Interview: Directors Robert Olsen and Dan Berk Discuss How ‘Significant Other’ Came To Be [EXCLUSIVE]


The epic premiere of Paramount’s romantic thriller Significant Other has arrived, and Nerds and Beyond had the chance to catch up with the film’s directors — Robert Olsen and Dan Berk!

Significant Other stars internet coined modern Scream Queen Maika Monroe and Jake Lacy. In the film, a young couple travels through the woods of the Pacific North West on a remote backpacking trip. Things are not as they appear, as something sinister lurking in the shadows makes them realize they aren’t alone.

When asked how Significant Other came to be, Olsen told Nerds & Beyond they started out of necessity after writing it during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. They weren’t sure if traditional filmmaking would be possible ever again, so they explored the option of filming outdoors and having very minimal characters. Olsen also stated they’re always trying to find new ways to reinvent the idea of genre, with Significant Other having lots of twists and turns.

When watching Significant Other, viewers may go in expecting something entirely different from what they walk out with. The directors often use practical effects and what they have access to budget-wise. Significant Other’s budget was significantly higher than anything they have previously directed. Speaking to the effects of the film, the VFX budget is the same as the entire budget in their last movie, making it an entirely new experience for them. They enjoyed having a “bigger canvas to paint” that allowed their writing process to be a lot more free-flowing.

Significant Other is unlike any of its thriller predecessors. To prepare audiences for what to expect, Olsen and Berk chose “anti-date movie” to describe what you’ll see. They want it to be an uncomfortable experience in a good way.

Significant Other is available to stream on Paramount+. Check out our review of the film.

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