‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 6 “The Reckoning”

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This week on The Rookie, a familiar face is back, Lucy messes with Tim, Nolan and Bailey have a competitive streak, and more!

Tim and Lucy

Following his break up with Ashley last episode, Tim still hasn’t told Lucy about it. Aaron knows after overhearing Tim talking to Ashley about getting some of his stuff from her place and almost lets it spill to Lucy after Tim is short with her and Chris.

After accidentally leaving his radio while helping a woman whose prop werewolf for a movie that she’s directing falls off her truck, Tim searches everywhere for it. While he’s looking, the woman drives by Lucy and stops to ask her if she’s able to give it back to him. Giddy about having something to tease Tim about, Lucy decides to make an anonymous scavenger hunt for him to get the radio back. She sends a photo of it to him from an unknown number, and he realizes it’s at the coffee truck that he goes to every morning. When he goes there, the radio isn’t there, but another text comes through, leading him to the Paramount Studios lot. He doesn’t find the radio there but realizes one of his favorite movies was filmed there. Aaron points out that the person doing this must know him well if they know his favorite things. Tim immediately realizes it’s Lucy.

When Tim confronts Lucy about it, Lucy tells him that she’ll give it back if she tells him what’s wrong. He insists that nothing is wrong, which just upsets her further. Lucy tells him that she knows him well enough to know when he’s upset, which makes Tim sincerely tell her that there’s nothing going on. Lucy doesn’t take the answer well and walks off.

The next day, Tim is using an old radio rather than owning up about losing his radio or telling Lucy what she wants to know. After shift, Lucy gives up and hands over the radio. She tells Tim that part of why she did it was in hopes to distract him from everything he had going on, and he tells her that it did. When she goes to walk away, he admits that Ashley broke up with him. Chris walks out of the station and interrupts the conversation because he and Lucy have plans to get food. As they go to leave, Lucy invites Tim, who declines. They go separate ways: Tim heads to his truck, and Lucy and Chris head into the station. Tim stares at their backs with a longing look before getting in his truck, while Lucy pauses at the doors to the station and looks back at him as he gets in.

Nolan and Bailey

Following Bailey’s proposal, she and Nolan are wedding planning in a very abnormal way. The pair have a running list of challenges that they’ve been doing to decide who makes certain choices for the wedding. They start the episode 20-something challenges in and tied. They go back and forth throughout the episode, trying to find new challenges.

At one point, Celina, who has been having trouble sleeping, to Nolan’s dismay, stops by their place for help falling asleep which leads to an attempt on yet another competition about how to help her. They argue about whether they should compete to see who can get Celina to fall asleep and the rules, only to see she’s passed out on the couch. She later tells them that their fighting reminded her of her parents and helped her sleep. At the end of the episode, Celina stops by to get some sleep again.

Fake Money

Nolan and Celina are called to a bank where a woman tried to deposit money that’s related to an investigation. She lies about where she got the money claiming it was related to a yard sale. When responding to another call, Celina finds money that someone tried to burn in a dumpster. Nolan and Bailey look into it with her, and they find an old tracker on the money.

The tracker leads a decade-old cold case related to an officer, Xavier, that works with the DEA and lost his partner. The case was where they lost his partner, and they don’t know what happened. They realize it ties to the woman from the bank and figure out that she was lying. On the way to the woman’s place, Xavier talks with Celina and Nolan. Celina randomly mentions that Xavier and the officer that died were more than partners and he confirms that it wasn’t public knowledge, but the two were romantically involved.

When they go to the woman from the bank’s apartment, they find her dead. Celina looks at the security footage and finds a suspicious figure on there. Meanwhile, Xavier finds a medal on the couch for the “patron saint of sailors,” which belongs to Winslow. He’s related to this woman somehow, which leads to them digging into her personal life. They learn that her money comes from sugar daddies, and that’s probably how they met.

Celina has a dream which leads to them deciding to them checking for any connection to water. They find that over the last six months, the victim was spending a lot of money in the marina district. It’s possible she was meeting Winston there because they can’t find any ties to any of her sugar daddies in that area. They find him at the marina and get into a shootout with him. He starts talking to Xavier about how he didn’t mean to kill his partner and that the gun just went off. As they talk, Nolan and Celina are able to sneak up on him. The three get him backed in, and he’s arrested for both murders. Xavier thanks Nolan and Celina for helping him get closure after all these years.

Nyla and Lila

James reveals to Nyla that Lila’s friend, Jenny, that was supposed to come over on Halloween, isn’t anymore. He tells her that he thinks it has to do with Nyla being a cop. They invite them over for dinner to try to fix things, but they decline. When Lila learns that they think it’s about Nyla’s job, she tells them the real reason. Jenny’s parents said that she can’t hang out because James “works with criminals” with his work in the community. Lila goes trick or treating with James and Nyla, where they see that Jenny’s house was teepeed.


The depositions for Elijah’s case have begun. Welsey is shocked to learn that Elijah’s lawyer is his ex-fiancé, Monica. During the first day of the deposition with Monica, things get heated quickly due to her putting pressure on Welsey’s relationship with Angela making the whole case unprofessional and unethical. Everything is dismissed early for the day, and later the two run into each other at a bar and talk about it. Monica reveals that she and Welsey split because he cheated while he previously told Del Monte that things ended because they were in two different worlds, with her wanting big success and him starting small.

While at the bar, Angela shows up for the date she had planned with Welsey and meets Monica. She learns about their past and the cheating, which ruins date night. Angela has to meet with Monica and Del Monte for the next day of deposition after it all, which leads to yet another heated day. It starts off with her trying to claim that Welsey killed someone in relation to the case. Monica presses Del Monte not to pursue the case because there are too many cracks in the case with how they went about it all. He refuses at first because they have him solid on the charge, but after thinking on it, he decides not to pursue it.

Elijah shows up to talk to Welsey about how things went down and tells him that with how bad things went for the police, no one is going to want to touch him.

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