‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 4 “Downward Spiral”


In the fourth episode of the season, everyone’s having a tough day. An auction goes south real quick, creating a rift between Daniel and Amanda. Meanwhile, all the kids flock to the waterpark, but even their good time turns sour. And Johnny’s new job? Also not going great.

Warning: Spoilers exist in this dojo.

Top Gun Family Style

The episode opens with a Top Gun-esque dream sequence in which Johnny fills the Maverick role (and, funnily, has stated in a previous episode that he does not like Maverick). He, Miguel, and Carmen enjoy their time as a picture-perfect family, new baby included. Afterward, Carmen wakes up with a smile on her face and turns to tell Johnny about the dream. (It should also be noted that Carmen, unlike Johnny, likes Maverick quite a bit.) While the dream doesn’t serve much purpose for this specific episode, it’s a fun inclusion that complements a dream Johnny has earlier in the show.

Later, Johnny is on the phone with someone so obviously trying to scam him, but Shannon arrives before he hits the danger zone. She’s there to get Robby’s stuff for a vacation. She notices the apartment and figures out Carmen is pregnant. The conversation shifts into how Johnny can help support another child on a part-time salary, and he admits he’s currently unemployed. Shannon tells him about gigs, but he will need a new phone.

Ulterior Motive Auction

Daniel and Chozen keep an eye on the dealership via security cameras. Daniel is worried he’s next after Mike (who has left town), but Chozen is a little more optimistic. They stop when Amanda walks in, and she and Daniel head to a charity auction. And it takes place at a house that seems vaguely familiar. They meet the founder, Eva Garcia, believing it’s her home, but it’s Silver’s. Daniel is on the brink and tells Silver not to ruin the day for Amanda (who is now elsewhere on the property). When Daniel finds Amanda, he is certain Silver is plotting something, but Amanda wants him to chill out and sends him for a drink. Silver sneaks right in with wine for Amanda. He assures her he’s not going after Daniel and just wants to help kids.

Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

The auction is going well, and Daniel presents three authentic bonsai trees as his contribution. But who should end up with them but Silver, who pays $30,000 for the little trees. When he goes to accept them, he turns it on his own charitable giving, including the free Cobra Kai lessons he plans to offer kids from low-income families. As he walks off, he tosses a taunt at Daniel. A bit later, he talks to Eva and she goes to talk with Amanda. Daniel is convinced Silver was insulting her. He claims he did, but for the sole purpose of further tormenting Daniel, who physically attacks. Turns out he was talking Amanda up quite a bit. But it doesn’t matter because she is furious.

Splish Splash

Sam, Yas, Moon, Eli, Miguel, Robby, Tory, and basically everyone else are at the waterpark. Tory is happy to see Robby again. The mood is soured when Robby confirms he left Cobra Kai and urges her to do the same. Elsewhere, Kyler and Kenny discuss Robby’s Cobra Kai future but eventually move on. Kenny spots Anthony in the pool and gets a scheming look on his face. He and the other Cobra Kais soon target Anthony, prompting Eli into action. Tory mostly de-escalates, and Eli doesn’t push after a little kid excitedly recognizes him as the champ.

Meanwhile, Bert and Mitch lament the epic waterslide on the Cobra Kai side of the park. Devon leaps into action to go claim it. More arguing ensues, and the lifeguard breaks them up. To solve the issue, Eli and Tory will have a waterslide race. Winner gets the park. Kenny gives them their inner tubes as Robby tries to also sway Kenny away from Cobra Kai to no avail. The race begins, and Tory wins. Eli’s tube deflated, and he accuses Kenny of poking a hole in it. As things escalate again, the lifeguard breaks it up and kicks them out of the park.


A Fellow Gig-olo

Someone arrives to help Johnny with his new phone, and it’s Demetri. Johnny chooses the cheapest option (complete with a shattered screen) and wants to know about ridesharing. Demetri gives him a basic summary and gets it set up. Now a gig-employed adult, Johnny begins his journey. He’s not good at it. The following montage features him doing various rideshares and food pick-ups/deliveries, all of them chaotic and likely to get him in an accident. He has a one-star rating across the board.

His final stop is Lyle the pawnshop guy who offers sage advice to Johnny when he expresses his frustration. He tells Johnny the jobs can’t always be good, but he does it to take care of his family. Johnny takes this to heart and calls to apologize to Shannon for not being around when Robby was a kid. He asks if Robby can stay with him for the summer, and Shannon happily agrees. So, he goes to pick up Robby from the water park. He finds Robby and Miguel arguing and breaks it up. He just wants them to be friends, but they say it’s never happening.

Breaking Point

Back home, Daniel and Amanda get into a nasty argument about what happened. Amanda is hurt that Daniel ruined the event, but Daniel remains adamant on his stance about Silver. He and Chozen need to keep fighting, and they’ll handle it. So, Amanda tells him to handle it, but she will be at her mother’s with the kids.

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