‘Walker’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 1 “World on a String”

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Walker is back! Tonight, The CW’s Walker returned for the premiere of season 3. At the end of season 2, fans saw at the end of the finale that Cordell got kidnapped, with a van speeding off of the Walker property.

Let’s dive into tonight’s episode.

The Search For Cordell

The episode picks up right where season 2 left off. Trey and Liam try to reassure Stella, and they go back to look for Cordell. They end up finding his watch on the ground, and they realize he wouldn’t have left that behind normally.

Stella goes to the house, where Abeline is getting ready for Stella’s graduation party. Stella tells Augie she thinks something is wrong. Bonham comes in and tells Abeline he was talking to Dan Miller, and they gave some of the land back to them. Abeline tells a story to Bonham and she knows something is wrong.

Cassie and Captain James arrive at the house, and Liam, Trey, Augie, and Stella meet in the kitchen with Bonham and Abeline. Cassie talks about how she knew it wasn’t over, and Captain James wants to go to another room. Stella stops them and tells them to not hide anything.

As they’re talking, Captain James asks Trey if he’s joining the Rangers in order to hear certain information – and Trey accepts. The Rangers are doing a full search of the property. Ben arrives to see Liam and helps him search as well. They find out that Cordell also stopped his watch on purpose, which could help with the timeline.

Cassie looks at the photo that Sean gave her and notices something in the background – a familiar location. All the Rangers move out, but Captain James finds Abeline. She tells him if he comes near her front door, it better be with her son. Abeline cries as Captain James leaves.

Trey and Bonham arrive at the search party to find Cordell. Trey says he wants to do something good to help and asks about making everyone breakfast.

Cassie, Captain James, and the Rangers move in on a location but find it empty. Cassie finds a bag of peanuts, and tells Captain James she thinks it’s in reference to something she told Sean on the date.

Cassie keeps pondering over the case, thinking she’s missing something. Liam walks in and hands her surveillance that should see who kidnapped Cordell. He can hear the woman, Julia, yelling through the vent at someone. Then, Sean’s voice can be heard as the lights go out.

Geri and Augie are talking as Geri is making cookies, and she says it’s her way of coping. Stella and Colton walk in and they decide to stay there. Geri tells Augie she’s not fine, and she’s going to stay too.

Cassie walks into Trey’s apartment as he’s mapping out Cordell’s movements. He tells her about having a feeling that they were watching Cordell and went after Cordell specifically.

Abeline and Bonham are at the ranch and Abeline starts taking decorations from Stella’s party down. She asks Bonham “What if this is it?” and Bonham can’t believe she asked that. Bonham comforts her and helps take stuff down.

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Cordell’s Cell

Men drag Cordell down to a basement, blindfolded, and throw him into a cell. You see the man who previously cased Cassie on the date, Sean, as well. Cordell fakes being unconscious, giving him some extra time to think.

A man asks Cordell why he’s alive, and Cordell recognizes he served (and there’s tiny a flashback to the military, where you just see a pair of boots). Cordell talks about his senses, how there’s a leak and he can also smell antiseptic, for the wound on the man’s arm. Cordell gets knocked out.

Emily appears in the cell and tells Cordell to look up, as an origami crane is dropped down out of a vent. The origami is weighing down the string, which has notes that spell out a code – one that was used by air traffic control.

Cordell yells into the vent, and Emily is there to bounce ideas off of. The men come back into the cell, and they throw a bucket of water on Cordell. They taser Cordell, and Emily tells Cordell to ask about Jenny, and that she means something to him. He asks who Jenny is; his daughter? Cordell tries to appeal to him as a father before Sean walks back in. They bring in a chair and water, more items to intimidate Cordell.

A woman starts talking through the vent and wants him to be the “new” guy (the old guy being Fenton). She tells Cordell about how they want to break him. Sean and the men walk back in, tasing Cordell again.

Stella and Augie are back at home, and they talk about what if this is the case that kills Cordell. They talk about wanting to do something and not just sit there. Geri and Colton arrive.

Cordell sits in the cell, saying it’s been 36 hours, as he talks to Emily. However, he hears the men come back in and they bring… Liam.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW.

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