‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “Fire”

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In episode 5 of Daisy Jones & The Six, Daisy and Billy get started on a new song (“Let Me Down Easy”), and Graham and Karen have a beach day.

Editors Note: spoilers ahead for episode 5 of Daisy Jones & The Six.

First Day As a Whole Band

Daisy and Billy arrive at the studio where everybody else is waiting. They all sit down to discuss the album, which Daisy says she’s written a bunch of songs for them to look at. Billy cuts in to tell her they’ve already written what is basically an entire album but Daisy doesn’t want to sing love songs about his wife. She thinks they should all contribute as a band. Billy’s fuse is running short and he and Daisy start bickering. So, Teddy comes in and tells them to go write music together and come back when they have something.

They head to Apple Pan to get some food and Billy starts singing “Stumbled on Sublime.” Daisy tells him she wrote it and he asks her if she wrote it like she wrote “Honeycomb.” She tells him to listen to the song, does he really thing Wyatt Stone could’ve written it?


Warren, Graham, and Eddie are sitting outside while Graham waxes his surfboard. Warren and Eddie are discussing going to see Rollerball again when Karen comes outside to talk to Graham. She wants to go with him to the beach. She asks if everything is okay between them and Graham says that it is. A car horn sounds and Graham throws his board into the back of ??’s car and gives her a kiss. Karen sees this and tells them to go on ahead without her but they don’t mind her tagging along, so she goes.

Caroline (Olivia Rose Keegan) and Karen are watching Graham surf. She thinks its cool Karen is in a rock band. Karen asks what she does, and she says she’s going to school for pre-med. Karen wonders why Caroline’s attracted to Graham which she claims is because he’s “sexy”. Graham interrupts, asking who is ready to learn to surf. Karen offers to try. While out in the ocean waiting for a wave, Karen asks Graham if he has anything in common with Caroline. He asks her if shes trying to insult her, which she isn’t. She just heard she’s a big Barry Manilow fan. Graham looks particularly insulted and lets her know they don’t really do a lot of talking when they’re together. Back at the house, Karen asks if Graham will walk her to the door, making the excuse that there could be a burglar inside. Once they make it in the house they start making out.

Stumbled on Some Really Great Lyrics

Daisy is back at it again “breaking in” to houses, this time it’s Teddy’s. Neither of them knows how to write with somebody else so they share song books. Most of Billy’s writing is about Camila (despite him saying otherwise) but Daisy’s features a lot of imagery that Billy isn’t into. While Billy is working on the riff Graham worked up Daisy takes a dip in the pool. While Billy is working on the song Daisy explore’s Teddy’s property and puts on “Iko Iko” by The Dixie Cups. Billy comes to see what she’s doing and she says it’s the first record she ever bought, wondering what his was. As she guesses he eventually tells her it was (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window by Patti Page. If she tells anyone he will deny it. She asks if he wants to pick a record and he chooses “In My Room” from The Beach Boys.

Daisy tries to get him to sway but he won’t budge so she says they don’t have to be freinds but if they’re going to write music together they can’t be strangers. She offers to answer any questions he has. He asks how many pills she takes in a day but she doesn’t know, she doesn’t count them. He wonders why she doesn’t think it’s a problem but she saysthey’re prescription so why would it matter? She could throw them in the toilet and it wouldn’t do anything. Billy becomes the 70’s version of “do it, you won’t” so Daisy does, she throws them away. Then he asks why she wanted to join the band. Daisy felt like she knew him or like they’ve known each other for a long g time. He feels familiar. His final question, how did she really cut her hand” But the story about her breaking into her parents house was the truth. She had the number song in the country and she wated them to know. But they weren’t there, they moved away.

Daisy tells him he writes songs about who he wishes he could be, not who he is. So what if he did? They then go back and forth on the song into nightfall. Changing lyrics, melodies, the whole nine yards. Eventually, the band gets called into the studio to record the song.

Let Me Down Easy

Billy thinks the song is hopeful and optimistic. Daisy thinks its about the opposite. It’s about why they do things that are made for us and why the keep doing them even though its hopeless. Billy slips a comment in about “someone doing a number” on her and that he was wrong about her, he never would have guessed she was so broken. Daisy gets up and leaves, throwing one of her pills in her mouth. She goes to sit inside one of Teddy’s sportscars. Billy apologizes, he meant they are more alike than he thought. He talks about his dad leaving and how everything he does is to try to make him regret it. Daisy says she’s not broken, but neither is he.

They take the song to the studio and practice then record. After the song finishes, Daisy and Billy hug and Daisy asks what Teddy thought. He calls himself a motherf-cking genius.

“The best part was it left room for everyone to contribute. It wasn’t just the billy show anymore. Daisy did that for us.”

Eddie Roundtree

The first six episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six are available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned for our recaps of the season and additional content!

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