‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 1 “Winter Is Coming”

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It’s finally time to return to Essex with our favorite suitemates. When we last saw the group, Kimberly lost her scholarship, Bela left the Catullan to start an all-female comedy magazine, Whitney and her mother found some better footing, and Leighton came out to Kimberly. The season 2 premiere sees the group return shortly after the Thanksgiving break. They largely pick up where they left off but also find themselves on the outs with frats.

Back to School

The episode begins as Leighton, Kimberly, and Whitney arrive back at Essex. When they get to their dorm, they see Bela has already arrived and is chilling in her underwear. Leighton tells them that Nico and the senior Thetas got expelled for the cheating and then points out that Bela’s underwear is actually Leighton’s.

When the group heads out, Kimberly tells them about the obscene amount of money she needs and no, her parents don’t know. But she’ll figure it out. In the dining hall, Bela tells them about her comedy magazine when Leighton gets smacked with a milk carton, courtesy of some Thetas who are angry about what happened because they can no longer throw parties, and the girls are no longer welcome there.

Back at the dorms, they notice a good-looking guy coming out of the bathroom. During the dorm meeting, Frude introduces the guy as Jackson, who moved because of a nasty tornado. Frude uses the convo to tell them about the school’s annual snow run.


Leighton goes into Kimberly’s room struggling with a giant column of rainbow balloons. Kimberly is worried she accidentally outed Leighton, but Leighton just isn’t a balloon kind of gal. She hasn’t come out to the other two yet but says she will eventually. She then notices Kimberly’s Sips uniform and says she needs to look like she has money for a better chance at getting a loan.

After an outfit change, Kimberly and Leighton go to the loan office where the payment plan is atrocious, but it’s Kimberly’s only option. She’s ready to accept until the lady helping says her parents need to co-sign. As Kimberly refuses to tell her parents, she doesn’t accept the loan.

Kimberly tells Lila and Canaan and reveals she found a job writing closed captions for an Australian reality show. Canaan thinks it’s too much work and Kimberly should tell her parents. But the answer’s still no.


Trying New Things

Bela and the other former Catullan gals hype up their new group. But the submissions are not good, and Bela gets upset. Evangeline tells her to be patient. Later, Bela laments to the others, and Whitney suggests she talk to someone who’s done this before. Then it hits her. A football, that is, courtesy of some salty Thetas. And Bela eventually turns to Eric for some pretty decent advice.

Meanwhile, Whitney becomes a bit dejected when she finds out Willow and Jena have plans after the soccer season, but she doesn’t. So, she tries water polo, a sport she has never played before. Tryouts are a disaster. She shares her frustrations about feeling lost and having no plan with Canaan, who does his best to reassure her.


Party Time

Bela, Leighton, and Whitney get ready for the snow run, and Bela tells them that Omega Pi is the frat to go to afterwards. Once they leave, Kimberly tries to work on the captions, but between struggling to understand and Jackson having obnoxious sex next door, she can’t focus and goes to join the others.

Afterwards, they head to a bumpin’ party at Omega Pi. Lila and Bela are thirsting it up. Lila makes a comment that prompts Bela to ask if Lila wants to write a listicle for the magazing, and Lila agrees. Meanwhile, Kimberly and Leighton dance as a girl, Sarah, eyes Leighton. Kimberly makes an excuse to leave them alone, and they begin flirting. But Leighton panics and leaves. Kim then sees Jackson and tells him off for being so noisy. Turns out he could also hear her show through the wall, too. So, he puts his number in her phone and tells her to text whenever he’s being too loud. (Raise your hand if you already ship them.)

The night starts to take a turn when Whitney overhears Canaan talking about her and what she told him. He rejoins the group, but she doesn’t say anything. Shortly after, Lila (who is SUPER drunk) comes over, and Canaan takes her home. A Theta finds them next and gives them some crap before signaling over other frat guys, who kick them out of the party.

Shoot Your Shot

The next morning, the group talks about the party and Bela asks Leighton if she met any guys. Leighton shares a meaningful look with Kimberly before coming out to Whitney and Bela. She tells them that Kimberly has been a great friend about it and tells them about Sarah. Leighton doesn’t think she has a chance, but they encourage her to slide into those DMs. And slide into the DMs she does.

Bela goes to thank Eric for the advice, and he’s a little confused as to why she had to see him so early for that. Until they begin to kiss.

The first two episodes of TSLOCG season 2 are streaming now on HBO Max. New episodes release in pairs weekly on Thursdays. Keep up with our coverage here.

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