‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 3 “The Short King”

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In The Sex Lives of College Girls episode 3, Bela and Whitney tackle bio chem, and it gives them quite the challenge. Meanwhile, Kimberly finds a new option to make money while Leighton dives headfirst into the Essex dating pool.

Hookups Galore

Bela and Whitney are at the gym, where Bela checks out the crew team, and Whitney announces she’s going to try bio chem. When the crew team walks past, the shortest of the bunch notices Bela and gives her a pretty slick line. He succeeded in making an impression as Bela is fully distracted by his Instagram during class. Unfortunately, it causes another student, Andrew, to snap at her and Whitney.

Leighton is also taking full advantage of being publicly out, and her phone is blowing up from dating apps. She tells Bela and Whitney she’s talking to about 30 other women, and they’re both happy for her. She even gets a sexy montage out of it.


A Study in Eggs

Kimberly goes to the loan office, where the woman tells her that her best bet is to keep her grades up for when she transfers schools. On the way out, Kimberly spots a pamphlet to sell her eggs. During dinner with the others, she tells them about it, but they seem iffy, and Leighton tells her to do her research.

So, Kimberly does some research but is overwhelmed by the decision. She panics during one of her classes, and Jackson finds her afterward. She tells him she might not get to stay at Essex, and he understands how tough moving to a new place can be. He also hopes that she can stay. This seems to be a good push for her, and she ultimately calls the fertility center.


Kings, Princes, and Exes

In other relationship news, things with Bela and Wes are going well. While she and Eric work together, she tells him about an article she’s writing about how short kings are unexpected sex gods. Eric thinks she means him, but she views him as a nerd prince. Meanwhile, Leighton has been having all the hookups and gives a lineup of who’s in and out to the others. Kimberly even starts a Google doc.

Later, Bela and Whitney head back after taking a bio chem test (which Whitney feels fairly confident about) and find Jocelyn and Travis outside their room listening to an argument. It’s Leighton arguing with two women (who turned out to be each other’s exes). A third shows up and doesn’t help matters. Whitney comes to Leighton’s defense before kicking everyone out.

New Challenges

Whitney and Bela get their bio chem tests back and they both failed. The professor gives the class a chance to leave before starting. Bela wants to drop, but Whitney wants the challenge and convinces Bela to stay (much to Andrew’s chagrin).

Elsewhere, Leighton heads to the restroom, where everything is fine until she suddenly gets an intense pain. She goes to the doctor, who tells her that she has Chlamydia.

Episodes 1-4 of TSLOCG season 2 are streaming now on HBO Max. New episodes release in pairs weekly on Thursdays. Keep up with our coverage here.

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