‘You’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 8 “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”


Hello … you.

Episode 6 brought a twist when Joe was finally able to face Rhys … that the Rhys we’ve been seeing is only a hallucination brought on by Joe’s horrible and consistently untreated mental illnesses — though it’s too late and Joe has already killed the real Rhys. As this was happening, Nadia was confirming her suspicions about her professor by following clues and using a stolen key to make her way into an old locked bomb shelter … discovering Marienne in a familiar cage in the depths.

This article containers spoilers for You season 4, episode 8 “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?.”

Marienne is reciting a bedtime story written for her daughter, Juliette — the very thing she’s been doing for weeks on end now in a feeble attempt to entertain herself and keep her mind distracted. In a flashback, Juliette tells her mother than she’s worried she’s going to leave for London and never come back, which is horrifically sad considering that’s exactly what ended up happening.

We see the time where Joe kidnapped Marienne and kept her in his flat for several days, and how she witnessed his obsession for and fixation on Rhys Montrose grow and grow as he watched any interview or podcast he could. Her attempt to convince Joe to let her live go unanswered. Of course, he’s consistently drugging her to keep her lucid. She fakes taking the drug on the day he’s moving her into the cage to make an escape attempt. No matter how impressive the attempt was … Marienne still ends up in the cage, only it’s worse with a broken arm thanks to her attempt to escape.

Marienne realizes that Joe is going through some kind of dissociative state and that his mental well-being is essentially non-existent. Joe demonstrates that he is slipping between himself and an alternate personality now — the alternate personality being his version of Rhys Montrose.

While “Rhys” brings Marienne food and pain medication, she refuses to look at him or take the medication that would help her ignore her arm because she doesn’t want to relapse into addiction. At about the time Joe was invited to Hampsie, he stopped bringing by supplies — leaving Marienne to survive on very little food and water, her body deteriorating now. Until Nadia found her, that is.

Joe is grappling with the reality that he’s hallucinating Rhys Montrose in front of his eyes while the real Rhys sits feet away dead. Rhys says this mental collapse has been brewing quite some time for Joe — ever since he killed Love and abandoned Henry, and the events with Marienne were only the cherry on top.

It’s revealed that the entire season Rhys has been a hallucination in Joe’s mind and that the two had never really met. A series of flashbacks showcase that Joe only ever talked to Rhys alone, and that Rhys never spoke to the friend group or interacted with them leading up to now … because he was never really there. It was Joe’s body killing Malcolm, Simon, and Gemma all along … only Rhys was in control when these things happened so Joe has no recollection.

Marienne convinces Nadia to leave her in the cage so they can figure out a way to proceed that keeps Juliette safe. Nadia gives Marienne what food and water she has and promises to come back tomorrow.

As Joe pities himself internally due to the situation he finds himself in, seeing Kate will always raise his spirits — the person he truly wants to be focusing his attention on. Kate’s attention has been elsewhere as well, distracted by the engagement party invitation from Phoebe and Adam and worried about her friend as she’s still certain Phoebe is not well … certainly not well enough to be getting married.

It’s obvious that Kate truly does care for Joe now, though … she’s open with him, honest, her rough exterior melting away continually as she practically admits that she misses him and they should talk later. Joe can’t resist making plans with her — especially when said plans promise sex. Rhys tells Joe he needs to clean up his mess so he can be with Kate, and warns that if he doesn’t clean up the mess — soon — he will lose her forever.

Joe has an appearance to keep up. In his regular class, Nadia shows up late and is clearly distracted during the lecture, even admitting something very unlike her with a sorry excuse to cover it up — she didn’t read the homework. Rhys remarks that Nadia is going to become trouble for them.

Joe asks Nadia to stay after class so he can ask her how she’s doing — not that she’s going to give him an honest, straight-forward answer about finding his ex-lover locked in a cage that he possesses the key to. Nadia has a quick cover story that she’s just feeling anxious lately because she doesn’t know where she and Edward’s relationship stands is, and while Joe is happy to pass off her strange behavior as her being nervous about a boy, Rhys is not so convinced. Her reaction to him touching her shoulder lightly is incredibly telling — she knows something.

Kate, with the help of Joe’s suggestion to contact her assistant, finds Phoebe sitting in the alley of the shop where she’s buying a dress for her engagement party. Phoebe has obviously been crying and drinking again and is even an even worse mental state than the last time we saw her. Adam has been keeping Kate’s messages from being delivered, and while Kate once again offers to take Phoebe away to the hospital she desperately needs, Phoebe excitedly tells her friend that the engagement party will actually be her wedding.

Kate knows her friend though, and knows Phoebe wants something far more special than a thrown together wedding with a short pink dress. Phoebe is feeling rushed now, highly aware of her mortality thanks to all of the people around her that have died recently. While Kate makes a last ditch effort to advise Phoebe to at least talk to lawyers to get a prenup signed, Adam interrupts and insists they don’t need to do that because everything is taken care of.

Joe finally uses his intuition to follow his own clues to where Marienne is hidden — and seeing the door again is making him start to remember, which makes Rhys proud of him. Nadia has returned to Marienne and is about to reveal the plan she has that she is certain will never work — though Joe is also arriving at the same time.

If you need to catch up on recaps for the season, you’ll be able to find them here. You season 4 is available to stream now on Netflix.

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