‘Significant Other’ Review: Maika Monroe and Jake Lacy Shine in Twisty Thriller

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On October 7, Paramount+, in association with Paramount Pictures’ Players label, will release Significant Other with internet-coined modern Scream Queen Maika Monroe and Jake Lacy. In the film, a young couple travels through the woods of the Pacific North West on a remote backpacking trip. Things are not as they appear, as something sinister lurking in the shadows makes them realize they aren’t alone.

Significant Other differs vastly from other films. While it categorizes itself as a thriller, the big twists set it apart from a lot of what’s currently streaming. The film is a product of the COVID-19 pandemic era of filmmaking. In a recent press junket, directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen discussed their process of making the film with Nerds & Beyond. Director Robert Olsen noted they started out of necessity after writing it at the beginning of the pandemic. They weren’t sure if traditional filmmaking would be possible ever again, so they explored the option of filming outdoors and having very minimal characters.

Aside from that, Lacy and Monroe’s chemistry is undeniable. Ruth and Harry’s relationship is very complex, and viewers will have no problem picking up on that from the opening moments. Despite that, Monroe and Lacy crafted something so unique because of the state of the world. With a lot of the pandemic releases, it’s fairly obvious when it takes place. Which, unless part of the plot, can be a very distracting and haunting visual. With Significant Other, they adapted to it perfectly. Not only does it make it more interesting, but it’s extremely hard to look away. Not that you should … you miss all the best parts that way!

There’s an absolutely powerful scene at the end of the film with Monroe’s character that feels very symbolic of ridding your old self and coming into a greater sense of self. It’s equal parts heartbreaking as it is heart racing. Directors Berk and Olsen took a chance, and the reward is a twisty, genre-bending film that will have viewers reassessing the cookie-cutter view on relationships. Ultimately, if you think you know what you’re getting into with Significant Other being yet another thriller movie, be prepared to see a complete reinvention and blend of genres in the best way.

Significant Other is available to stream exclusively through Paramount+ on October 7.

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