‘Big Sky’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 10 “A Thin Layer of Rock”


On the mid-season finale of ABC’s Big Sky, Beau, Jenny, and Cassie find out more about Walter, plus things start to unravel with Avery. Let’s take a look at season 3, episode 10 “A Thin Layer of Rock”.

Paige Reemerges

Paige reemerges at Sunny Day Excursions, revealing herself to Sunny. Sunny tells Paige that Walter is in jail and he confessed to her murder. Paige and Sunny make a deal, where Paige asks for Sunny to help get her journal back and she’ll go to the station to prove she’s alive, therefore freeing Walter.

Later, at home, Sunny is seen grabbing food and drinks for Paige and stuffing them into her purse before Buck arrives. He asks her why she was up at the camp, and she says it was to grab his saddles. She hides from Buck what she’s doing, but he knows she’s lying about something.

Sunny goes to the diner to talk to Tonya and Donno, telling them that Paige is alive and offering them a deal where they split the money.

Buck goes back to the camp and sees the saddles that Sunny said she picked up, therefore confirming her lies. He calls out and asks if anyone is there at the camp, and is met with silence. However, we see that Paige is in one of the tents. She sees Buck, and he ends up staring right at the tent she’s in.

Sunny arrives at the camp with Tonya and Donno to meet Paige, but she’s nowhere to be found. Donno goes to look for Paige, as Tonya points a gun at Sunny.

It’s Dino Time

Poppernak arrives at a wedding of a family friend, where he meets, Natalie, a bridesmaid. He comments on her ring, and she tells him it’s bone. As they’re talking, the bride, Skylar, runs out screaming that her husband-to-be is dead. Poppernak calls it in, and Jenny comes to help.

Jenny arrives, and they take a look at the groom’s (Austin) body. The entire wedding party spent the night at the place he was killed, so anyone could be a suspect. However, they find out the father of the bride got into an argument with Austin the night before.

They ask the father, Eli, about the argument. He says that Austin sprung a prenup on his daughter which made him upset, but that he never would have done anything to mess up their marriage because he knew his daughter was happy.

They go to talk to Skylar and ask about the prenup. She said she didn’t care about it, however, she does mention that Austin had recently found a dinosaur fossil on his property and was planning to name it after her. She also said that he had a friend helping him with the fossil.

Jenny goes to the site of the fossil and finds Austin’s friend, Carson, there. Jenny questions him on why he left when she asked the wedding party to stay, and talks about how he wanted to protect their fossil. There, she sees that it’s almost a full T-Rex fossil, and they think it’s worth millions. He tells Jenny that at the time of the murder he was in his room alone.

Back at the site of the murder, Poppernak tells Jenny that the florist saw someone leave Austin’s room with a jacket with a reflective logo on it … the same one that Carson was wearing.

As they go to talk to Carson, Carson reveals he wasn’t the only one with that jacket. He also says that Austin wasn’t faithful and that he was having an affair with Natalie, who was the one who found the dinosaur with Austin. Jenny and Poppernak think now that Natalie killed Austin, and she wanted to claim the fossil for herself.

Jenny and Poppernak go to the dig site and find Skylar there, and they see a bloodied Natalie in the pit. Skylar tells them how Austin and Natalie were in love, and that Austin was naming the dinosaur after Natalie, not her. Poppernak distracts Skylar as Jenny dives into the pit to get Natalie. Poppernak tackles Skylar and handcuffs her.

The Walter Reveal

Jenny and Beau interrogate Walter, and they ask about the fire and what happened. He tells them that he murdered his adoptive parents and that he set his adopted sister free, which Beau and Jenny think means he killed her. They also ask about Sunny and Buck, and Walter gets defensive, asking to leave Sunny out of this.

Cassie joins to talk about Walter, and she thinks at first Buck had something to do with helping Walter because he was found with Buck’s car.

At Dewell & Hoyt, Cassie, Denise, Emily, and Beau all meet to talk about the case. They suggest that maybe the adopted sister, Meredith, changed her name and was saved. Emily runs a search and finds out that there was a name change for Meredith Levinson, who changed her name legally to Madeline Lowe.

Beau and Cassie track down Madeline and ask to speak with her at her home. She tells them that Walter isn’t a killer and that he set the fire to protect them because their adoptive parents were abusive. She also said that Walter’s birth mother told her to change her name, and that she couldn’t remember her name, but that she had beautiful red hair.

On the drive back to town, Cassie and Beau agree that they think Sunny is Walter’s mother.

Back at Dewell & Hoyt, Cormac comes to see Cassie and confirms that Walter is his half-brother, but that he had only found out the day before.

Avery Goes Rogue

Avery is seen going into a store and asking about purchasing a gun. He talks to the salesperson about what’s best, and he ends up purchasing one.

Back where Avery’s staying, he calls Carla who is driving. He gives a speech to her about loving her, and that whatever happens, he wanted her to know that. She starts to get worried, but Avery keeps rambling about keeping her and Emily safe and that he loves her. He hangs up on her, and Carla is even more worried.

Carla ends up calling Beau, who tells her he’s on his way. He arrives at the room, and they find the bullet case and Beau finds the pages from Paige’s journal.

Later, Jenny arrives at Beau’s with beer and that she wanted to see him. Beau pushes a strand of hair away from Jenny’s face, but then a car arrives and Carla and Emily step out. They’re staying at Beau’s place while Avery is gone. Beau tells Jenny what’s going on, and she goes over and hands the beer to Carla before leaving.

Later, Tony and Winston wait for Avery who was supposed to meet him. Avery calls, and says he wants to renegotiate for a higher finder’s fee and to keep his family safe. Avery hangs up, and Tony says he doesn’t renegotiate and for Winston to find Avery’s family.

Jenny and Her Mom

Jenny arrives home to find her door ajar. Once inside, she sees bloody bandages everywhere before arriving in a room and says, “Mom?”

What The Buck?

At the Barnes’ house later, we see that Buck has abducted Paige, who is tied up. The doorbell rings, and it’s Cassie who says she wants to talk. We see that Buck is on the other side of the door, and has a knife in his hand. He goes to answer the door, and the screen goes black.

Big Sky will return from break on January 4.

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