‘Andor’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 9 “Nobody’s Listening!”


In this week’s episode of Andor, Bix experiences the Empire’s horrible interrogation tactics, Dedra begins to see a connection between Cassian and Aldhani, Syril gets a promotion, Mon reunites with a cousin, and Cassian learns the horrible truth of his sentence at the Imperial factory facility.

The interrogation

Dedra begins to interrogate Bix on Ferrix, and she threateningly tells her about what happened when they tried to get information out of Paak. We learn that Paak was originally recruited during a separatist meeting two years ago on Jondora, at which point he became Ferrix’s liaison. The Empire has discovered Paak’s fractal radio unit used for communications, and they know that Bix used it. Dedra suggests that the Rebellion’s interest in Ferrix wasn’t meant to generate political activity, but rather to use the planet’s unique commercial position to acquire stolen Imperial equipment. Though Bix tries to deny knowing the Buyer, Dedra knows that she’s met with him on at least six occasions. The mood in the room is tense, and Bix doesn’t appear to be giving in, so Dedra hands her over to Dr. Gorst.


Before he begins their session, Dr. Gorst explains what exactly his method of torture is (as it’s not exactly physical, per se): The Empire was constructing a refueling center on an Outer Rim moon, Dizon Fray, when they encountered pushback from a hostile sentient species, Dizonites. They massacred them and discovered the harsh effect that the choral, agonized, pleading sounds they make while dying have on people. To make matters worse, after modifying and layering the recorded footage, they sectioned outcries from what they specifically believe are children. Shortly after they place the headset on Bix’s head, she begins to scream in agony.

Dedra leaves for the day but instructs them to hold Bix as a prisoner, because she’s the only one that can identify Axis (Luthen). Back at the ISB, Dedra reports back with details on the interrogation, saying that she has no reason to believe any information was withheld, although they have no ID on Axis yet. However, based on the fact that Cassian recently returned to Ferrix with a sum of money, she believes he’s connected to Aldhani. Dedra explains that she didn’t question Maarva because of how old and fragile she is, but they’re keeping an eye on her so that they can use her as bait.

Mon Mothma

During a meeting of the Galactic Senate, Mon Mothma speaks out against Imperial overreach and the Public Order Resentencing Directive. While some people agree, others begin to shout in dissent. Mon returns home to find Vel waiting for her, who we learn is apparently her cousin. While they’re both aware of one another’s participation in the Rebellion, they don’t openly talk about the finer details of it. Despite Vel’s sometimes bristly attitude, it’s clear they share a close relationship.

Later, Tay visits Mon again, and they discuss some new bumps in the road that he’s encountered with their plans to move money around. Mon needs to obtain a loan from Davo Sculdun, which she’s not at all pleased about.

Syril’s promotion


Back at home, Syril Karn accuses his mother of searching his room, and she begins to guilt trip him for being too busy to pay attention to her now that he’s returned. Syril tells her that he’s been promoted at work, and suddenly her attitude changes, even though it means he would have even less free time.

Syril waits outside of the ISB building for Dedra, who isn’t exactly pleased to see him. He begins to thank her for the promotion, even though she claims that she had nothing to do with it, and he infuriates her more as he essentially begins to grovel at her feet. When Dedra gets inside, she finds out that the ISB recently picked up a Rebel pilot from Anto Kreegyr’s group, and he was using an Imperial masking unit. While interrogating him, they learned that there’s a raid planned on the power station at Spellhaus.

Narkina 5

Cassian and his fellow inmates at the Imperial factory facility continue to work, and his unit wonders if they can win the shift. When Cassian excuses himself to use the fresher, he discreetly opens up a panel in the wall and begins to file away at a pipe. He’s interrupted by the guards bringing in a new prisoner, and it appears Cassian and another man have been discussing ways to escape. They don’t believe that the elevators are wired, so they might be able to take out the guards when they’re bringing someone in.


When the floor is heading back to their cells for the day, one of the men begins communicating with someone in another unit across the facility, and they learn that something happened on level 2. Suddenly, the lights power down for a moment, and an alarm goes off. Cassian tries to ask Kino if he’s ever thought about escaping, and he denies it. He then tries to convince Kino to tell him what he knows because he leaves before his term is up, because the Empire doesn’t care enough to listen to what they say in their pods. Later, another unit tells Kino’s crew that an entire unit was fried because they were making trouble.

No escape

Although Ulaf has less than two months left in his sentence, he’s too old and ill to carry out the work required of the men during their shifts. He collapses as they’re heading back to their cells, and they call a med tech. When he arrives, he explains that there’s nothing he can do for Ulaf, because he had a massive stroke — so he injects him with something to end his life. The med tech alludes to the fact that this is a better way for them to go anyway, and this is when Cassian and Kino learn the true horrors of the facility: nobody is getting out. The reason that the entire unit was fried the other day was because they discovered that a man who had been “let out” was actually just reassigned to another floor. As they head back to their cells, Kino finally relents and tells Cassian that there are never more than 12 guards on each level.

Episode 9 of Andor is now streaming exclusively on Disney+. Episode 10 will premiere on Wednesday, November 9. Stay tuned for all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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