‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 3 “Playing with Fire”

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This episode, Silver steps up the bad guy vibes after learning about Chozen. Continuing their efforts, Daniel and Chozen seek the help of a familiar face. Meanwhile, Sam and Miguel turn to their respective crews for help with their relationship. Oh, and Johnny learns some big news.

Warning: Spoilers exist in this dojo.

Giant Bond Villain

Daniel, Chozen, Anoush, and Louie have just finished a round of golf that Chozen won a lot of money from. Louie is irritated he was hustled, which offends Chozen, but before it can escalate, Chozen breaks the tension and Daniel goes to get drinks. At the bar, Silver shows up (Daniel: “Did you slither in through the garbage chute?”), and the two throw some taunts at each other. Silver tells Daniel he’s playing with fire, to which Chozen says he’s gasoline. Terry has enough and leaves, but not before putting their drinks on his tab. Anoush wonders what Silver wanted, but Daniel only mentions the drinks.

Later, Chozen and Daniel try to come up with a new strategy. Daniel thinks they need to call other people from Silver’s past before Silver can. After pausing to think, Daniel knows who: “Mike f*cking Barnes.” (You know, the guy that almost killed Daniel.)

Sofa King

Daniel and Chozen go find Mike F*cking Barnes and end up at some sort of warehouse, watching while Mike pulls power tools out of his car. Daniel heads in and leaves a nervous Chozen in the car. Daniel overhears a conversation Mike has with an unknown person. And it’s so hilariously misleading that he can’t possibly be talking about people. But Daniel doesn’t know that and confronts Mike, only to find out he was talking about furniture. Because Mike owns the furniture store they are in.

Mike shows Daniel the main floor, and Daniel apologizes. Mike doesn’t accept because he should be the one apologizing, and he does. He explains how he turned his life around. In the car, Chozen grows increasingly more stressed, not knowing why Daniel is taking so long. Daniel was explaining the Silver Sitch to Mike, who isn’t sure how to help. They jokingly fight, but Chozen chooses that moment to walk in, no context, and attacks. Once Daniel stops the fighting, Chozen also reveals he beat up the guys outside. Settled, Mike tells them about an attorney Silver used. When Daniel and Chozen leave, Daniel leaves a message for the attorney, and Chozen watches the now-bruised employees get a newly purchased couch on the car.

You’re What??

Home from Mexico and wanting to make things better, Miguel makes breakfast for everyone, and it’s uh … well, he tried really hard. After one bite, Carmen runs to the bathroom. A bit later and alone with Johnny, she reveals it wasn’t because of the inedible breakfast. She’s probably pregnant. And Johnny is fine. Totally, completely fine. They head to the pharmacy for a test. A baby cries somewhere, and Johnny begins to freak out a bit. He shares his worries with Carmen, who understands but needs him to figure it out. So, he tries. He revamps his entire apartment in preparation and even tries to learn how to swaddle using a six-pack of beer. (Unconventional, but sure.)

Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

You Octopi My Heart

Sam eats her feelings in Uncrustables, which annoys Anthony, who annoys Sam, who decides to go to brunch with Moon and Yas. Meanwhile, Eli gets a new tattoo with Miguel and Demetri also with him. Miguel gets a text from Sam, who wants to talk, and Eli and Demetri are instantly worried. They try to help by telling him what to text back. At brunch, Sam shows the response to Yas and Moon. Both have very different approaches, but Sam ultimately goes with Yas, creating further panic with the boys.

The girls head to a spa, where Moon encourages Sam to sit in a self-actualization pod (aka a sensory deprivation pod) so that she can reconnect with herself. Sam goes in and soon sees Daniel and some of her friends echoing her insecurities. They disappear, and she hears Tory’s voice. But it’s not Tory who appears; it’s herself, but a dark side version. The two Sams fight, and she’s eventually snapped back to reality when Moon opens her pod.

The boys head to the jewelry store because, according to Demetri, jewelry is the best resolution to a fight. Miguel isn’t sure what to get until he spots an octopus necklace, a small but sweet reminder of their first date.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Miguel goes to Johnny’s in search of advice about Sam. Johnny offers up some pretty good nuggets of wisdom that triggers an “aha” moment for himself. So, he takes his own advice when Carmen sees him later. He’s all in, which is good because she is, in fact, pregnant.

Miguel meets Sam at Miyagi-Do, and she explains that she needs distance from karate and, by extension, Miguel. She’s not doing well and needs time for herself. Miguel promises they can still be friends, but both are upset. As Miguel leaves, he pulls out the necklace and drops it on the ground.

Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot (but in a bad way)

Silver finds Daniel at the country club; he knows about the voicemail. He reminds Daniel of the earlier fire sentiment. For now, Daniel doesn’t fully know why. But Mike does because his entire store is engulfed in flames.

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