Mike Shinoda Produces Fourth Track “The Way Down” by Wax//Wane Live on Twitch!

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Courtesy of Mike Shinoda

For the fourth production session, Mike Shinoda has selected artist Wax//Wane’s original song “The Way Down.” This track was one Shinoda was very excited to work on, as it was one of the first submissions he saw that instantly became one of his favorites. Commenting on this during the livestream, Shinoda said:

“I liked it enough that it intimidated me a bit…this happens to me with my own stuff too, like if I write a good song and if I’m like ‘oh man that’s a really good one,’ I get a little bit nervous about screwing it up.”

Over the course of a rare three hour livestream, Shinoda was meticulous in adding the kind of sounds that would best fit Wax//Wane’s outstanding track. Trying to steer away from too much of a pop or “clean” feel, Shinoda contributed live drums, tambourine, bass, and more to give it the kind of sound that would do the track justice.

Active since 2017, Wax//Wane found his start by releasing one song per month, for a total of 24 original songs in two years, Wax//Wane is a dedicated musician that is up to any challenge. In addition to his originals, which can found on Spotify and Apple Music, he also creates cover songs. These covers can be found on his YouTube channel, although the only way to download these covers is by supporting Wax//Wane’s Patreon. To hear him perform both his original material and cover songs, Wax//Wane streams live on Twitch, taking fan requests and hosting his own production sessions.

If you missed Wax//Wane’s “The Way Down” be produced live by Mike Shinoda, you can view a replay of the stream in the video below. Make sure to check out Wax//Wane’s music, including his new EP Womanumerique! And stay tuned as Shinoda will be working more on this track on Friday, January 22 at 10 a.m. PT live on his Twitch channel, and (most likely) on a new track next Tuesday, January 26!

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