‘You’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 10 “The Death of Jonathan Moore”

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You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 410 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Hello … you.

The death tally for the season ticked upwards twice in episode 9 with Adam meeting a violent end at the hand of Tom Lockwood’s hired killers and Marienne taking her own life in the cage. Going into the season 4 finale, there are plenty of threads to tie up before the season ends.

This article containers spoilers for You season 4, episode 10 “The Death of Jonathan Moore.”

Understanding that Marienne would want Juliette to know that her mother is never returning to her, he dumps her body on a bench in the park to be discovered. He still intends to kill himself, but he’s going to teach his class one last time to make sure the trail stays off of him. You know, like someone who is about to die does. During the class one of the students announces the newest headline — “Rhys Montrose Found Dead in the Woods.” All of the phones start blowing up and Joe takes note of Nadia’s absence before excusing the class.

Edward is beginning to worry about Nadia’s mental state because she is certainly not herself and is pulling away from him. She decides he’s the one person she can trust and decides to confide in him, showing him an article from the Madre Linda murder/suicide before taking him to the bomb shelter. Joe has already cleaned up his mess, however, and the cage is gone. Nadia still intends to kill Joe.

You. Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia Farran in episode 410 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Joe writes his suicide letter while Rhys continues to convince him not to kill himself, using Kate’s safety and Tom Lockwood presumably setting him up with the real Rhys’ murder to get him away from his daughter. While Rhys’ words begin to sink into Joe, Kate texts and asks Joe to come over, insinuating it’s an emergency.

Unable to resist, Joe finds himself in Kate’s flat. She’s been to see Phoebe at the hospital and is obviously taking in the death of the real Rhys — though she is fairly confident her father isn’t involved because with him a body is only found if he wants it to be. This only further’s Rhys’ points to Joe that he’s being set up and they need to take care of Tom. Phoebe intends to leave London when she’s out of the hospital to be free, something that Kate seems envious of. Kate was going to cut Joe off with a text to join, but found she was unable to do so.

You. (L to R) Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, Greg Kinnear as Tom Lockwood in episode 410 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Kate tells Joe about what her father told her yesterday — that he’s being everything good in her life — and emotionally tells Joe that her father owns her. Joe and Rhys are finally on the same page … Tom Lockwood needs to die. Joe has also accepted that Rhys is the darkest part of him, but maintains that he will be in control of both of them going forward, making whatever decisions are to come. The two of them now cooperating (which is really just Joe cooperating with himself …), Rhys proves to be quite useful — he has ideas as to how to murder Tom, knows Kate’s phone password from watching her type it — all things Joe would never want to do.

Joe texts Tom from Kate’s phone to lure him to the hangar, where he is waiting for the man before he arrives. Tom turns around before Joe can sneak up on him, and Joe is quickly able to cover his tracks by saying he’s just nervous about the DNA found on the real Rhys’ body and he was unsure how to contact him otherwise.

You. (L-R) Ed Speleers as Rhys, Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 410 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Tom insists that the news story breaking was all his doing and that he’s simply controlling the news cycle and his private attorney is fully in-control of the situation. Joe is trying to make sure Tom’s end of the deal is held up, but when he turns away again, Joe takes advantage and knocks him out. When Tom comes to, he is chained to the chair and immediately begins antagonizing Joe about Kate, saying she’s just upset about the conversation and doesn’t understand how he’s trying to help her. Hugo, Tom’s driver, returns but is quickly dispatched by Joe, who is now at his absolute best when it comes to killing thanks to Rhys’ instruction.

Tom continues to bargain for his life. He offers to give Joe a way to return back to New York City as Joe Goldberg with a clean record and more money than he could ever need — but Joe says he cannot be bought. Tom continues to try to manipulate Joe into seeing his way, saying that once he’s gone Kate will turn her resentment toward Joe instead… Joe still goes ahead with suffocating the man. Joe and Rhys uses their intelligence to learn Tom’s banking information and dispose of the bodies.

You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 410 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

With one task left to finish, his own suicide, Joe climbs to the top of a bridge to watch the sunrise and presumably toss himself over the edge. Rhys maintains that he knows Joe will not kill himself because he knows him — knows the war Joe wages with himself because of the things he’s done. Rhys tells him that he shouldn’t be ashamed and that he’s no worse than anyone else. When Kate calls, he tosses his phone in the water instead of answering, telling Rhys he needs to be taken away from her before he kills her.

After accepting one another, Joe and Rhys share a hug before Joe jumps to his death. He immediately regrets what he’s done, and instead of giving up on Kate he wishes he had fought more to get the love he so desires.

You. Charlotte Ritchie as Kate in episode 410 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

It turns out, Nadia and Marienne’s insane plane did work — they successfully faked her death and got Marienne to freedom. Nadia thinks that Joe isn’t on to her at all, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t worried still — the more she’s learned about him the more she’s realized that he can’t let things go. She and Edward decide they need to go back to Joe’s flat to find whatever souvenirs he’s been keeping from his victims.

Joe wakes up in the hospital, having been pulled from the water after dying for a few minutes. Kate joins him where Joe reveals to her that he didn’t fall — he jumped, because he wants to start things off without lies for once. Kate sits beside his bed as Joe confesses to her the horrible things he’s done — the murders he’s committed. He says that he will tell her anything and answer any questions, but she will want to leave after she knows.

Her father is dead and Kate has been left his entire empire, as such using her new money and power to cover up the DNA on the real Rhys’ body, because in her soul she knows Joe is a good person. She propositions him with something so simple — that the two of them stay together and keep each other good.

You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 410 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Nadia is searching Joe’s flat for anything that can link him to the murders. She finds a box full of the real Rhys Montrose’s items and takes pictures so she can turn the man in to the police. When she returns to the car, Edward isn’t there … but Joe is. He startles her into dropping her phone, and while she stammers through a cover story he now knows the truth. Using her face to unlock the phone he deletes the photos she’s just taken. He says that he’s not going to hurt her and that his circumstances have changed — he now has access to a lot of resources.

As “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift plays in the background, Joe catches us up on what Blessing, Sophie, Roald, and Connie are up to now after so many of their friends have been murdered. Phoebe tied up business in London and is now teaching English to children in Thailand. Marienne is back with her daughter and resentful toward Joe’s good life — he’s now returned to New York City under his real name.

“We earn the life we are meant to live by fighting for it.”

Kate’s unlimited resources have made Joe seem like the hero of his story. Joe and Kate are getting everything they want — Joe owns a bookshop, a relationship with Kate, and his son Henry back in his arms. All he had to do was frame Nadia as the true killer all along after killing Edward.

Joe still sees Rhys — it’s likely he always will, but he and Kate are still set on changing the world for the better together through any means necessary.

If you need to catch up on recaps for the season, you’ll be able to find them here. You season 4 is available to stream now on Netflix.

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