‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 4 “Will You Be My Girlfriend?”

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Katrina Marcinowski/HBO Max

This week on The Sex Lives of College Girls, the holiday season is in full swing! unwrap the gift that keeps on giving in “Will You Be My Girlfriend?”.

Rule Number 1: Always Preserve The Vibes

Katrina Marcinowski/HBO Max

At the final Kappa Rush event, Natalie is a thorn in Leighton’s side. She wants her to apologize for giving her Chlamydia, however, Leighton doesn’t think it’s the time or place to be doing this. She offers to pay for the cost of her meds if she just lets it go but Natalie storms off, heated. Later on, she once again tries to pull Leighton to the side after realizing that the Kappa’s were giving her the cold shoulder, to which Leighton denies she did anything wrong. They get interrupted by a game of “Secret Seat,” everyone in the room goes around and shares a naughty secret. Natalie pushes past everyone and admits that Leighton gave her Chlamydia.

Thinking her dreams of being in Kappa following in her mother’s footsteps are over, Leighton makes one last attempt to make contact during the deliberations. Back at their dorm, she feels defeated and is upset it got ruined for her until an envelope slides under the door. She assumes it’s her rejection letter until she opens it and sees she got accepted after all!

Jackson The Wingman

Jackson invites Kimberly over to go over reading for their literature class. The girls convince her he wants to hook up, but when she gets there, she’s met with not only Jackson but Fred from their class. Clearly bummed, she goes along with it and eventually when the two get a second alone, Jackson acts like he’s going to tell her he likes her, but he tells her Fred has a crush on her instead. At the Kissmas party, Kimberly runs into Jackson who thanks her for the help. He wanted to help Fred because normally guys like him don’t have a chance with girls like her. At first she takes it as an insult until he clarifies he thinks she’s hot.

The Foxy is Ready for Launch

The Foxy team is going over final adjustments before their release at midnight. Going over numbers, it’s not at all where they should be, and Bela notes she has a lot riding on this. They all do. She visits Eric’s apartment to hook up, but he’s going over The Catullan’s holiday cover. She gets an idea about how they can get more traction and hurries out. She heads to the printing press to hand a USB drive over that she claims has the final cover on it, and they need a favor done so they don’t get in trouble. Once printed, they get more traction than they thought possible. The cover had a QR Code that when scanned, led to The Foxy website. Eric shows up to the Kissmas party heated, upset that Bela would do something like this. In retaliation, he hacks into their website and gives them a … nice redesign.

Have a Holly, Jolly Kiss-Mas … Or Not

Canaan invites Whitney to the annual Kissmas party at the sorority. It’s the biggest event of the year and he wants to spend time with her. While Whitney is studying for bio-chem at the Cafe, Canaan gives her a special VIP invite to his room after the party is over and he asks her to be his girlfriend. While talking to Leighton, Whitney admits she believed they were already boyfriend and girlfriend. This leads to her wondering if he had been seeing other girls.

While at the Kappa Rush, Whitney goes to a few seniors for advice on the situation. They tell her she’s been in a one-sided situationship and one of the girls even goes as far as to tell her she goes through guys phones. Is she proud of it? no, but it’s better than not knowing. Whitney meets Canaan at the party, whose phone keeps falling out of his Santa outfit pocket. He asks Whitney to hold onto it for him. After seeing Zoe on his lap, she hides in a corner and goes through his phone. After she finds what she suspects is proof he’s been playing her, she confronts him and he tells her she has no reason to worry, he didn’t have eyes for anyone else. Afterward, the two of them meet up and he breaks things between them off, there’s a lack of trust now. But at least she got into Kappa, right?

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