Official Clip of ‘Alice, Darling’ Starring Anna Kendrick Released

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Lionsgate released the first official clip of Alice, Darling starring Anna Kendrick (Pitch PerfectTrolls), Kaniehtiio Horn (Letterkenny), Charlie Carrick (Deep Water), and Wunmi Mosaku (Loki).

Directed by newcomer Mary Nighy and written by Alanna Francis, the psychological thriller focuses on Kendrick’s Alice, a woman in an abusive relationship who departs on a vacation turned intervention with two friends.

Kendrick has made a name for herself in comedies and romances, but Alice, Darling gives her space to flex her true acting chops, as is already evident in this first look.

The short first clip, less than a minute long, shows Kendrick’s Alice in a harrowing, emotional moment as she pulls at her hair in desperation, the compulsions that her relationship with Simon has inflicted on her fully displayed. We also see Mosaku as one of Alice’s friends, rightfully concerned, but for the time being shut out.

Alice, Darling premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2022.

You can read the full, official synopsis below:

“In Alice, Darling, Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick is Alice in this taut thriller about a woman pushed to the breaking point by her psychologically abusive boyfriend, Simon. While on vacation with two close girlfriends, Alice rediscovers the essence of herself and gains some much-needed perspective. Slowly, she starts to fray the cords of codependency that bind her. But Simon’s vengeance is as inevitable as it is shattering — and, once unleashed, it tests Alice’s strength, her courage, and the bonds of her deep-rooted friendships.”

Director Nighy had the following to say about the production:

“’Alice, Darling’ is a subtle, nuanced story about coercion and control. As a director, I couldn’t wish for a better cast of talented actors and creatives to bring this important story to life. The chemistry between Anna Kendrick, Wunmi Mosaku, and Kaniehtiio Horn as the three friends is a joy to see.”

Alice, Darling runs for 90 minutes and is Rated R for language and some sexual content.

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