‘Heartstopper’ Webcomic Returns for Final Volume

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Alice Oseman

Alice Oseman’s acclaimed webcomic, which became bestselling graphic novels and then the worldwide hit Heartstopper show on Netflix, has begun its final volume.

Heartstopper Volume 5 was originally announced in May 2020, when Oseman confirmed that there would be five volumes in the series in total. The release year was initially listed as 2022 before a date of February 2, 2023 was later announced. The author then revealed in October last year that the final volume would be out later than expected.

“Later” turned out to be April 1, 2023, when the first update of Volume 5 hit Oseman’s Heartstopper Tumblr, Tapas, and Webtoon accounts. Oseman’s release schedule is three updates per month, on the 1st, 11th, and 21st at 11a.m. UK time.

The graphic novel version of the complete volume is still due for release in November 2023.

Plot details for Heartstopper Volume 5 are strictly under wraps as it continues with updates, but Oseman has confirmed that she’s “known for ages exactly how Heartstopper is going to end.” She has also confirmed (to fans’ relief) that Nick and Charlie will get a happy ending.

While the series of graphic novels is coming to a close with volume five, fans of the Netflix adaptation will be happy to know that the series has been renewed for two more seasons, with season 2 expected to air on Netflix in 2023.

Updates can be read for free on the official Heartstopper Tumblr, Tapas, and Webtoon pages.

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