‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 12 “The Hope Devourer”

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Last episode, Vox Machina celebrated Grog’s overthrowing of Kevdak by planning to build a dragon trap. Vax talked with the Matron of Ravens and finally accepted his role as her champion. Scanlan promised Kaylie he could change, stop running, and do right, but he couldn’t stop her from leaving. When Umbrasyl arrived, Vox Machina’s setup didn’t go to plan. After a vicious fight, the episode ended with Umbrasyl flying off with Grog on his back and Vax and Scanlan inside his stomach. Will they be rescued? Read on for a recap of the season finale, “The Hope Devourer,” to find out!

Busting Out

We begin with a beautiful cottage and Scanlan telling a merry tale to his grandchildren … yes, really. Unfortunately, it’s just a dream, which Scanlan discovers when his grandchildren’s voices morph into Vax’s. Frantic, Vax manages to wake up his prone friend, but they are still inside Umbrasyl.

Vex, Keyleth, Pike, and Percy watch in horror from below as the dragon flies toward the distant mountains. Percy frets that they’d need a skyship to catch them — but luckily, he’s wrong. Keyleth transforms into her eagle form, scooping up Percy and Pike, and Vex hops on her broom. A dangerous aerial chase ensues. Vex and Percy try to shoot Umbrasyl with Fenthras and Bad News, but they can’t get a clear shot.  

Up ahead, Grog dangles perilously from Umbrasyl thanks to a rope secured around Bloodaxe, which is buried between the dragon’s scales.

Vex and Scanlan need to get out of the dragon, but they can’t go back the way they came. There’s a hole where Umbrasyl ripped himself off the magic sword Kaylie left with Scanlan, but it’s too small. Vex starts trying to make it bigger with his blade.

Outside, Grog hacks at Umbrasyl, demanding the dragon give him back his friends. Instead, the dragon turns and blasts Grog with his acid, finally knocking Grog off his back. As he freefalls, Grog manages to activate his Titanstone Knuckles, using them to cushion his fall, but he’s still pretty busted up.

The rest of Vox Machina fly to retrieve him, and Pike tries to heal his many wounds.

Scanlan uses his giant hand to punch through the hole Vax had started, then catches them with the hand when they emerge. Umbrasyl isn’t done, and with one swat of his claws, he destroys Scanlan’s spell. Vax and Scanlan tumble through the air, dropping fast. Scanlan is unconscious. Vax prays to the Matron of Ravens for help and is heard — and rewarded with wings! Vax grabs Scanlan from midair and descends.

Now is Not the Time for Cowardice

Vox Machina reunite where Pike is struggling to fully heal Grog. Scanlan rushes to Pike. Percy tells the group that the dragon lives and is heading for a cave in the mountain. Vox Machina are ready to give up, but Vax gives them a pep talk. Now is their best chance while Umbrasyl is injured.

Or is he? Umbrasyl heals himself in the mountain and rejoices to Anna Ripley that the other vestiges are being brought to him. He’s so keyed up about the relics that he effectively hangs up on Thordak, smashing his projection to pieces.

After telling Scanlan that now is not the time for cowardice, Vax uses the speed of his armor to scout out Umbrasyl’s lair. Scanlan scoffs but is clearly affected by Vax’s words. He tells Pike that Kaylie called him the same thing — oh, and she’s his daughter. Pike encourages him, telling him not to let her down.

Vax inspects the lair, but Umbrasyl ambushes him in his invisible form. Vax dodges the dragon’s attacks with his wing armor, but he’s no match for Umbrasyl’s speed.

Outside, Vox Machina are worried. Grog’s leg is still broken, so Pike stays with him as Keyleth, Percy, Scanlan, and Vex head after Vax. A vicious fight ensues, made all the harder by the dragon’s invisibility and the fact they have to try not to hit Vax. Eventually, Vex manages to swoop in on her broom and grab him, but even after giving him all they’ve got, the team struggles to even hurt the dragon.

They escape to a nearby cavern, where Scanlan and Vax argue over whether they should flee or fight on. Their argument is interrupted by the dragon crashing in. Vox Machina fight with all they have, but the dragon barely flinches. Scanlan hides, reverting to running away — like Kaylie said. Grog arrives, diving into the fray when Umbrasyl is about to blast Pike, but the dragon just turns invisible once more.

All seems lost. One by one, Umbrasyl gains control of the vestiges, grabbing the Fenthras Bow and pulling off Grog’s Titanstone Knuckles. Vox Machina are at rock bottom.

But First, Gold

At the eleventh hour, Scanlan can’t take it anymore — can’t take thoughts of Kaylie’s voice, telling him that all he does is run away. He has to change. While Umbrasyl is distracted with the other vestiges, he sneaks up behind him and steals back Mythcarver. With a flying leap, Scanlan stabs Umbrasyl through the eye. The dragon writhes and falls.

In the shadows, Anna Ripley watches. As Umbrasyl dies, she slinks away.

Vox Machina pull Scanlan from the wreckage caused by Umbrasyl’s fall. Pike cradles him, desperately trying to heal him. He might not have known what he could do, but she always did. She kisses him and tells him that Kaylie would have been proud. And then he wakes up, of course. As the rest of Vox Machina voice their relief, Scanlan notices a glow in another chamber of the cave. It’s Umbrasyl’s hoard. Vox Machina pillage it, as any self-serving adventurers would, and Scanlan finds a magic key. As they argue over whether he should keep it, Vax spots the Matron of Ravens in the shadows. They exchange nods, and she disappears.

Vox Machina head for Whitestone to tell everyone that hope is not lost. The Chroma Conclave can be defeated.  As they approach, we see Kaylie and her troupe camping on their way to Marquet and get a voiceover on destiny from Cassandra de Rolo.

One Down, Three (Or More) To Go

Cassandra continues as Vox Machina take seats at the table in Whitestone with all their friends, and she raises a toast to them. As they celebrate, Kima notes they still have to take out the three toughest dragons.

“Even the Cinder King has his weaknesses,” Keeper Yennen intones.

Yennen’s voice begins to change, and her face begins to transform, revealing dragon scales. And not just any dragon — Raishan of the Chroma Conclave. Around the table, Cassandra, Gilmore, Kima, and Allura pass out, leaving just Vox Machina.

“I come to you as an ally,” Raishan says. “To stop Thordak, you’ll need more than just those three vestiges. You’ll need help.” She claims that Thordak is insane and intent on stripping Tal’Dorei of all its gold. But it’s not for greed. He has another purpose.

Finally, we see Vorugal flying to Thordak, bringing the news of Umbrasyl’s death. He warns that it won’t be long before Vox Machina come for them. Umbrasyl merely laughs. “Let them,” he says. “A new army awaits.”

Below him, in a pool of liquid gold, are many, many dragon eggs.

It’s not yet known when The Legend of Vox Machina will return, though season 3 has been confirmed. To stay up to date with news, don’t forget to follow Nerds and Beyond!

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