‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Season 2 Review: A Fun Romp Back Through Essex


Our favorite suitemates return this week as The Sex Lives of College Girls gears up to premiere its second season. It picks up after the Thanksgiving break and the quad has had time to regroup a little. Kimberly has lost her scholarship and needs to find the money fast, but she isn’t sure where to start. Bela and Evangeline began their all-female comedy club, but it’s off to a rocky start. Leighton has come out, and Whitney seeks out a new challenge. Ahead of the premiere, we had the opportunity to watch the first six episodes of the season.

The new season doesn’t miss a beat in reacquainting viewers with the core four. As a group, they continue to bring the same wholesome, hilarious dynamic that’s now strengthened after having known each other for a little bit. They’re also placed in similar social situations as last season, but rather than stay mostly to themselves, their friend network has also expanded and meshed. Characters that didn’t interact all that much last season are more prominent. Series newcomer Mitchell Slaggert is a great addition to the cast as Jackson and fits right in.

With a basic gist of how things work, the focus on the girls shifts to a slightly deeper one as they really begin to find their footing at Essex. Each one faces different obstacles but are in a similar boat. Picking up where season 1 left off, Kimberly is in dire need of funds to remain at Essex. Determined not to tell her parents, she struggles to come up with viable options, but she tries. Despite this situation, she also seems to have a growing confidence with herself, which was wonderful to watch. Similarly, the others find (or rediscover) new confidence in their various endeavors. Bela has some hiccups with her new comedy club, but soon remembers why she and Evangeline decided to start one at all. Whitney finds ways to challenge herself and soon finds something she’s genuinely interested in. Leighton is newly out and embraces it in a way she couldn’t quite last season.

So far, The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 falls right in line with the first. It’s shamelessly horny and revels in it through every episode with its characters or other sexy moments. The core four have an undeniable chemistry with each other that keeps them a joy to watch. This season offers them the chance to explore themselves and their interests more fully. They get to just be, to have fun and find their place without getting bogged down in the challenges. But those challenges also aren’t glossed over, bringing all too real topics viewers will relate to. Season 2 is an overall delight that hits all the right beats.

The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 premieres with it first two episodes on Thursday, November 17. Stay tuned for our recaps and find our other coverage here.

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