‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 6 “The Clone Conspiracy”

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In the last episode, we saw young Padawan Gungi being reunited with his kind. This week, The Bad Batch explores the future of the clones in the aftermath of Order 66. Last week’s recap is available here.

Warning: Spoilers for “The Clone Conspiracy” below!

Discussions in the Senate


The episode opens in a Coruscant cantina with two clone troopers, Slip and Cade, discussing the destruction of Kamino, what they did for the Empire, and why Rampart is covering what happened. Cade says he sent a message to Rampart urging him to tell the truth to the Senate before he does it. The clone leaves the cantina, and Slip follows him, trying to change his mind. Suddenly a sniper shoots Cade. Clones secure the scene, and Slip is able to escape.

Meanwhile, Senators discuss the aftermath of the destruction of Kamino and Rampart’s proposed Defense Recruitment Bill. Gani Riduli from the Intergalactic Banking Clan and a Gossam senator both speak in favor of the bill. The Senator Pamlo says that the Empire has more pressing problems that they need for a new military force. Senator Bail Organa argues that a military force swearing loyalty goes against its fundamental principles of the Senate. He asks Grand Vizier Mas Amedda about the position of the Emperor on this subject. Amedda answers that the Emperor trusts them to act in the interest of the galaxy.

Senator Riyo Chuchi is worried about the future of the clone troopers who are not included in the new bill. They made sacrifices for the Empire and should not be overlooked. Admiral Rampart confirms provisions will be made for the clones and offers to discuss them with her. Organa and Pamlo ask to table the vote on the bill at the moment.

Later, Amedda is not happy about Rampart’s failure to secure the vote. The Admiral is confident about the bill. Amedda fears the bill will not pass if the truth about Kamino is revealed. The Admiral tells him he has provisions in place to ensure the issue they want.

Senator Chuchi meets with the clones


At the cantina, Chuchi is talking with the clones about their future and tries to reassure them. Slip says he wants to stay a soldier. She reminds him they are phased out once their rotation is over. The Senator proposes to craft a pension plan, and Slip retorts he prefers to fight the insurgents. Chuchi repeats the clones need to think about the future they want and that she wants to fight for them.

After the rest of the clones leave, Slip goes to talk to Chuchi and tells her she can’t trust Rampart and reveals to her what he knows about the fate of Kamino. He was there during the bombing, and the clones who tried to talk were killed or reassigned. Finally, he tells her to check his service with his clone number (CT-0409) and leaves.

Later at the Senate, a staffer tells her Admiral Rampart is here to see her. She asks for the clone file, and the staffer tells her they are still searching. In an alley, Slip contacts someone via a com-link to ask for an evacuation.

The meeting between Rampart and Senator Chuchi is tense. They discuss the future of the clones. The Admiral says a full pension is not possible due to insurgencies. The Senator tells him she will not support the bill, and Rampart reluctantly agrees to support her proposal. Chuchi asks him how he survived the storms of Kamino. He reminds her he was off-world for training exercises and regrets he wasn’t able to help save lives. Chuchi recalls most of the Kaminoans perished. The discussion leaves Rampart pensive.

Later, Chuchi receives a secure communication that leads her to a meeting with Bail Organa. They discuss the Senate session and her meeting with Rampart. She admits he conceded most of her demands. Organa warns her that Rampart is gifted at saying the right things, and the Senator agrees. The Alderaan Senator says that the Emperor is fearful of the insurgencies, and it is linked to the future of the clones. Organa hints that he is suspicious about what happened to Kamino and Tipoca City. Chuchi hesitates and then tells her the story Slip told her. She adds that he is in hiding now, but she has guards looking for him.

A Senator in danger


Rampart is talking with a sniper via hologram. He orders him to kill Slip and even Chuchi if the need arises. The killings must not be linked to him. Meanwhile, Slip is at the rendezvous point and calls his mysterious contact, who tells him he is on his way. Soon after, Slip is discovered by Chuchi and one of her guards. She offers to protect him if he testifies against Rampart. Slip tells her they are both in danger now and that Rampart has already killed Cade. Chuchi appeals to his sense of justice and that he can give justice to the falling of Kamino.

Meanwhile, the sniper has Chuchi in his view. The guard tells Chuchi they must leave. Slip has just the time to tell the Senator a backup to the central system is hidden in Rampart’s ships’ log command before the sniper shoots him. Chuchi and the guard start to run toward a factory. The guard is wounded but still tries to distract the assassin to allow Chuchi to flee. The guard is killed by the sniper.

Just before the assassin kills Chuchi, she is saved by a hooded figure who is revealed to be Captain Rex. Chuchi is surprised to see him and wants to know why he is there. Rex was supposed to extract Slip from Coruscant. She tells him he is dead and relates to him what Slip told her about Kamino.

Rex takes the sniper’s helmet off and is revealed to be a clone. The former Captain decides to interrogate him and brings him and Chuchi to Trace Martez’s repair shop. The clone refuses to talk even when Rex offers to free him. The sniper chooses to kill himself after saying he is a believer while Chuchi watches in horror.

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