‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Review: It’s a Hat Trick for Sudeikis and Company

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While it’s looking more and more likely that this is our last go with AFC Richmond and Coach Ted Lasso, at least they’ve made it a memorable one.

The first two seasons of Ted Lasso were a hit with critic and audience acclaim, practically sweeping awards for two years and with this season looking to be no different. But we have to commend creator Jason Sudeikis on sticking to his original three-year story and going out on his own terms, even if we may be devastated just thinking about it.

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We were given the first four episodes for review, and season 3 is already ramping up the charm with our favorite football team and crew. Ted and his typical glass-overflowing self are offset by Roy Kent and his cantankerous enchantment and the always mysterious Coach Beard. Keeley and Rebecca are still thick as thieves, and our favorite Richmond players have lost not an ounce of their infectious camaraderie. Plenty of heartwarming and heartbreaking moments have already set the 12-episode season off on a flaming cleat, some new additions enriching this cast to levels sweeter than Ted’s signature biscuits.

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One of the best character arcs Ted Lasso has given us is that of Jamie Tartt. The cocky, practically unbearable young player from season 1 evolved through season 2 to enter season 3 with even more room for growth. His journey has been a pleasure to watch, both because of Phil Dunster’s incredible comedic timing, and also for those quieter moments where Dunster still excels. Watching the dismantling of Jamie’s toxic persona and the effects of childhood trauma at the hands of better men than his father has been a joy to experience. One can only hope a Jamie spin-off (maybe involving Roy) is in the future.

The expansive range of emotion the first third of the season alone stretched me on was nothing short of impressive. I was devastated, disgusted, relieved, crying in laughter, and on the edge of my seat with knots in my stomach, small details painting a larger picture of plans that had begun in season pasts came full circle in beautiful ways that might have us all contemplating the importance of forgiveness.

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It’s difficult to find a series with one perfect season, it’s impossible to find a series with three. But Coach Ted Lasso and the Greyhounds have pulled off a hat trick if season 3 continues on its current trajectory. From the start, this series has always proven that the world can be a better place, it is a better place if we just find the right people to surround ourselves with. It’s never about being perfect at what you do, it’s about who you help along the way, learning from your mistakes, and waking up every day with the outlook that you can make a difference. Bonus points if you have an arsenal of puns to work with, too.

It’s only going to get harder as we inch closer and closer to goodbye to this cherished pocket of decency and cheer, but just like Winnie the Pooh has said, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Ted Lasso season 3 premieres March 15 exclusively on Apple TV+.

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