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Christopher Eccleston Is Back in Big Finish’s ‘The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Into the Stars’

BBCDOCTOR WHOChristopher Eccleston Is Back in Big Finish's 'The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Into...

Christopher Eccleston is back as the Ninth Doctor for more Big Finish adventures in Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Into the Stars out today. In this new volume, The Ninth Doctor encounters a Sontaran colony, the last member of an endandered species, gamblers and dancing spiders in three new stories:

2.1 Salvation Nine by Timothy X Atack
“The Doctor happens upon an unusual outpost – and discovers it is about to be annihilated. To save Salvation Nine, he must rally a people for whom war is an alien concept and protect the future of the Sontaran race!”

2.2 Last of the Zetacene by James Kettle
“The rich and the criminal rub shoulders on Stage Three spaceport – and play high-stakes games for valuable prizes. The Doctor is always interested in endangered species, and the Zetacene is more endangered than most…

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2.3 Break the Ice by Tim Foley
“On a chilly space station, the Doctor meets a group of scientists experimenting with cryogenics. But when one subject returns from extreme sub-zero temperatures, he does not return alone. A creature awakens that can freeze the soul with icy fingers – Jack Frost”

Eccleston is joined on Into the Stars by Pip Torrens (The Crown), Pooja Shah (EastEnders), Dan Starkey (Doctor Who), Alice Feetham (Boiling Point), Lily Bevan (Doctor Who), Nicholas Colicos (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat), Thalissa Teixeira (Ragdoll), and Amy Manson (Spencer).

Eccleston said about Into the Stars:

“Working with Maureen O’Brien was lovely. She has a very magical quality to her and it was very interesting to hear her tales. I’m not supposed to say this but ‘Salvation Nine’ is my favourite. I love the script. The idea of the evilest creature in the Galaxy having a peaceful, innocent and loving offshoot is incredibly moving and funny. It’s nice to see the Doctor genuinely surprised. In ‘Last of The Zetacene,’ I noticed the Doctor’s hard centre. He completely understands the creature’s desire for revenge. It was interesting to revisit that slightly brutal side of the Doctor and at the end, you get an insight into his loneliness. ‘Break the Ice’ is brilliantly written which means it’s very easy for the actors to perform it. There was great energy in the studio and an absolutely brilliant villain – Jack Frost!” 

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Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Into the Stars is available to purchase on Big Finish website as a CD and a download.

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