‘Big Sky’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 11 “Super Foxes”


The hiatus is over and so we enter into the final 3 nail-biting episodes of Big Sky: Deadly Trails. Can’t remember what happened in the last episode and how we got here? Check out the recap for episode 10 to refresh your memory. Without further ado, let’s get into what happened in season 3, episode 11 “Super Foxes.”

Oh Brother Mother

Jenny’s mom Gigi was the one who broke into her apartment last episode. She claims she grifted the wrong guys trying to launder money to get out of a previous problem. Jenny slapped a zip cable on her wrists, intending to bring her in. However, some guys bust through her door and knock Jenny out, hauling Gigi away.

Cassie rushes to the scene where Pop is already on the case, having found Gigi’s purse. They get the story from her and promise to help her.

A motel key from the purse leads Beau, Cassie, and Pop to a Gilbert Leeds who they think is Gigi’s accomplice. Jenny shows up at the precinct, having broken out of the hospital. Beau gets called away when someone spots Avery and the others head off to chase down the motel lead.

ABC/Anna Kooris

The help from Donno and Tanya leads Jennie and Cassie to an Anne “Ma” Whitlow (and a very strange young girl, Fanny), who denies denies denies about the money. The pair split up to search the property and find strange men executing the people who’ve wronged them according to a jury of… children? Hearing gunshots, Jenny busts in, Gigi still alive, only to be held at gunpoint herself.

Ma comes in and reigns everything in. Apparently, whatever kind of trouble Gigi was caught up in caused Ma’s son to commit suicide, which she tried to make up for by paying them back with the stolen money. Ma asks one of the children how they should kill Gigi and he proposes a game. The game turns out to be… cornhole?

Jenny and Gigi are forced to play against one another; loser dies, winner walks (allegedly). Jenny tries to throw the game, but Ma’s not having it; she has to try. Gigi tells her to try and asks for forgiveness, landing on the board. By making it look like she’s trying to win, she angers Jenny into using her true aim, but then throws her next shot. She continues to throw the game, losing.

One of the men sent to look for Cassie encounters Fanny, who helps Cassie subdue him after he talks down to her. Cassie sneaks into the barn with fanny’s help and holds Ma at gunpoint right before they shoot Gigi. Under the guise of Fanny, Ma’s deceased son, choosing mercy, everyone gets out safe and the baddies are arrested.

Back at the precinct, Jenny slaps cuffs on Gigi and has Pop take her away. The two exchange as heartfelt of a goodbye as the two can.


Cassie goes to question Buck now that she knows Walter is Sunny’s son. All the while, Paige is tied up elsewhere in the house right beneath her nose. Right as she’s questioning him, Jenny calls which draws Cassie away — unfortunately, that’s right when Paige managed to break a vase and make some noise.

Sunny comes clean about finding Paige and asks Buck to help her look for her. Buck plays dumb and refuses, and Sunny notes that he’s been drinking (for the first time in 20 years). He drives off, saying he has things to take care of. Paige’s body is in the bed of his truck.

We cut to Buck in a dark musty barn, Paige’s body on the floor, and the sight you see is a gruesome one. Jars filled with hearts, labeled with the names women, presumably the Bleeidng Heart Mirderer’s victims. Buck’s writing Paige’s name ona jar when he looks down to find her gone, only for her to smack him in the knee.

Sunny, Donno, Tanya

Sunny, Tanya, and Donno are desperate to find where Paige disappeared to… again. Tanya and Donno think they’re being jerked around but she convinces them that it wasn’t her and starts searching again.

In the diner, Donno asks what Tanya would do with the $15 million if it was hers (beef up the real estate business and start a diner chain). Donno’s answer? He would breed “super foxes”: really mean foxes with really smart foxes so that fox hunters couldn’t get them — inspired by his favorite movie, The Fox and the Hound. Their conversation is interrupted by Cassie and Jenny barging in and asking for their help, knowing that they laundered the money for Gigi. Donno spills that they left it at a dropbox on some abandoned land.

At the end of the episode, Tanya and Donno manage to get their hands on Avery, holding him captive. Donno’s ready to do what Donno does best (torture with childlike glee) when Avery tells them he has the money, having cracked Paige’s code. He offers them a later portion of the money than they were supposed to get in exchange for protection against their bosses.

Sunny confronts Cormack, who is waiting for Cassie at their regular bar. Sunny asks what Cormac told Cassie and tells her that Buck started drinking again. She’s afraid Buck’s done something bad. In a show of strenfght, he tells her he’s sure she’ll fix it, burying everything under more lies.


Back at his trailer, Emily can’t sleep. The two get to chatting about Avery and everything that’s going on. Emily asks him about what happened with his partner in Houston; Beau never talks about it and he doesn’t break now. Emily tells him that Carla never needed him to be perfect, she just wanted him to let her in more. She goes back to the trailer.

Avery enters the building he’s staying at and is confronted by a man with a gun; the man who was talking to Avery’s boss at the end of last episode. He’s there to send a message; his boss doesn’t renegotiate. Luckily, Beau pulls up just as Avery’s being dragged away. After a tense moment when it seems like Beau is going to leave Avery to the henchman (and get shot on his way out), he pulls shoots the henchmen with a gunslinger draw straight out of a western.

Back at the precinct, Beau, incandescent with rage at his family being put at risk, interrogates Avery who remains tight-lipped other than to talk some trash and blame Beau for putting them all in more danger.

At his trailer, Carla thanks Beau for helping her. He says this entire situation is making him feel helpless like he did with Randy (his old partner). He tells Carla he’s not gonna let anything happen to her and Emily and that he’s gonna be there for them like he wasn’t after Randy dies and he checked out.

At Dewell & Hoyt, Denise sends Emily off around the corner to get some coffee as Cassie plans to bring Sunny in after talking to Cormac. At the coffee shop, Avery’s boss confronts Emily (in an extremely creepy way). She notices something is off and leaves to go back with her caffeine spoils in hand. As she walks off, one of the Boss’ lackeys from the bar starts trailing her in a car. The screen goes black.

Big Sky: Deadly Trails airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on ABC. If you haven’t already, be sure to catch up on the first two seasons on Hulu, check out our other content on the show here (including episodic recaps), and stay tuned for more updates.

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