‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 8 “Truth and Consequences”

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In the last episode, a few Senators were trying to stop the vote of the Recruitment Bill which will create a new army. Senator Chuchi, while fighting for the rights of the clones, discovers what really happened on Kamino. The recap for last episode is available here.

Warning: spoilers for “Truth and Consequences”!

The Bad Batch goes to Coruscant


On the Maraudeur, the Bad Batch and Omega are waiting for a new mission. Omega is meditating which she learnt from Gungi. She tells Echo it doesn’t work for her the same way it did for Gungi. Echo doesn’t like meditating after what happened to him on Skako Minor.

The clones receive a transmission from Rex needing their help with a data extraction mission on Coruscant. While Wrecker is excited, Hunter is not happy about going to Coruscant. Echo seems to think they won’t be in any danger since the Empire assumes they are all dead. Rex adds he will send them a flight plan and coordinates to a safe landing place.

Approaching the planet, Omega is amazed by what she sees. They land at the Martez’s repair shop where Rex and Senator Chuchi are waiting for them. Rex shows them the body of the sniper that they can’t identify since he had his number wiped. Rex relates to them what they learnt from Slip. Echo confirms what happened on Kamino and proposes to testify. Hunter reminds him they are considered deserters so the Senate will not believe them. Then, Rex explains they can find proof on Rampart’s Venator, which is currently in the shipyard. Chuchi is going to go back to the Senate to undermine the vote and Omega offers to go with her.

Omega visits the Senate


Omega and Chuchi are walking in the Senate while the Senator explains what she does daily. They came across Admiral Rampart who is surprised to see the Senator alive. They discuss the upcoming vote and Rampart quickly leaves when he sees Mas Amedda coming towards them. Amedda asks him if the Senator will be a problem and Rampart reassures him. Amedda leaves saying he doesn’t want another delay.

Chuchi and Omega enter the Senate chamber and the Senator explains that each pod is for a different delegation. Omega asks which one is for the clones. Chuchi explains they don’t have one, but that she wants them to have the same rights of every citizen. They are interrupted by R2-C4, Bail Organa’s droid, who delivers a message. Chuchi asks the young girl if she can keep a secret and takes Omega with her to a meeting with Organa. The Senators discuss Rampart’s assassination attempt against her and she tells Organa some of her associates are searching for evidence. Chuchi thinks some Senators may have more information and Organa tells her she should talk to the former Kaminoan Senator Halle Burtoni. She was part of the Defense Finance Committee.

Later, Chuchi and Omega are meeting with Burtoni. Chuchi wants to talk with her about the missing Senate funds which were earmarked for Kamino. When Chuchi tells the Kaminoan that she could help bringing justice for her planet , the former Senator doesn’t seem to care, which angers Omega. The young girl reveals she also is a clone and was there when the planet was destroyed. Burtoni suspected an attack was imminent and confirms Rampart is responsible for the missing funds. The Kaminoan tells Chuchi she needs more concrete proof than just her word.

Boarding the Venator


Meanwhile, The Bad Batch and Rex are on their way to infiltrate the Venator. Wrecker works on the hatch to enter the shipyard while Hunter talks with Rex. He is surprised to see Rex on Coruscant. Rex reveals to him that more and more clones are realizing what happened to them. He has contacts, but they are spreading thin. Wrecker opens the hatch and Tech neutralizes the ray shield. They enter the shipyard and see a lot of guards so they jump on a shuttle. Tech takes control of it. They are able to jump on the Venator and enter it. Tech finds out they need to reroute the power to retrieve the date which will trigger the security.

Tech reroutes the power and clone troopers immediately detect the security breach. The Bad Batch is about to have some company. Tech is transferring the file, but the clones are attacked. Hunter orders Echo to man the cannons to destroy the ships coming after them. The file is finally transferred and Tech activates the Star Destroyer engines. They use the distraction to make their escape thanks to an escape pod and crash into the shipyard.

At the Senate, it is nearly time to vote. Admiral Rampart says the bill is ready with the provisions asked by Chuchi. The Senator accuses Rampart of diverting the missing funds and offers as proof what Halle Burtoni told her. Rampart doesn’t see why they should believe the word of a disgraced Senator. Chuchi proposes to order a formal inquiry unless he wants to tell the Senate right now what happened to the funds. She accuses him of destroying the Kaminoan facilities. He won’t hear of it. Omega arrives with the proof found on the ship. She gives it to Organa who brings it to Chuchi. She shows a video taken from the command log of the Venator to the indignation of the Senate.

The Emperor arrives in the Senate chamber. Amedda confirms the accusations of Chuchi and tells the Senators that Rampart acted alone for his own agenda. He orders his arrest. Rampart protests saying he was following orders, but is quickly silenced. The Emperor addresses the Senate stating he is troubled by the revelations. Rampart will face consequences, but he didn’t act alone. The clones blindly following the Admiral’s orders makes him think a change is needed and he is now fully supporting the Recruitment Bill.

Later, Rex, The Bad Batch and Chuchi discuss what happened at the Senate. Rex realizes Palpatine is still one step ahead of everybody and that he wanted to implicate Rampart so the Bill would pass. Echo is worried because their fellow clones are now in danger because of what they did. Chuchi says she will keep fighting for the clones’s rights.

Before leaving, Hunter says to Rex to call them if he needs anything. Then, Echo says goodbye to Hunter, Wrecker and Tech. At first, Omega doesn’t understand what is happening until Echo tells her he is leaving with Rex. He wants to help the clones as much as he can. Omega is clearly sad and hugs him. Before she boards the Marauder, Echo tells her to keep an eye on the team for him.

A new episode of The Bad Batch will be released next week on Disney+. Stay tuned for more recaps on Nerds and Beyond!

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