‘Cobra Kai’ Renewed for Sixth and Final Season at Netflix


The Valley isn’t done with karate just yet, as Netflix has announced that Cobra Kai will return for season 6! However, the news is bittersweet, as the sixth season will be the show’s last.

When season 5 ended, Daniel, Johnny, Chozen, and their Miyagi Fangs finally brought an end to Terry Silver’s reign of terror. Thanks to the Miyagi Fang kids, Silver’s nefarious ways were exposed to the Cobra Kais, who decided it was time to hang up their gis after their sensei’s betrayal. After a massive brawl at the flagship dojo, Silver was arrested and Stingray finally admitted Silver was behind the assault. Oh, and Kreese, who was imprisoned? Yeah, he escaped.

While we don’t yet know what season 6 will bring, season 5 offers a number of story threads for the upcoming season to pick up. On the Cobra Kai front, the fate of Silver’s students is still mostly unknown. Will they switch allegiances to Miyagi Fang or other dojos, or leave karate behind entirely? It also begs the question of what will happen to Kim Da-Eun and her band of senseis. As she was only in the back half of the season, there’s still quite a bit we don’t know about her. I, for one, would be interested in seeing where else the series could take her.

Continuing the karate-specific thread, season 5 also saw Miyagi Fang and Cobra Kai gain admittance to a massive, worldwide tournament: the Sekai Taikai. Again, the Cobra Kais fate is now up in the air. For the Miyagi Fangs, season 6 would be a great opportunity to bring them and viewers to another, even larger tournament, especially one whose qualification process had an entire episode.

Finally, there’s still the whole “Kreese escaped from jail” thing to contend with. By the end of season 5, both Daniel and Johnny were content with the knowledge that they were finally free of him. (We don’t know exactly what the detective told them.) Both can move on, especially Johnny as he moves forward with his life with Carmen (who’s pregnant) and attempts to scrub the Kreese-shaped mark from his life. But Kreese isn’t really one to let things go.

However season 6 plays out, the creators of the series have promised that it will be the biggest season yet:

Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, Josh Heald/Netflix

Cobra Kai seasons 1-5 are streaming now on Netflix. Find our other coverage, including recaps, here and stay tuned for season 6 updates as they become available.

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