Reasons ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’s Simone Jackson Deserves The Spin-Off Treatment

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One of the better changes to come out of Daisy Jones & The Six is the fleshed-out storyline for Simone Jackson (Nabiyah Be). In the book, readers get to know Simone as the emerging disco star who also happens to be Daisy Jones’ best friend. However, in the series, her story is so much more than that. By the finale, a lot of fans, us included, were left wanting to see more of Simone! Keep reading for a list of reasons why a spin-off for Simone would be justified.

The Representation

Not only is Simone queer on the show, she’s also a Black woman living in 1970s North America who has definitely undergone more trials and tribulations compared to her white counterparts. This plays out a bit on screen with producers trying to take advantage of her, leading her to move to New York City to live with Bernie, where she’s much more in her element. They became somewhat of a queer power couple, and it’s refreshing to see a non-straight love story play out so delicately. They’re not without their struggles, but together they’re an unstoppable force.

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Shining Light on The Disco Movement in the ’70s

The late ’60s to ’70s were a time of change in the United States. Across the country, socially conscious movements were born and making way for change. This includes the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Rights Movement, and the Gay Liberation Movement. The disco era, which began in NYC, was imperative as a means of self-expression, everyone was encouraged to be who they are. But the movement’s involvement in gay activism is what could really set apart a spin-off about Simone.

The Stonewall Riots were the first time members of the LGBTQ+ community took a stand and fought against police brutality, paving way for a sexual revolution with the beat of the disco. It was an anthem for queer people and women as well, as there was an uptick in music being heralded by women bringing in more opportunities. We saw snippets of Bernice and Simone helping shape and build the disco empire, but it would be cool to see more of that, especially because they opened Haven, a club of their own.

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Simone’s Album

Throughout the limited series’ season, music was released through Atlantic Records, including some songs by Simone. She released her first album with the help of Teddy and Ellemar Records. After giving up her spot at Attic Records for her one true love, it would be interesting to explore her dynamic as a solo artist navigating through New York City, and it could potentially bring forth other members of Daisy Jones & The Six like Warren, who spent his time as a sessions drummer after the band split and recorded with Daisy. (I just really want to know what Simone and Warren’s conversation was about in the finale!) Or Daisy herself, who was an instrumental part in Simone’s career. Plus, with all the success Aurora is having, who’s to say a physical copy of Simone’s debut album wouldn’t also sell well? (We NEED it!)

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