Saturday, April 1, 2023

Alice Oseman’s ‘Heartstopper’ Novella ‘Nick and Charlie’ Is Headed to the US With a New Cover

BOOKSAlice Oseman's 'Heartstopper' Novella 'Nick and Charlie' Is Headed to the US...

US Heartstopper fans are in for a treat: Alice Oseman’s prose novella Nick and Charlie is headed across the pond in January 2023 with a brand new cover!

Released in the UK back in 2015, Nick and Charlie has yet to see a release in the States, but today Oseman and Publishers Weekly announced that a new edition will be released specifically in the US with a new cover design by Oseman herself. You can check out the cover for yourself above, and see beautiful, all-new artwork.

Following the lead couple from Heartstopper, Nick and Charlie follows the pair as Nick gets ready to leave for college. With Charlie being a year younger, the two are faced with impending separation for the first time and have to consider what it will mean for their relationship. Written as prose instead of a graphic novel/webcomic like Heartstopper, Nick and Charlie gives fans of the couple a different perspective on their relationship – one that is completely worth reading.

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With the sudden growth in Heartstopper fans following the release of the first season of the show on Netflix, the US release, and the new cover, are well timed. Especially as fans are looking for all the Nick and Charlie content they can get! From their first appearance in Solitaire the couple has been loved by fans, and new fans are certainly in for a treat as they get to experience Nick and Charlie for the first time. Although long-time fans are also in for a treat with the beautiful new cover.

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