‘You’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 9 “She’s Not There”


Hello … you.

While Joe is trying to play it cool that he has an alternate personality, has actually committed all of the murders this season, and is holding Marienne in a cage somewhere, Nadia is trying to formulate a plan to rescue this woman. Kate’s father continues to attempt to bribe his way back into her life while blackmailing Joe.

This article containers spoilers for You season 4, episode 9 “She’s Not There.”

Joe makes his way down to the cage where Marienne is being held as Nadia is revealing her rescue plan, forcing her to hide while he apologizes to the woman he has captive and gives her food. He promises that he’s going to let her out once he figures out a way to navigate the delicate situation and what is happening to him.

He gives her a sketchbook and some pencils to keep her busy until morning when he will return with a plan. Once he leaves, Nadia and Marienne finish devising their own plan — Nadia will have Edward get some ketamine to kill Joe once and for all and will return with that along with a drill and knife. Nadia promises that she’s going to get Marienne out so she can return to her daughter.

You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 409 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

At the engagement party, Kate immediately hears Adam planning to open an additional 15 Sundry House clubs worldwide now that he has access to Phoebe’s money again. Adam is clearly not marrying Phoebe for love. Kate makes her way to Phoebe who is doing even worse than the last we saw her, back on a cocktail of drugs. Her family discovered the party is actually set to be her wedding and is boycotting, and Kate makes another effort to stop the wedding after revealing what she heard.

Phoebe is upset at the insinuation she doesn’t know her own mind and sends Kate away.

Joe is trying to secure himself a way to get out of the country tomorrow after he releases Marienne, and despite Rhys’ best efforts at persuading him to the party sooner he continues to attempt to ignore his alter. Rhys reveals that Joe should check his freezer again where he finds a gun — Vic’s gun, which Rhys says he should use to kill Marienne. He finally joins Kate at the party to see her one last time, immediately jumping at the opportunity to help her stop the wedding as a team.

You. (L to R) Charlotte Ritchie as Kate, Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 409 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

While Kate keeps Adam distracted, Joe sneaks to join Phoebe and expertly maneuvers her into revealing an inkling of doubt about her relationship changing relationship status. He uses his experience with Love — rushing to the altar — to make that seed of doubt sprout. She asks if he thinks she’s making a mistake, but Adam interrupts before he can answer. Adam has both of them escorted out by security — the two of them failed in their plan.

Joe walks Kate home one last time and ignores Rhys’ continued pleas for him to have sex with her again. Joe instead takes his final moments with her to tell Kate he knows she is a good person, and that being around her makes him better, too.

“The world isn’t kind or fair, so I need you to know that you have changed me the way opening a window changes a dark room.”

Joe and Kate share in a final kiss.

You. (L to R) Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, Charlotte Ritchie as Kate in episode 409 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

The wedding between Adam and Phoebe goes forward, and he seems much happier about the fact than she is. Phoebe is starting to panic and the drugs are not helping her racing heart. The next morning, Kate receives a call that Phoebe has been sectioned (being kept in the hospital for mental health). While she attempts to figure out where her friend is, Tom Lockwood appears with coffee and an answer. The fact that Phoebe was sectioned is all over the news, but unfortunately there’s nothing Kate can do now — Phoebe’s husband is in charge of everything.

Kate’s father appears outside of her flat to ask Kate to take over the company to continue the family legacy, literally getting down on his knees to beg her to do so. He’s offering her something much bigger than what she has.

You. Greg Kinnear as Tom Lockwood in episode 409 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Joe returns to Marienne and finally uses her phone to text Beatrice, the friend she left Juliette with before going to London. Beatrice reveals that Juliette’s grandmother is taking custody due to Marienne’s absence, and that Juliette will be returned to the United States. Marienne begs Joe to just kill her rather than her never getting to see her daughter again, but Joe maintains that he can fix everything still.

Nadia is caught at the train station with the a needle and a knife and is arrested while Rhys continues to coax Joe into murdering Marienne. Joe’s response is to take some of the tranquilizers Phoebe was taking.

Joe takes Marienne food and coffee, attempting to free Marienne from the cage … only the passcode doesn’t work. The coffee was spiked with peanut oil (a surprise to him) and she goes into shock in the cage while, Joe desperately trying to remember the correct code to get her out.

The drugs are getting to him — he first hallucinates Gemma, then Beck from season 1, then bringing it right back to his wife — Love Quinn. While he continues to hallucinate, Marienne continues to die on the floor.

“What is love, Joe? Lower case. Tell me, and I’ll give you the key.”

Instead of finding a key placed in his hands, Joe finds the gun once again. He blacks out and wakes up on his couch to Rhys greeting him. It was actually all a dream.

Joe decides to end things he needs to kill himself. Rhys tries to convince Joe that he’s not suicidal and that he has other options to explore before doing something so drastic.

You. Lukas Gage as Adam in episode 409 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Meanwhile, Adam is living the life of luxury on Phoebe’s dime by hiring a professional dominatrix, and though he says he is happy his wife is getting the help she needs, he’s obviously not all-too concerned and is instead happy when a couple of men join the party. The party quickly turns sour, however, as a variety of real weapons (knives) are put on display for the bound man to face. While he begs for his life and offers to triple whatever payment the team has received, the dominatrix says it’s not about money.

Kate tracks down her father and demands answers about the newest headline in the media — “Adam Pratt Found Dead.” Tom Lockwood does not deny having Adam killed and instead seems proud of the fact. Tom tells his daughter that she’s going to wrap things up over the next few days then move back to New York City to step into her role at the museum and learn the reigns of the company. He also reveals that while Kate feels she is self-made after stepping away from her father years ago, every opportunity — internship or job — that she has ever received has been thanks to him.

Sadly, he only views his daughter as an investment … he loves her the most out of his seven children, however, and thinks the most highly of her and is not going to let her walk away so easily.

Nadia is released from jail and is eager to go forward with her plan, thanks to Edward bringing her the ketamine. As she rushes to the cage, Joe is in the basement already and discovers that Marienne is already dead on the floor, having taken the pain medication in abundance to end her suffering.

If you need to catch up on recaps for the season, you’ll be able to find them here. You season 4 is available to stream now on Netflix.

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