‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 “I Saw The Light”


In the fourth episode of Daisy Jones & The Six, the band heads to Hawaii for a music festival, Billy rents a house for him and Camila, and Daisy has a decision to make. Keep reading for everything that happens in “I Saw The Light.”

Editors Note: spoilers ahead for the fourth episode of Daisy Jones & The Six.

Look At Us Now

Graham, Warren, and Eddie are at Bob’s when they hear “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb)” playing on a nearby radio. They freak out and ask the girls what station it’s on before running off. Karen is at the local record store when she overhears a girl at checkout asking if the vinyl has “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb)” on it. The cashier says yes, but she doesn’t have enough to pay for it. So, Karen covers the bill for her. Daisy, meanwhile, is at work at the diner when she hears the song on the jukebox. She freaks out. Camila is at home making breakfast for everybody and listening to the song on the radio when Billy comes in to turn it off. “I wrote a song about hope, survival, the perseverance of love. She turned it into this celebration of doubt and uncertainty. I mean, I f-cking hated it.”

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Diamondhead Music Festival

The Six (and Daisy) get invited to the Diamondhead Music Festival in Hawaii, their first gig since Billy went to rehab. Billy informs Daisy that they’d be playing LAUN fourth, but after they play “Flip The Switch”, Daisy interrupts and takes the stage, forcing them to play the song. The crowd is into it and wants her to stay so they play “Turn Around.” Once they conclude their set and get off stage, Billy confronts Daisy about what she did out there. He asks her if she didn’t hear what he said or if she just chose to ignore him. Daisy bites back, telling him she thought they already played the songs because they all sound the same. This angers Billy so when they’re doing media and they get asked about the single, Billy reminds the journalist that they have an entire album out, Seven Eight Nine.

Daisy tries to save it by saying they’re all glad everyone digs the song. When asked what they have planned for an encore, Billy says Daisy has her own thing going on and as much as they loved having her sing on their song it was more of a one-time thing. Daisy is obviously perplexed and calls him an a-hole, and how he didn’t give her credit because those were her words he was singing. He tells her to have a nice life and walks away to get on the bus. Karen talks to Billy and lets him know it wouldn’t be crazy to have her in the band permanently. Billy, stubborn, tries to argue back, saying she’s a powder keg, he doesn’t think they’d survive her.

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Song Stealer

Daisy isn’t the only one getting her songs stolen. As Simone and Daisy are sitting on the couch working on music, Simone hears a voice on the TV that sounds a lot like hers. As they listen closer they realize it is her voice. The producer stole it. Daisy darts up and grabs the keys, claiming she’s going to kill him and burn his studio down, but Simone grabs the keys from her. As they head back inside Simone starts to blame herself but Daisy shuts her down and tells her this isn’t her fault. But Simone thinks she just needs to get away, a fresh start. She hints at visiting Bernice in New York. Daisy gives her comforting words and tells her whenever Bernice calls, it’s the happiest she’s ever seen Simone. So, she heads out on a Greyhound bus straight to New York.

Moving to the Chateau … Marmont

With Simone gone, Daisy decides to stay at the Chateau Marmont, thinking being around others would make her feel less lonely. But it doesn’t. She has the number 1 song in the country and nobody to celebrate it with. So, naturally, she breaks into her parent’s house and gets busted and put in jail. She calls Karen who bails her out. At Teddy’s, Daisy is discussing her future and what she envisions for her album. Teddy says that sounds like a few friends of his, but Daisy doesn’t want to work with The Six. Teddy thinks they wouldn’t be a good fit for her, anyway. When she asks why, he says she’s not just an incredible musician, she’s a frontwoman.

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The band all buy different things with the money they got from the song. Billy had decided since they all worked on it together and that they are a band, they’d split the profits. Billy decides to rent a house for Camila, Julia, and himself.

Camila and Billy are listening to the interview from Diamondback and Camila makes a few faces. When Billy asks her what they’re about, she thinks Billy could have given Daisy a little credit. Once she realizes she’s annoyed him she kisses him on the cheek and gets ready for their housewarming party.

Graham and Karen show up after one of their rendezvous, and Camila sees them from the window. She sends Karen outside to put down the tablecloths and pulls Graham aside to ask him what’s going on between them. Graham acts dumbfounded and claims nothing is going on but that he also doesn’t want to talk about it. So Camila gives him one piece of advice: to tell her how he feels. But Graham can’t do that — he could be risking the band. As the party progresses Karen goes up to him and asks if he’s stopped being chicken (which, of course, he hasn’t.)

Meanwhile, Daisy shows up with wine and a pineapple (as per new homeowner tradition, I guess) but she drops the wine on the ground. As she enters the house Camila spots her and thanks her for coming. She and Billy share a cold stare and Once Daisy heads off to get a drink Billy pulls Camila aside and asks her why she’s there. She invited her to see if she’d come and because she wanted to meet her!

Billy eventually makes his way over to Daisy to apologize for what he said at the festival and there are a lot of people that want them to make music together. Daisy questions him, does he want that, though? He doesn’t really give an answer but it’s the only one Daisy needs and as she goes to leave Camila runs after her. Daisy claims he doesn’t want her there and that she has other places to be but Camila knows that’s a lie. Eventually, she gets her to come back inside and as the power goes out, Daisy hears Julia crying upstairs. She goes to grab her to calm her down and hands her to Billy who notices how much Julia likes Daisy. They eventually all sing a cover of “Ooh La La” by Rod Stewart.

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Graham Confirms His Feelings

Graham takes this as his opportunity to tell Karen how he really feels. So when they find themselves alone he kisses her but she laughs. Graham is obviously a little hurt by it which Karen notices, telling him he just caught her off guard. He lets her know how he feels but quickly realizes it was a mistake when he says it’s never going to work out for them, is it? Karen tells him he’s amazing before walking off, leaving Graham to wallow.

Daisy’s Family

Camila and Billy have a talk about the future of the band and Camila knows that Daisy joining is the right move for all of them. Billy knows it is, too. The next morning, Daisy wakes up on the couch and chats with Camila. Camila informs Daisy that they’re like family, they take care of each other. And that as long as Daisy takes care of them, they’ll take care of her, too.

The first six episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six are available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned for our recaps of the season and additional content!

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