mo-Town, or like fifties or sixties R&B because of the soulfulness of the vocal. And then I’m also hearing modern. So I’ve got to find this nice balance between those things.”

Over the course of a two and a half hour stream, Shinoda experimented with various versions of instruments and beats.  Starting with drums, he tried a few different drum loops, including fifties-style drums and multiple 808 drum beats, utilizing a Twitch poll to get instant feedback from viewers to decide which ones to include.  He then experimented with both computer-generated bass and live fender bass, guitar, tambourine, clapping, and finger snaps as well as putting reverb and playing around with a few effects for Lenius’ lead and background vocals.  Shinoda also decided to send the track unfinished back to Lenius, to have her record a few ideas for the guitar portion, passing it back and forth like this until they are both satisfied with the entire track.  We’ll have to see if Megan Lenius’ track appears again on Shinoda’s channel and if Lenius will stream her reaction to Shinoda’s work live on her Twitch channel!

Megan Lenius is a singer and songwriter from Minneapolis.  She has been playing the guitar since she was six years old and has been singing for about as long.  She has played throughout the Twin Cities in multiple bands, as well as solo, and is currently a popular music live streamer on Twitch.  Lenius has been a semi-finalist not once, but twice, on Twitch’s Stream Star, a singing competition run exclusively through Twitch.  Lenius recorded her first single titled “Allison” in Nashville, TN, as well as the song “Used” and others, which were both released in 2019 and can be found here on multiple platforms.

As a special announcement, artist Chris Kelly, who previously had his track “Bittersweet” produced by Shinoda live on Twitch, has announced that he will be releasing his song on February 26.  It is currently available for pre-save on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

If you weren’t able to watch the livestream of Megan Lenius’ “Not Your Game” be produced by Mike Shinoda, you can watch the Twitch video below! Make sure to check out Lenius’ music and Twitch Channel, as well as Shinoda’s previous production sessions. Stay tuned to Shinoda’s Twitch channel weekdays around 10 a.m. PT, especially as he already has next week’s schedule lined up.  Monday, February 1 will feature a track from musician Becko, followed by “Enough” by Kintsuku on Wednesday, February 3, wrapping up with a song from Matt Heafy, from the band Trivium, on Friday, February 5!

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