‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “Whatever Gets You Thru The Night”


In episode six of Daisy Jones & The Six, the band do their infamous Aurora cover shoot, there are a few shocking twists, and Daisy heads out on a getaway. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Whatever Gets You Thru The Night.”

Editors Note: Spoilers ahead for episode 6 of Daisy Jones & The Six.

Aurora Diaries

Daisy Jones & The Six are full steam ahead on the album. They’re in the studio recording “Kill You To Try” when Teddy calls in a favor at Rolling Stone to do a cover story. While Billy and Daisy are spending all their time writing, Camila is taking care of Julia. She comes downstairs one night and sees Billy on the phone and lyrics to “Please” scribbled on his notepad. Daisy gives Billy a revised version of the lyrics and walks off when Jonah makes a suggestive sound. Billy tells him it’s not what he thinks. When the cameras are on they are different people than when they’re off and they go home to their lives.

As the duo is working on the music, Daisy reaches a low and wants to go out of the room to take a bump. Billy says she doesn’t have to so she does it in front of him and says she thinks she had the melody in the car so they drive and make their way down to the beach.

Billy’s Confession

At the beach, they’re sharing secrets and confessions with each other. Daisy says whatever is going on, is new to her. Billy tells her she made “Honeycomb” better. That she makes everything better. They head back to Daisy’s room but Billy changes his mind and says he’ll see her tomorrow. “I looked in that room and all I saw was … temptation.”

Daisy spots Jonah by the pool and they get to chatting about Billy. Jonah says he could have sworn they were together and Daisy asks him how he knows they aren’t. Billy told him it was all an act. He doesn’t actually have feelings for Daisy but he doesn’t mind if people think he does. It’s all about the music. Daisy asks him if he has any coke.

Where’s Daisy?

The next day they were supposed to record vocals for Aurora but Daisy doesn’t show up. It’s been hours, so Billy heads to her place to check on her. When he gets there he finds an inebriated Daisy. She tells him he’s the most talented person she’s ever met (besides herself). She pulls herself out of the pool and steps on glass. He tells her she’s a mess and walks away. She bites back, telling him to say hi to Camila for her.

Daisy is at the recording studio practicing beats with Warren. Billy comes storming in with lyrics for her, “More Fun To Miss.” She doesn’t want to sing it at first but she eventually does. Billy sends her through the ringer making her record take after take. Eventually, she leaves the studio and heads to the parking lot. Billy chases after her and she asks why he is doing this. He claims he’s pushing her to be better, because that’s what they do. She says she’ll sing the song if he tells her the truth about how he feels and that it’s not in her head. He kisses her. Billy comes home to find Camila and Julia in their bed.

Aurora Cover Shoot

The entire band as well as Camila and Julia are on hand for the Aurora cover shoot. When “Please” starts playing, Daisy heads over to the catering table where Julia and Camila are. Camila makes a comment about it and Daisy said Billy was possessed the day it was written. Camila tells her Billy said she wrote it; Daisy doesn’t know why he would say that.

Meanwhile, Karen and Graham have snuck off, but she seems hesitant. He asks if she’s embarrassed to be with him. She’s not but the second they know they’re together things will change. Especially for her, people will talk. Graham promises to never bring it up again.

“I’ve worked too f-cking hard and I’m too f-cking good to be forever known as the girlfriend in The Six.”

Karen Sirko

After all the photos are taken, Jonah talks to Billy so he can clarify a few things. the name of the album, the town where he grew up, and the name of his recovery clinic. Billy is confused about how he knows about that, but Daisy had mentioned it. He pulls Daisy aside and asks her if she wants the band to fail. She says she’s just as uncomfortable because he brought Camila. She calls him a liar for what he said to Jonah about the two of them and storms off. Camila snaps photos of the two of them arguing. Daisy is driving down the coast when the lyrics to “Regret Me” to come to her. She tries to grab her notebook but ends up crashing into another car.

As it turns out, Billy hated all the photos taken for the cover except for one. And it’s one that Camila took. She lets him know that if he loves her, or ever does, that is when it all ends.

Mom’s Night Out

Camila tells Billy she’s going to head out and heads to a party in the hills where Eddie is at. He’s surprised to see her there and asks if she wants to join, but she’s fine where she is. As she gets up to leave he reappears and the girl he was with calls him an asshole. She pokes fun at him by asking why he’d pick her over a sure thing like her and he says he’d choose her over anything. He asks if everything is okay and she stares longingly at him. Camila returns home, glowing, and tells Billy she had dinner with a friend. If he could have secrets, so could she.

You Regret Me and I Regret You

Daisy is playing “Regret Me” for the band when Billy saunters in and spots Eddie who basically darts away from him in the other direction. Billy claims they aren’t going to put the song on the album; they didn’t write it together. But he wrote “More Fun to Miss” without her. They record it and that’s how they cap off the Aurora sessions. They have about three weeks before their tour. Eddie sticks round to see “what happens”, Karen and Graham continue their thing, and Daisy … well.

Daisy Disappears

Billy heads to Daisy’s to talk but she’s not there, and she hasn’t been for days. Instead she’s disappeared and she shows up in Greece for a fresh start.

The first six episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six are available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned for our recaps of the season and additional content!

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