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Now that Daisy Jones & The Six is out, we can obsess over all things 70s, including fashion! From paisley and furs to the classic Billy Dunne Canadian tuxedo, check out some of our favorite looks from the series below.

Afghan Coat & The Canadian Tuxedo

I’m not sure there are many things that encapsulate what the era of 70s fashion was like an Afghan coat (or, Penny Lane, ala Almost Famous) and a Canadian tuxedo. By the 1970s, both garments were the epoch of the cool kids and the hippies, but in Daisy Jones & The Six, they act as Daisy and Billy’s armor. With these style cues, Daisy Jones & The Six pays homage to some of the biggest musicians — Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Debbie Harry, Elvis, and Bing Crosby. Today, denim on denim appears in couture around the world and the Afghan coat (which had a resurgence in the early 2000s) is making a comeback of its own.

Fringe, Fringe, and More Fringe

Fringe has been around for eons. First appearing in the Mesopotamian era, Native Americans are also credited as some of the first to pioneer the style. Usually made up of leather or suede, in the 1920s, fringe took on a whole new life. The loose dresses were finished with a “tinsel” finish at the hem. By the time the 60s and 70s rolled around, the style had gone full circle, taking inspiration from the Native designs, many of which became staples for icons like Cher.

Skinny Legends

Skinny scarves are such an easy way to add a bit of flare to an outfit, just ask Jimmy Page! Camila wears an incredible number in episode eight, as pictured above, that’s a gorgeous leopard halter dress. Camila definitely embodies the energy of a rockstar wife’s fashion sense, as cliche as that sounds.

The Bolder, The Better!

The bold prints of the 70s have made a comeback in recent years, but nothing compares to the iconic retro predecessors. Paisley, stripes, florals — the ladies of Daisy Jones & The Six wear it all (and well)! The stylistic choices are so important to their characters as it really evolves as their characters do.

While Daisy lives for a statement, Camila sticks to the fresh, girl-next-door look. At least until they move from Pittsburgh to California (Laurel Canyon) — then we really see the emergence of her flowy, boho, classic California girl style. Karen pulls off the effortlessly chic look. As one of the first females in a major rock band, she doesn’t want to stick out — she wants to fit in with the boys and prove that yes, you can be gorgeous and talented. As all of these ladies are.

Invest in the Vest

Daisy Jones & The Six is riddled with many types of vests — leather, shag, denim, you name it — the more successful they become as a band, the more extravagant their looks become. Of course, most of the vests are worn by Sebastian Chacon, who plays drummer Warren Rojas. But he’s got a fantastic collection of them. Having to sit stationary for hours can get you pretty hot and bothered and Warren’s got the hot part down, that’s for sure.

Leather and Lace

Costume Designer Denise Wingate and Camila Morrone took inspiration from lots of ladies of the era with Cher and Bianca Jagger being two of the major takeaways and it really shows! Jagger’s more androgynous style coupled with bits of feminine flair with lace, flowy boho patterns, and blouses makes up a large part of Camila Dunne’s wardrobe. As for Billy, when he’s not decked out in denim he’s wearing a trusty leather jacket because, what else screams “I’m a rockstar”? Exactly.

Walk This Way

Most of the trends appearing in the 70s were boundary-pushing for gender expression and it didn’t stop at the shoes. Because, what’s an outfit without shoes? And boy, does Daisy Jones & The Six have a killer collection. From cowboy and knee-high-heeled boots to huaraches, the 70s were all about fun, freedom, and funk (say that three times fast). These boots were made for walking, indeed!

Aurora World Tour

If she’s going on tour she’s going to do it in style and Daisy Jones certainly does just that.

Kimonos, shawls, and kaftans were a cornerstone for some of the greatest rock musicians — including Stevie Nicks. When you’re up on stage playing sold-out arenas, the crowd should be able to see your movements. What’s a bigger statement than a batwing sleeve? Especially on someone as powerful as Daisy Jones! Karen also appears in a metallic suit which is a bit rare for her, we don’t see a ton of colors on her most of the season. But when you’re the biggest band in the world, you have to show out!

On the last leg of the Aurora world tour, the last show, Daisy appears in the golf kaftan, encapsulating just how much has changed in so little time. From that classic California girl style to one of the biggest musicians in the world, Daisy Jones will forever be a star.

All 10 episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six are available to stream on Prime Video.

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