‘Kung Fu’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 13 “Beginning”

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We’re all in a puddle after the season 3 finale of Kung Fu. Let’s break it all down.


The episode starts with Xiao using mind control to break into Delta’s security. She finds out that there’s a physical safe that has multi-factor authentication keys. The only thing is that it’s heavily guarded.

Back at the Shen house, Althea and Ryan are talking. They’re glad each other are okay, but they don’t feel any different now that there’s no magic in their blood. Zhilan says that, unfortunately, her and Nicky’s powers are gone.

Without my warrior strength, how do I stop her?


Nicky talks to Pei Ling through her memories and receives encouragement from her Shifu.

Forming A Plan

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Althea has to give the government an answer about the job she was offered, but first, they find out about the security breach at Delta. That’s it for Jin. He says that Xiao is done. Someone has to kill her. Mei Li agrees.

Nicky comes home and says that she found another way to stop Xiao. They have to save Pei Ling. They shouldn’t defeat Xiao to save Pei Ling; it should be the other way around.

They come up with the idea to use the anti-magic fruit to make a solution that could slow Xiao down. Ryan will put it in a syringe that Nicky can inject, but there’s only enough for one dose.

Nicky tells Henry that he gave her family a second chance. They don’t want to waste it. Henry leaves to find out if Pei Ling is alive inside Xiao, and Zhilan has her.

Henry gave them a second chance; they didn’t want to waste it. Henry goes to try something and find out if Pei Ling is alive inside Xiao. Zhilan does some meddling.

Dimples loves you. And it’s clear you love Dimples, too. So just seal the deal, already.


The Glitch

The CW

Later, Althea and Evan work together, and Althea congratulates Evan on becoming a dad! He says that when the baby comes, he’s going to need even more help around here. Althea, still considering the government job, says of course.

They go through the footage of Xiao, and there’s a glitch every time she’s on camera because of her magical interference. If they can get into Delta’s system again and track the glitch, they can use it to find Xiao.

Henry uses his powers to find Pei Ling inside Xiao’s mind. She’s in a cage, barely conscious, and Xiao sees Henry there and kicks him out.

Nicky and Zhilan go to talk to one of the people who Xiao mind-controlled. He doesn’t know what happened. He didn’t have control, and it was like his mind and body didn’t belong to him.

Grand Union Bank

Justine Yeung/The CW

Ryan gives Nicky the anti-magic serum in an auto-injector. Althea and Evan find the glitches in security cameras and find Xiao in Grand Union Bank. There, she gets the keys for Delta.

Nicky tries to attack Xiao from behind while Zhilan distracts her. They don’t get the injector into her, and it falls to the floor.

Xiao mind controls everyone at the bank and gets them to fight Nicky and Zhilan; then Xiao makes the Architect’s brother and co-owner of Delta shoot himself in the head. She got what she needed.

The Plea Agreement

Everyone gathers back at the Shen residence. They figure out that Xiao wants control of Delta’s satellites so she can control everyone. They need to find the location of Project Omni and stop her from taking control of the satellites.

Althea can do it; she just needs to break the Plea Agreement. So, she takes a job working for the Government. Her non-negotiable conditions? The job is part-time so she can keep working with Evan, she stays in Chinatown instead of on the East Coast, she gets to break her Plea Agreement, and she gets a long list of tech she needs to breach Delta’s security.

Henry also tells everyone that he saw Pei Ling. She’s alive in there, just trapped.

The Satellites

Xiao goes to the Omni facility with the key and takes over the satellites.

Reposition the satellites directly over the city. I’ll take care of the rest.


Althea’s back at the computer! She’s going to stop Xiao from taking over the Omni satellites. Simultaneously, Henry will go into Xiao’s mind to help Pei Ling get out.

Xiao sent people to stop Althea at the Shen household, and it got violent. Zhilan will stay with Nicky’s family so Nicky can save Pei Ling and kill Xiao.

Strength in Numbers

Althea struggles to keep the satellites in her control. Nicky tries to get to Xiao, but Xiao is moving fast, breaking workers’ necks and doing anything she can to quicken her process.

Henry goes into Xiao’s mind to open the cage and free Pei Ling, but he’s being blocked by magic. Pei Ling has to get herself out, but she’s so weak.

It’s all hands on deck. The Shen family is fighting Xiao’s mind-controlled people with Zhilan while Nicky goes up against Xiao.

I don’t need to be a warrior to kick your ass.


Seb and Evan protect Henry while he’s getting Pei Ling out because Xiao sent people after him, too.

Nicky starts to take the lead in the fight. Xiao is stretched thin. She’s alone, but Nicky has an army. Her connections don’t make her weak; they make her strong.

What’s the matter, Xiao? Feeling a little bit overextended?


One of Xiao’s mind-controlled people gets into the Shen house and breaks Althea’s computers. Henry tells Pei Ling it’s now or never before he’s taken back into the fight.

The Sacrifice

The team distracted Xiao for a little while, but she has all the satellites now. It doesn’t look great. That is, until Pei Ling makes an appearance.

She controls Xiao’s arm to save Nicky from a bad blow, and all the people stop being mind-controlled. Zhilan goes to help Nicky.

Pei Ling and Nicky fight Xiao together, in person and in her mind. They weaken her as one, and Nicky gets the scepter. She breaks it, and Xiao is gone. Pei Ling is in her place, and she wakes up.

Relieved, Nicky goes to her. But, as long as Pei Ling is alive, Xiao can come back.

I’m grateful for this time with you, to see what you’ve become. But you must let me go.

Pei Ling

Zhilan is on her way, running up the stairs as Nicky hugs Pei Ling and stabs her. The souls that Xiao took that were trapped in her body all leave and get peace, and Pei Ling is dead, at peace with them.

Zhilan gets there too late to say goodbye to her sister. She crumples and cries.

Zhilan Says Goodbye

Nicky and Zhilan have a sit together, discussing it all.

Nicky: “We saved her. You saved her.”

Zhilan: “If that’s true, then why isn’t she here?”

Zhilan doesn’t know where she’s going to go, but she leaves and says goodbye to Nicky.

Time Jumps

Three months later, the food truck is coming along, and the menu is good. Althea is now Agent Shen-Song. Evan’s girlfriend is three months pregnant and finally telling everyone. Jin is killing it at his new job, and the city is lucky to have him.

Mei Li asks what Nicky is going to do next. Nicky doesn’t know. She’s not the sheriff of Chinatown anymore, and Chinatown has plenty of heroes.

It’s a big world out there, Nicky. All you have to do is ask yourself what you really want, then go for it.

Mei Li

Later, Henry and Nicky kiss in bed. They’re happy together. Henry’s leaving for a flight soon, though. He’s going on a top-secret mission with the Wan Zai. Nicky’s leaving, too. She doesn’t know when she’s going to be back, either. They’re sure they’ll find each other again, though.

Five months later, Althea is still doing what she loves, Dennis is good at his bartending job, and they have a new apartment they can move into. Baba is still killing it at his job, too.

The food truck is a raging success. It might be time for a second truck or a fleet. Ryan and Seb are so happy together, and Mei Li is happy working with the truck.

Evan’s baby is born, and we find out that Nicky is in Rajasthan. She’s helping people.

Villager: “Is this what you do? Wander the earth? Help people in need?”

Nicky: “Something like that.”

Then, Nicky quite literally walks off into the sunset. Pei Ling is still in her head and heart as a memory when she goes.

Do not fear change, Nicky. The end is just the beginning.

Pei Ling

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